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  1. bstall76

    Romeo Langford

    He hurt it during the high school season, and with the team getting a break before school starts it was the best/only time they could put it on that would not impact his practicing with the team. Not a new injury, not a serious one, IU just wanted to make sure he took some time off. As you know he is a gym rat and if they had not gone this route Romeo would not have rested it.
  2. bstall76

    Kadin Shedrick Commits to Virginia

    I was very confused by the offer as well at first. Here is article from the 247, that I think is free. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/A-strong-showing-in-July-led-to-an-offer-explosion-for-Kadin-Shedrick-120266109/ Snow said if he had to guess he would be ranked 50-75 range when the new rankings come out.
  3. bstall76

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    Looks good in this tape, uber athletic and long something you can not teach,
  4. How interested is UNC really when they have not yet watched him play during this 2nd eval period. You would think if you are truly interested you would watch him. I would not worry too much about UNC in this one.
  5. bstall76

    Keon Johnson

    He was at the IU team camp last month and really played well from what I have read. Ultra quick slasher with elite athleticism and a solid jumper out to 3pt range. Should be high priority given the general weakness in the 2020 class in state
  6. bstall76

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    I had heard there was a connection on the staff with Montverde. I just do not like the concept if a player being told the best thing for his development was to move 1100 miles away. Maybe I am overreacting, has been known to happen, I just hope this is not a common thing. Maybe the staff knows getting kids from NWI will be hard and like the odds better if they are not up there, though they did pull RP and DA, who knows. As always thanks for the info.
  7. bstall76

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    If this is in fact true an IU staff member suggested he move out of state to a basketball factory then that is a great way to piss off in state coaches. Tell a kid to leave his home school and move to another state does not sound like the advice a coaching staff would give if trying to lock down the states recruits, sounds like a great way to be treated like Mike Davis and Tom Crean by the high school coaches in Indiana.
  8. bstall76

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    That was just the list I saw yesterday on Twitter. In looking at the 247 rankings Indiana has 7 top 150 if you include the La Lumiere kids. Stewart, TJD, Brooks, Franklin, Emanuel Miller, Newman and Gillis. Illinois has 4 top 150 players. #38 Francis Okoro committed to Oregon, #59 E.J.Liddell, #75 Markese Jacobs committed to Kansas and #78 Terrece Shannon. After these guys the drop off goes to #170
  9. bstall76

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    Quick glance at the newest ESPN 100 shows 4 top 100 players from Illinois, 2 of which have committed out of state,Oregon and Kansas. Indiana has 2 top 100 in TJD and Brooks. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/playerrankings
  10. bstall76

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Xavier, Butler, Louisville, Ohio State, Purdue have all offered according to 247
  11. bstall76

    Romeo leads Seniors

    If the staff thought Franklin was good enough he would already have an offer.