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  1. Does anyone know if they even offered it to Reynolds? I sure hope they did and he turned them down otherwise I'm worried they don't have a clue.
  2. I agree, I expected this last night especially after they ordered personnel out of the stadium. The right decision. Be well all.
  3. It's a relief. Still not a good idea to coach under the circumstances. I would be shocked if there are any more NCAA games this season after tonight's Colorado game concludes.
  4. Very doubtful the tournament will be played at all. I was one of those people who thought this was overblown but after more thought, no reason to take a chance. I certainly hope Hoiberg didn't coach with the virus tonight and put a bunch of people at risk. Doesn't sound like he has it, but man. Not a good look to coach like that in this environment. If this was the last game of the season, which I think it may have been, it was good to see a lot of improvement the last several weeks.
  5. Well, obviously it seems like small potatoes with what's happening in the world, but great work after a slow start. This reminds me why I enjoy sports, it can be a stress reliever when things are going wrong.
  6. Looking better now, but agree they let them hang around too long
  7. This tournament is really a mystery. Disaster every year
  8. First game was a massacre and ended early. Not a good showing thus far but huskers don't have the horses tonight
  9. I now think just a win over Nebraska puts IU in Dayton. Need 2 to avoid that. Never have liked the Dayton thing.
  10. This one hurts. Wisconsin just always seems to make that one extra play for years now. I think 50/50 on NCAA now only because a bunch of bubble teams have been making a push. And probably need either 0 or 2 to get in. I don't think a first round BTT win will matter much.
  11. Maximum confidence in a win. These guys have had our number, but not today. Pretty ugly game probably but another home win.
  12. Minnesota is the best 13-16 team of all time. One more win and we're in! Actually in even without a win unless all hell breaks loose in conference tournaments
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