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  1. Starting form about 19APR, why is there a reoccurring trend of a spikes, 4-5 days after a dip? That's a non-normal distribution. Not that I would ever question data gathering/ reporting reliability.
  2. No, every time I’m successful, out pops a better idiot. lol
  3. I actually caught a wiper in the white last summer. I was bottom fishing for Flatheads and pulled the bugger up. Caught him on a piece of Bluegill if I recall. Most of my fishing (99.99% now days) are for flat's and Blue's in the white. I live just outside of Gosport and they put in a new ramp a couple years ago. 4 minutes from home to ramp. The ramp actually kind of suxcks, but it's close! My PB was 39# Flat.
  4. The lake, just east of Russellville. He tells some whopper striper stories about fish he’s pulled out of there! They have a great time down there but having a place to get away from the Indy rat race, wouldn’t be hard to enjoy.
  5. I’m flying from Bloomington to Russell County KY Tomorrow. Not as busy as ATL! Lol . The brother has a pretty nice house boat on Cumberland.
  6. Ya can't eat it and ..... It doesn't smoke well either.
  7. The timing on this is hilarious. My SIL just went through this last week. He called, having trouble getting the bottom element out and he had bought the cheapo socket like you say. I told him to throw that in the trash and I’d be right over with the proper tools. He wanted to know how I knew this so quickly, so I showed him my scars! Lol
  8. It could be cheaper! Just sayin hahaha
  9. I'm mentally exhausted so didn't dig for the exact post I was looking for but, I finally took and passed my check ride today. 300@13g19 are rough to do check ride 45 degree 360 turns!!! But I pulled it off. Whew, bring on the bourbon!!!
  10. That means you had only one other Sub, the real Estate agent. Dude, you do know they work 30 minutes and make 7%, right? BTW I really appreciate your sub skills! Not a dieing breed, dead.
  11. Have 76 come over with those 2 Dachshunds. THose are great mole'rs! I've got awesome holes all over the yard from mine! lol
  12. I feel bad, I've treated mine like red headed step Cabbage's. My greens Leek on themselves when I walk by, but my Peas all stick together super well.
  13. You got this man! It will help make your marriage even stronger!.......... hahahahahaha even I have to laugh at that one.
  14. I fixed if for you mate! lol
  15. Someone better than me (right now wink wink) should be able to do the math. That tick is probably x100 shorter than the human brain can process, which makes it a total non starter. Please understand I’m not penning this to be combative, but rational actually. The chances that the 5mph rolling road blocks cause more issues than a professional driver, under extreme drive time regulation, are x1000 compared to an extra .6 seconds of time to brake. I fully suspect that this was a conjured up idea. By some group of politicians, that involuntarily “slowed” traffic down while allowing them to mark higher speed limits to get more federal incentives. Which leads into an entire other discussion... so I’ll stop there. **edit . 5 mph = 7.33 ft/ sec. roughly 60% of the distance from the front bumper of a truck and the cab door.
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