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  1. Have a great time! Haven't been to the BB in years. More recently have seen some B-town shows @ the Bishop bar.
  2. How in the hell can a team in the hunt for the tourney be so lackadaisical? Effort is a major variable in the defensive equation. We obviously brought none on that end today. Just no heart whatsoever today. I find it embarrassing.
  3. Yep. The sustained energy/passion was great to see. If we could just bring it consistently, of course. Great win! On one hand, still much work to be done. On the other, the remaining games are not "unwinnable" pending which IU team shows up. Split personality squad.
  4. Bout time we see a half of that level! Now have to complement it with a strong 2nd 20 to finish it.
  5. As poorly as we've been playing, that's a situation you need to step up and take advantage of. I'd honestly have been a little disappointed in a loss despite the crappy play and accompanying losing streak. If you can't get up for the best team in the NBA at home (looming ASB or no), then we really would have some crisis-level discussion.
  6. Good to break the negative momentum. Hoping they can keep it up and continue to gel after the break. Aggressive throughout this one. Haven't been able to say that in a while.
  7. I think that was the Puerto Rican flag. Puerto Ricans are American citizens and she is Puerto Rican (born in NY).
  8. Pacers look like they've totally lost their mojo. Rebounding is poor. Both offense and defense have regressed. Maybe the ASB will help them get their heads right.
  9. This was a must win that took on historic significance with the Knight return announcement. Neither of those two appeared to light a fire under this team on their home floor buoyed by awesome fan support (as always). Nor did the fact that they had a full week to rest, recuperate, and prepare. There is no acceptable explanation or excuse to justify that performance. Weak execution, week sense of purpose, copious turnovers, and despite what TJD said in the post-game presser, entirely too little heart. It would be a great story to end the season by defending the homecourt to the tune of four more wins and sneaking in the tournament. After the current losing streak - yesterday's debacle punctuating it with a huge exclamation point - a realistic expectation is another epic fail stretch run like the one that doomed us last year. CAM gets at least one more year I suspect. But if we lose our way into the NIT over the next few weeks, I think he's going to need a miracle next year. He'll lose a chunk of the Crean's recruits crutch. Not sure the returning talent plus the current coming recruits are going to move the needle. And, even if there is the necessary talent infusion, can he lead them there?
  10. That was piss poor Knight homecoming or not. I say that having truly loved the Knight return. These guys are a flaming heap of dung. They didn't put up fight after about 2/3 of the way through the 1st half. Just unacceptable at Assembly Hall vs. Purdue. I can't wait for these juniors and seniors to be shown the door. And I don't think it will be much longer before Archie gets the same treatment. This roster is far from perfect, but they shouldn't get handled by this Purdue roster with that level of ease. What a crock of program we've become.
  11. As to trading Turner, pending how the rest of the season plays out, it may be the right idea. Seems the Pacers want him to have a similar role to what Brooke Lopez does with Bucks - provide some 3s and be an elite shot blocker. Neither guy is a big rebounder for a C. I think Turner has done reasonably if that's what they're asking him to do. Overall, while the shot blocking has been there, I've always felt he's never quite developed the consistency and confidence from 3 to really elevate him to impact status on the offensive end. He's not bad, but he's just not a difference maker offensively. Of course, back to the Lopez comparison, it would also help immensely if he could play off a Giannis, not to mention the remainder of the Bucks supporting cast, which - much like Toronto as a team - has a lot of length and athleticism. That's still a struggle for us. We have very few top shelf athletes by NBA standards. That's where you see backcourts and wings with excellent quickness penetrating at will on us resulting in good looks in the paint or from 3.
  12. Too many turnovers. Note: Sabonis with a whopping 6. Too porous perimeter D. Brogdon is turning to public enemy #1 when it comes to being unable to keep his man out of the lane. Raps are an excellent team. Ibaka is playing out of his mind. VO's play is not helping, but realistically you have to expect that it may take him the rest of the season to get anywhere near consistent, solid play coming off so much time out. Still hoping they can resolve some of the challenges sooner rather than later.
  13. Must-win game AFAIC. Can't afford to go to 4 game losing streak at this juncture (if at all) at home against biggest rival, who's struggled tremendously on the road. The psychological consequences of a loss here could well signal another late season slide of last year's proportions. Win or lose, ANYTHING less than 40 minutes of focus and intensity is a really bad sign. Conversely, a win is huge and the momentum could propel us to the level of performance we need down the stretch to ensure a spot in the big dance.
  14. I would have been interested in the Pacers looking to acquire him last summer as strong inside young guy with upside. Don't know if he'll realize the potential or not, but I definitely wonder if Denver is the place to do it, at least in the short term. Lot of guys to compete with int the 4/5 spot mix - Jokic, Plumlee, Milsap, Grant, Porter Jr., Bates Diop, Bol Bol, etc. Will be interesting to watch how it develops.
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