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  1. A few I recognized Landon Turner George Leach Kyle Taber Matt Roth Derek Elston Tijan Jobe
  2. John Beilein's first 4 years at Michigan were as follows Year 1 - 10-22 Year 2 - 21-14 Year 3 - 15-17 Year 4- 21-14 Our fanbase would have never allowed him to reach his full potential here. Michigan was patient and it paid off. I hope Archie can get the same treatment.
  3. It applies to any kid whether they leave after their freshman year or their junior year. Nearly every kid at that level has a dream of playing in the NBA. If they can acquire that dream, how can you blame them? You want the best of the best in your program. Guys who want to be better and sometimes that means they are going to play their way into the NBA early. That doesn't mean these guys don't want to do something for the program, it just means they are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them. I'd take a Romeo Langford every single year if he wanted to come to IU, it would be foolish to say otherwise. Look at Charles Bassey down at WKU. He was projected to be a first round draft pick but chose to return to school for his sophomore year so he could do something for the program and make the fans happy. Two weeks ago he goes down with a knee injury and is out the rest of the year. Do you think he regrets not taking advantage of the opportunity? Of course he does. There are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to your health, so take advantage when you can.
  4. Exactly! The kid has been working his tail off his whole life to get to the NBA. Countless hours in the gym, countless hours in the weight room, miles and miles of travel. How can you blame him for leaving to be a lottery pick? Had he sustained these injuries while in college, he probably would not even be drafted.
  5. Agreed 100% Focus on the next opponent and win by any means possible. Blowout wins, ugly wins, overtime wins, it doesn't matter. Just win and the rest will iron out.
  6. So 1600 posts later.... Is Luke Brown the next Damon Bailey? Or is it still being decided?
  7. I disagree about Jerome not having an impact. He may have only scored once but he had some timely rebounds, steals and a block in the last second half. Plus I think he was great defensively.
  8. Some of you really need to relax and take a pill for all the anxiety. Does the margin of victory really matter? They won the game. It wasn't pretty but they still won. Could they have won by more? Of course! Good teams find ways to win, even if they aren't playing well and the Hoosiers did that last night. Now does that mean the Hoosiers are a good team? Not sure yet, but I hope so. It's at least a trend in the right direction. Games like last night are important for the growth of this team and brings valuable experience that can hopefully be applied later in the season. I would take last night's 3 point win over a well coached UCONN team over a 26 point drubbing of North Alabama any day.
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