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  1. Awesome interview! Really appreciate the great content provided for the Hoosier fanbase. Really appreciate the time Anthony took to do all these interviews. What an incredible kid and family!
  2. Did IU having multiple players from the state of Indiana you were familiar with play a big factor or at least make it easier to commit to Indiana?
  3. With that being the case I wonder what his perception of playing with TJD. I realize Romeo is at a different level but can’t dismiss the fact TJD is a talented five star in his own right.
  4. “Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!”
  5. I think this is awesome! What a great tattoo for shooter. There’s a confidence in sort of a subtle way.
  6. Rob is absolutely the most important player on this team moving forward. The team goes as he goes!
  7. Assuming that Green slides into his starting spot
  8. Does replacing a road loss at Arkansas with a cupcake win at home get us in?
  9. Given the scenario I believe the extra practices and just finishing the year on a positive could help catapult next years team. I believe someone like Rob Phinisee would really benefit as well. It will be important for him to be a leader next year.
  10. Serious question: What’s the better scenario for the team, Go to the NCAA tourney and lose the first game or win the NIT? While I think it’s always good to make the NCAA, winning the NIT could still build some really good momentum for a young team.
  11. As bad as I would love to see them in the NCAA tourney I will watch with excitement Tuesday as IU starts their run through the NIT
  12. This was rough. I like the rest of everyone here want IU to get back to worrying about what seed we will be and not are we going to make it in on selection Sunday
  13. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to have Keion’s talent on the roster but it is why someone like Rob Phinisee can have a much greater impact over the course of his career. Give me four years of Mr Phinisee over one year of KBJ.
  14. I will say that based off of his recent comments during the interview that he may not be exactly what Archie wants in a player. If you truly want to build a contender you certainly don’t want to many players that are using it as a one year steppingstone. Very rarely do you get classes that are the likes of what Duke has this year. You need the guys who’s time is invested winning a championship and not just improving draft stock.
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