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  1. bstall76

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    That was just the list I saw yesterday on Twitter. In looking at the 247 rankings Indiana has 7 top 150 if you include the La Lumiere kids. Stewart, TJD, Brooks, Franklin, Emanuel Miller, Newman and Gillis. Illinois has 4 top 150 players. #38 Francis Okoro committed to Oregon, #59 E.J.Liddell, #75 Markese Jacobs committed to Kansas and #78 Terrece Shannon. After these guys the drop off goes to #170
  2. bstall76

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    Quick glance at the newest ESPN 100 shows 4 top 100 players from Illinois, 2 of which have committed out of state,Oregon and Kansas. Indiana has 2 top 100 in TJD and Brooks. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/playerrankings
  3. bstall76

    Armaan Franklin

  4. bstall76

    Armaan Franklin

  5. bstall76

    Armaan Franklin

    Xavier, Butler, Louisville, Ohio State, Purdue have all offered according to 247
  6. bstall76

    Romeo leads Seniors

    If the staff thought Franklin was good enough he would already have an offer.
  7. bstall76

    DJ Carton

    Understand and agree 100%
  8. bstall76

    DJ Carton

    He may not be that tall, but he is insanely explosive and atheltic.
  9. bstall76

    A flash from the past...

    Digging this old thread up because Todd Jadlow came and spoke to our 6th-8th graders at the middle school where I am one of the counselors. His message he gave the kids was very solid, telling about his past and defying the odds to earn a scholarship offer from IU. He still credits Knight with teaching him what respect was and that it starts with respecting yourself. He told them about the bullying he endured and that he took his first drink at 14 to find an escape. He told them how hard he worked to turn into the player he became. One story I had never heard before was he says one of his teammates right around graduation a fellow senior called him to his apartment to give him a graduation gift and that was the first time he ever used coke. He told the kids he walked in saw a pile of white powder and wrestled with himself about trying it and what it would mean and that he convinced himself he would only do it this time. This goes against other things I have read that said he never tried Cocaine until he went overseas for ball. He went on to say the only reason he played pro ball was so that he could afford to get high. Anyone know who he may have been talking about? Anyone else from that time known for liking to party too much? Told of the multiple DUI's including the 2 in the same day, losing his 2 year old daughter because he went to jail, and her not wanting to see him 18 months later when he had a visitation. Finally realizing after a letter from his older daughter that if he did not change, and for him that meant going back to his religion he would either be dead or in jail the rest of his life. Overall a good message for the kids, be yourself, respect yourself, be mindful of who you hang around with and realize your choices will not only hurt you they will hurt everyone around you. Just a cool story of getting to meet a player I watched play growing up that is now spreading a good message after battling his own demons.
  10. bstall76

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Damezi is not a guard, and I have heard nobody say he ever will be. Archie has said Hunter might play the 2 in college. If Al is our 2 guard in 2019 we are in trouble no matter who is in the front court.
  11. bstall76

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    If Brooks keeps putting up the numbers he has been in the last few AAU events he is going to really rise up the rankings. I can see him being top 15 in the class if he can continue his outstanding play. I really want him at IU, bit we have plenty of great options we are in very good position with that he is not a necessity, but would be damn nice to have.
  12. bstall76

    Big Bold Prediction

    It said bold prediction, I made a bold prediction. Do I think it will actually happen, no, but imagine how good we are if it does happen.
  13. bstall76

    Big Bold Prediction

    Phinessee will be the best PG in the B1G by the end of the year.
  14. bstall76

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    What I like that I saw is that even though he may not have started but he was in during crunch time in the comeback VS Gonzaga, and he really runs the court well.
  15. bstall76

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It actually happened 4 times 61 Van Arsdale's 74 Steve Collier, Rpy Taylor 84 Troy Lewis, Delray Brooks 87 Edwards and Jones