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  1. Trayce not coming back.We will have transfers.
  2. Purdue!!We lost to National champs twice!!Maybe 3 times if play in BTT!Like losing to NCAA Champs!!
  3. Someone said Gunn was scoreless in his game today?
  4. This has a Alford vibe to it.Tried everything but hiring one who played under Knight.Him and Dolson friends.Would not be a surprise.
  5. If we finish top 3 or 4 in big ten next year with young team Archie will be here awhile!
  6. He is suppose to go pro in 2 or 3 years anyway.Makes no difference.
  7. Mississippi football team played without four of their best players yesterday didn't make any difference.If we let down any because of one player not playing we will lose too.
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