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  1. Four more visits,this is going to be a long recruitment.
  2. Rivals article says 2 horse race Michigan State and Gonzaga.
  3. I think we have a great chance for both players.
  4. Hopeful we can get Page to commit this week.
  5. Crystal ball for Michigan State today.
  6. We are out of Booker sweepstakes already.
  7. Woody doesn't recruit.Why the class we have coming in sucks!
  8. Looks like Mike Giomi. Another player from the past.
  9. Not going to Indiana.If Trayce goes pro we get no one from portal.Too late in the game for any impact player.Team is set for next year.No defensive stopper on team will be the weakness next year.Could still be a better team.
  10. Sounds like Texas Tech will be banned from college basketball.I guess they deserve it!!
  11. NIL will ruin college sports.Football will be hit worse.Too many football coaches saying it will hurt the college game.
  12. Teams with most money wins!NBA LITE.
  13. Don't think we will get Dennis now.
  14. Agree easily our best wing.Would be a upgrade!
  15. If you want to win next year it is a need.Top flight defender and can create own shot to open floor.
  16. The bagmen make it worse not better.Big schools will clean up.Where the big money is that will be your winning programs.Pro sports on a smaller level.Sad.
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