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  1. I mentioned this before and it would probably require a pretty decent investment, but. There is a business model of have a couple hundred drones, all flight path programmable, with different colored LED lights, you can perform arial events and make some cash. They did one at the Lakeland airshow this year that was probably just the tip of the ice berg and it was phenomenal.
  2. I found my "get away from the wife" house in Mobile, close next week hopefully. Northwest corner of Mobile, 15 minutes-ish from the airport. 4 bed, 2 ba, 3 car detached w/ workshop on 2 acres. Was being remodeled and the gentleman passed away. Even got it $3k under ask. Right place, right time, now to haul all my tools down and get to work! Future Air BnB!
  3. Ya gotta adjust for that cross wind and slow that final approach speed Capt!
  4. Just think of how this thread would be different if he had been binge watching Naked and Afraid...
  5. Sorry , I can't put this on Tuttle. This was a much better attempt than with Penix. Sheridan must go though.
  6. Now, slow and steady score for the win ! ! ! ! !
  7. Cincinati was a different offense. Today is a new offence and I like it better.
  8. 8:31, score or force a 3 and out quickly. then milk the shit out of it!
  9. It's not been said, but damn these announcers... MSU are the chosen. EFF them ! ! !
  10. Without proper math, You're saying there's a chance!
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