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  1. azhoosier

    Rob Phinesse

    I think Rob is going to be really really good when he is done. My hot take will be that he will end up having as much of an impact on the team as Romeo. He shows poise for a freshman that you certainly never saw from a Davonte Green, Robert Johnson, or Josh Newkirk. Rob Phinisee will be a lot of fun to watch these next four years.
  2. azhoosier

    Marquette Post game

    Will be hard for Purdue fans to continue to say they didn’t want Rob Phinisee. The young man play beyond his years tonight. Love watching this entire team.
  3. azhoosier

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    I really loved Phinisee’s game tonight and the energy he played with. Fitzner is going to be a huge asset the entire season. Romeo is one of the smoothest players I can remember watching. It really looks effortless for him at times. In regards to the free throw shooting, what does a coach do to improve if this continues? This goes back to last year. Is it coaching or just the player struggling mentally?
  4. azhoosier

    Chicago State Game Thread

    Overall I think they looked pretty solid but the free throw shooting has to be addressed at some point.
  5. azhoosier

    Chicago State Game Thread

    I agree, I am not a fan either. Hopefully this is temporary.
  6. azhoosier

    Southern Indiana Post game thread

    This is not acceptable. Why advertise the replay if you do not plan on showing the replay. To do this to the fan base of one of the major schools in your conference is a slap in the face.
  7. azhoosier

    Names on back of IU Jerseys ?

    It wouldn’t bother me much if eventually IU put names on the jerseys. If IU were to think that it would help with recruiting and getting better players. I do believe if you put a great product on the floor. One that makes it to final fours, wins championships, while also getting kids to the NBA, the names on the back of jerseys will not matter. IU has failed in that regard largely since the 90’s. Two of the more iconic college football teams (USC and Notre Dame) do not carry names on their jerseys. USC especially doesn’t seem to have trouble recruiting. It eventually comes down to how well are your teams performing. That’s where IU needs to improve before they consider names on jerseys.
  8. azhoosier

    A day with De'Ron Davis

    Seeing the clip of the Duke game in the video reminded me of how strong and impactful he could be at times. Hope he rovers soon.
  9. Would love to see them play in the Myrtle Beach tournament. West Virginia would be a great early season measuring stick. Plus would not mind seeing them play a team like Western Kentucky.
  10. azhoosier

    Romeo Langford

  11. azhoosier

    NCAA Womens Tourney

    Certainly a great weekend for the state of Indiana in regards to women’s basketball.
  12. azhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Vanderbilt landing all of these five star recruits has the same feel to it as when Ole Miss football started landing blue chip player after blue chip player when Hughe Freese was at the helm. Not saying that Vanderbilt is doing anything for certain but it is surprising that out of nowhere these top recruits start raining down upon them.
  13. azhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    “Romeo did not return a request for comment about his recruitment.” That should have told this guy everything he needed to know regarding what the likelihood would be of Romeo even considering Georgia.