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  1. 2018 coaching vacancies

    100% agree it. I am sure they exist, but I can not think of any examples of hall of fame players becoming hall of fame coaches in any sport. Living in Cincinnati I hear all the local fans wanting Barry Larkin to be the next manager and I keep telling my friends to be careful what you wish for. When an Icon has to be fired it can be very UGLY.
  2. Early entrants

    Just off the top of my head here are a few. Duke will lose it's big men and pg and maybe Trent. UK will lose everyone, Sexton at Alabama is gone, and Petty may go with him. Bamba at Texas It would not surprise me if Carson Edwards leaves Bridges, Jackson at MSU
  3. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Penny currently is a high school coach and has the #1 Junior in the country on his high school team, pretty sure that is the reason they are handing him the job, that and this whole former payers make great coaches infatuation going on , Mullin, Ewing, now Penny, and I am sure there are others.
  4. Romeo Langford

    Redshirt sophomore at that. He is 21 years old, was #8 in the 2015 class, the #1 pg. That is the same class with Bryant
  5. Romeo Langford

    They updated the roster, Adam Zagoria tweeted out a link to the updated rosters.
  6. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Penny Hardaway is being mentioned as a possibility at Memphis, he is currently a high school coach and just happens to have the #1 rated junior in the country on his high school team.
  7. Grad Transfers?

    Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN FollowingFollowing @GoodmanESPN More Maine senior guard Aaron Calixte told ESPN he will transfer. Eligible next season. Averaged 17 points per game this year. 8:57 PM - 5 Mar 2018 SG not a PG, Shot 39% from 3 and 90% from the free throw line.
  8. Grad Transfers?

  9. Grad Transfers?

    You know that he is not graduating in 3 years? Not doubting but how do you know this.
  10. Next Season’s Expectations

    Here is what I see. Phinesse/Al/Green > Newkirk/Al/Green Romeo > Rojo Smith/Hunter/Anderson/McBob > Mcbob/Smith/Hartman Morgan/Thompson/Smith/Forrester > Morgan/McSwain/Smith/Hartman Davis/Forrester/ 5th year big > Injured Davis With Romeo we will be better at every position than we were this year. Am I putting a lot of faith in our freshman, yes, but I also see a large jump from this years freshman, and maybe even this years sophomores,depending on if Green returns and how Davis progresses.
  11. Romeo Langford

    Very good point, I think Race is going to be really good for us next year, he was top 100 recruit and will have an entire year practicing, working out and learning with CAM and staff.
  12. Romeo Langford

    Forgot about Vijay. Still to have only 1 Indiana player on scholarship is inexcusable by the previous staff. Another reason CTC should have been gone earlier.
  13. Romeo Langford

    Does IU even have 3 Indiana kids on the roster, not on scholarship. Would not have been as noticeable had it been McBob. Jager, and Hartman, they would have looked like everyone else there, plus only 1 is on scholarship.
  14. Personally for me, he does not fit what I think Archie wants in a guard. He does not have any level of consistency in any aspect of his game. He is a streaky passer, shooter, defender, heck he is even streaky making layups.

    Highly doubtful, we have zero quality wins, ND was at the time, but not now. We lost to ISU, IPFW, UI, RUTGERS. Archie had already said they will not play in CBI