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  1. It's a sad and concerning situation. And, taking the athletics element out of it, we may well se a lot of smaller colleges/universities fold all together. Higher education is not immune.
  2. This is really the challenge for sports and college students on campus more broadly, though, right? What's the reality that an institution can control the movement and interaction of its student body, athletes or otherwise, to that level? All it takes is a relatively small number of people getting infected off campus (home, friends, work, etc.) to potentially start a tidal wave on campus itself.
  3. The pandemic's impact on e-learning at the university level may well alter the traditional college experience in ways we never imagined. Will have pros and cons I imagine, but hard to work past the cons for me personally.
  4. No I have not. But will be sure to do so. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Lots of great stuff here. For classic Jazz buffs, really like Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock, and Billie Holliday. More recent - Kasami Washington and Snarky Puppy. Funk: Parlaiment Funkadelic & Lettuce.
  6. Probalby my fave band of all time. Couldn't agree more with anything from their catalogue. Personal faves: Black Cow, Don't Take me Alive, Haitian Divorce.
  7. Positive vibes to you and family. Your strength as a unit will be more than enough (I suspect) to overcome the potential lack of the your grandchild's father, despite the disappointment and challenges. Congrats on being a grandpa!
  8. Only charges to be filed according to prosecutor are against Purdy and Cox - things that were visible in the video footage. Jury decision will be interesting if it goes to trial.
  9. What I see in the DNR report is Cox (?) one of the private property group saying he estimated he'd consumed a 12 pack that day prior to the altercation. So far haven't located any assertion as to whether Booker had been consuming beforehand.
  10. Certainly would not be surprising that too much alcohol was involved given how things played out.
  11. I could understand Chief Wahoo being redesigned or replaced. In fact, I'd support it. Just find the drawing to cartoon-like and demeaning. And I know there was some substantial pressure from some Native American organizations and tribes a few years back that resulted in the team taking the logo off their uniforms. It's definitely true that Native Americans are not a monolith and the other team names you mention surely have varying levels of acceptability or lack thereof in those communities. Very cursory reading I've done on it shows there have been some polling showing differing results
  12. Curious as I recall hearing about Booker taking beer to the gathering from one of the guys involved in the altercation/pining him to the tree. Something to the effect of the guy took Booker on his ATV to where the thing he was attending was and he gave him a beer as thanks for the ride. Where did you see this info? Some have suggested the other guys looked/acted drunk in the video as well.
  13. To my knowledge neither of the two hosts referenced here have reported on this at any length.
  14. Haven't actually seen heavy national coverage of this. To my knowledge no Lemon coverage, rightfully so so far. Can't speak to Maddow.
  15. It's also incredibly risky to his activism and aspirations if what he alleges is false. I'm not convinced it's untrue, but the video itself never convinced me that it was. Defendants side - with what I know - is obviously plausible. Waiting for more developments in the situation.
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