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  1. DG (to me) has developed a couple canned, auto-response moves. Behind the back dribble upon .01” of a second pressure, dribble dribble dribble step backwards SHOOT, sulk. there’s zero doubt in my mind that he himself, on a personal thought level, doesn’t realize that these moves don’t work. I honestly think he understands this. But no matter how much prep and planning, when the lights turn on and the crowd is cheering, his motor goes much faster than the car can stick it to the ground. It may be a form of Autism? His brain runs about .7 seconds faster than his body. like everyone else, throwing some pasta against the wall. He’ll figure it out I am sure, but it will be far to long to be consistent enough for us fans.
  2. There are ZERO banks that do anything for free. I did recently go to the bank to get some cash. My Airplane Mechanic prefers cash and he gave be a good discount for it. ... I had to go to 3 different branches to get the amount of cash that I needed. Armed guards escorted me to my Jeep. ... My other ride is a Piper (with some REALLY kick ass avionics).
  3. When I was a Fire Department training person. I would always conduct live training (same as BB Practice) with multiple Strobe lights and the loudest, GOD AWFUL sound effects that I could find, and stage it in a very closed environment. I wanted my personel to train to not be distracted by the "noise", so to speak. To concentrate only on the objective. I propose that the IU staff and IT people, develop a set of headphones, that pipe in each individual player's girlfriend, talking sexual talk to them and make them hit 98/100 free throws while listening to it. Once that concentration level is conquered, I would make them listen to sound effects of their mom and dad doing the nasty while shooting.... The point is, create a serious human level distraction that one has to overcome/ become comfortable with. At that point, Free Throw shooting focus is truly on the rim and one's muscle control. NOTHING else.
  4. CAM had several opportunities to justifiably get a “T”... I think he should have!!! With extreme prejudice!!
  5. Thank you.. OMG that is what I needed. I figured there was a button that I just wasn't finding.
  6. How do I get this platform to open a thread from the last post I read so I can continue from there? It seems that as I get older I have to scroll up and down to remember what post's I have read and which I have not. Help a Brother out?
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