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  1. I believe scoring margin is only capped in the non conference so cupcakes don't overly impact it.🙄
  2. Oh my God Purdue just put up 61 in the first half leaD 61-36. 11/20 from 3 shot 65% for the half
  3. Leal can shoot, but he is not a shooter. JBJ, Roth, Hulls were shooter’s, Leal is not anywhere close to that level. I would expect Leal to come in play limited minutes and shoot maybe 35% from 3. I would fully expect him to be probably our 5th guard 6th if we get a grad transfer.
  4. I do not know if he recruited shooters at Dayton or not, but the shooting numbers show they could shoot. His 6 years at UD they averaged 36.5% from 3 with a low of 34.4 and a high of 38.7. Now these are not jaw dropping numbers, but they are significantly better than IU is shooting, and would probably equal a few more wins.
  5. You are kidding yourself if you think IU will ever spend that kind of money on a coach. Our last 3 coaches yearly salaries do not add up to 10 million/year.
  6. Check title, we are thankfully not playing Maryland again.
  7. Exactly, he is a true freshman by playing experience, and unlike the freshman, he did not play any basketball at all for 8-10 months. I saw him in high school and he was very good against good competition. He will be a double digit scorer for us in the future.
  8. Kid is a gamer. I live in the area and have seen him play. He may not be the most athletic or fastest player, but he will work his ass off. He will go through anyone in his way to get a rebound. He had really good footwork when I saw him as a sophomore last year and has the body to really add muscle. He is 100% in the mold of adding guys that bring toughness to the team that CAM is looking for.
  9. He was already offered by Va Tech where the former UC assistant coach that recruited him to UC is currently an assistant.
  10. Could he have a Max Bielfieldt type impact, Max put up 8.2 and 4.5 and was 6th man of the year on a B1G championship team, doubt it. I think if he and Davis can put up 12 and 7 combined we will be in good shape.
  11. My only exposure to damezi is his playing at IU. I would not classify him as athletic, did he show better athleticism in high school.
  12. Delray brooks was pretty good at providence.
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