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  1. Based on rankings he is our best. Leal, Galloway not ranked. Lander #12 in 2021
  2. Nate Johnson is good, player of the year in conference as a junior. I have seen him a few times since I work at Princeton and he plays in a tough GMC conference, past high level players from GMC Darius Beazley, Vince Edwards, Jordan Seibert, Tegray Scales, kyle schwarber and some guy named Jerry Lucas if we want to go way back and thats a short list.
  3. I live in the cincy area as well and have seen him. He is very long, and I think young for his class as well . I don't know if he will get taller, but he will fill out nicely.
  4. He is really long obviously, and the drop step looked really good, they played a very over matched Springboro team and won by 40.
  5. John's Hopkins has announced after confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Maryland they are going to be playing the D2 tournament games, they are hosting without an audience.
  6. Will be interesting, they have 5 guards averaging 20 minutes a game more and like to play 4 out 1 in. They have 5 averaging 20 minutes, we only have 4 on the roster🤮
  7. Agree 100% with what you said.
  8. He is a decent shooter, but not great. I would expect Al, Jerome, Phinesse to all shoot better than Leal will as a freshman.
  9. How is a 4.0 expected to be valedictorian? Do they not have weighted grades? The valedictorian where I work will graduate with well over a 4.0 due to AP, IB and CCP classes.
  10. I believe scoring margin is only capped in the non conference so cupcakes don't overly impact it.🙄
  11. Oh my God Purdue just put up 61 in the first half leaD 61-36. 11/20 from 3 shot 65% for the half
  12. Leal can shoot, but he is not a shooter. JBJ, Roth, Hulls were shooter’s, Leal is not anywhere close to that level. I would expect Leal to come in play limited minutes and shoot maybe 35% from 3. I would fully expect him to be probably our 5th guard 6th if we get a grad transfer.
  13. I do not know if he recruited shooters at Dayton or not, but the shooting numbers show they could shoot. His 6 years at UD they averaged 36.5% from 3 with a low of 34.4 and a high of 38.7. Now these are not jaw dropping numbers, but they are significantly better than IU is shooting, and would probably equal a few more wins.
  14. You are kidding yourself if you think IU will ever spend that kind of money on a coach. Our last 3 coaches yearly salaries do not add up to 10 million/year.
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