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  1. He really said that in his post game press conference? They should have asked him how many coaches have beat his teams three game in a row!
  2. Obviously the offense was ugly at times but were plenty of bunny shots missed. If they make several of those it’s a different ballgame. I will say I was surprisingly disappointed Green wasn’t a little more aggressive on offense trying to create.
  3. “Tougher than a two dollar steak” was another one I liked!
  4. It certainly looks like Damezi has come a long way since last year. Happy for him as well as the entire team playing much better since last year.
  5. Franklin will certainly be an important piece the entire year. Definitely showing his value tonight.
  6. With all of the discussion regarding Coach Mike Roberts and weather he’s a great hire or IU just missed the boat with this hire, I wanted to pose this question. Who are some of the all time great assistant coaches at IU? I ask this with out really having enough knowledge myself of who’s been some of the best.
  7. I’ve read multiple times people referencing that IU seems to be using the “Painter model”. What if that model works better for IU than it actually does for Purdue. I guess I believe that if IU could begin to win more consistently the way Purdue has been able to, will actually allow IU to recruit the states best players better than Purdue ever could therefore have better results.
  8. Awesome interview! Really appreciate the great content provided for the Hoosier fanbase. Really appreciate the time Anthony took to do all these interviews. What an incredible kid and family!
  9. Did IU having multiple players from the state of Indiana you were familiar with play a big factor or at least make it easier to commit to Indiana?
  10. With that being the case I wonder what his perception of playing with TJD. I realize Romeo is at a different level but can’t dismiss the fact TJD is a talented five star in his own right.
  11. “Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!”
  12. I think this is awesome! What a great tattoo for shooter. There’s a confidence in sort of a subtle way.
  13. Rob is absolutely the most important player on this team moving forward. The team goes as he goes!
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