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  1. One small point, at least to me. This doesn't actually mean that cases are spiking or declining, it actually just means we have proof of more cases. That doesn't mean they were not there before being tested, we just didn't have the data to support it. I hope I stated that correctly.
  2. Update on my Brother. He finally tested negative by the standard State test, but the Lilly test still shows him positive. The other strange part is that the antibody test says that he does not have any anti bodies either.
  3. oh crap, its a new bug! Shut down all traffic coming over the ohio river !!! Glad you're better.
  4. My Brother has been in quarantine for going on 5 weeks. He's been tested 3 times and positive all 3 times (Zero symptoms). I wonder if all 3 get reported?
  5. Bob Knight and Chuck Marlow make the cut?
  6. Ol'e Smoky Apple Pie shine makes me feel better.
  7. We were down there and did the sky bridge earlier this summer. There was one poor gal having a hard time, holding so tight to the hand rail going very slow. I told her not to worry, she was almost to the worst part (the glass). Everyone just laughed... Well except her that is, she didn't think it was funny. lol
  8. Exactly what I thoguht it was!
  9. I'm 52 and I have my name on the pre-order list for the new Oculus Quest 2 VR set. I only got this on order for the grand kids, this crap is just silly.... They should be enjoying splitting firewood and raising calves! 😀
  10. I just assumed that with the median age here, Solitaire was considered gaming. Who'dathunkit.
  11. I knot this isn't a haircut thread, but since we are talking about them.... I got a great hair cut in Ireland a couple years ago. 😀
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