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  1. I always loved Sheehey and TJD is fast becoming one of my favorite Hoosiers of all time.
  2. I always liked Fife and was thrilled when he came back to IU. I loved his interviews and having met him a couple times he was always very cool. But if he wasn't a good fit, then so be it. I've worked in environments that weren't a good fit and I was thrilled when I finally left those situations and I'm sure that's the case here. I understand the hand wringing to a degree, but would you really care if he wasn't from IU? I have no inside info but watching him on the bench this year, he was not overly involved in any aspect. I wish him the absolute best and will be rooting for him wherever he goes.
  3. Probably a rumor started by the same people who guaranteed Keion Brooks would transfer to IU and that Brad Stevens was a lock to Coach IU.
  4. Let the kids enjoy it. I saw one student say that this was the most fun he had in his 4 years at IU. Heck, I stormed my living room when they won.
  5. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. I have no clue how to gauge Minnesota/Pittsburgh, Northwestern/Wake Forest, and Clemson/Rutgers games. They all seem like they could go either way. Same for IU if I am honest.
  6. Say what you want about Dickie V, but you can tell her truly cares about the players and coaches. He is a great guy.
  7. I like X, I just hope he doesn't become a "Marco Killingsworth" headcase.
  8. Not sure if posted already, but they cancelled the scrimmage for this event.
  9. I don't understand the hand wringing about "injuries". We have no idea of the extent or seriousness of any of these "injuries". They could just be normal nagging things that plaque teams and Coach Woodson wants to be sure that everyone is 100% for the start of the season. And if that means cancelling a meaningless scrimmage, then so be it. I'm sure this coaching staff knows what they are doing. And I am sure if there was any suspicion that the Strength and Conditioning coach was causing excess injuries to a team that he would be gone in a heartbeat.
  10. 100% agree with everything. I'm ready to look forward to games again I'm ready to look forward to watching all games in the season. The last few years, I just simply quit watching. It became to painful and irritating to watch.
  11. Agreed. The only time I remember it working for IU was Hanner Perea and Jurkin. And look how that turned out?!
  12. At least it's not "won't be" That would make me much more nervous.
  13. I don't remember that happening after Crean left but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Yes, that is a good point and probably something I would do if I were in his position.
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