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  1. I have a re-occurring dream that my 2nd wife never happened. Then I wake up, look at my bank account and real estate holdings, the dream is dead. Reality sucks.
  2. A Tip of my Jacques seed corn hat and a nod to you sir. Very well done.
  3. Ahhh Little Kings, Payne town boat ramp, float 24 in the water and make sure they never got away full. Oh the good ole days.
  4. Ahhh Nothing says 19 yr old exotic dancer single mother like the Pontiac Sunbird. It was over valued at half the price.
  5. So you repeatedly have a jerk setting next to you at games. Do you notice this happening at any other group activities? On public transit? company meetings? Family reunions? Dinner at home?
  6. So I told the Doctor that my arm hurt when I moved it like this.... The Doctor said, well then don't move it like that. 😁
  7. Seems simple. YOu have the $8k # to talk to the dealership about. Make a deal or not. If not move on to the next buyer. This is gold mine territory that will only last a few more months. It's just business.
  8. Anyone notice the resurfacing of the Green Mile Guard in Season 5? I can't seem to link pic since the site is having issues.. But it was the wormy little shit that killed Mr Jangles.
  9. Since these problems just suddenly showed up, shouldn't it be because of someone manually "tweaking" some settings? Do servers usually just randomly handle things differently or is it usually due to someone causing a state change in some setting?
  10. Ok that seems to have worked. PC based Firefox, nope
  11. Test from my phone… nothing else is working
  12. Manual folding wings.... OH how I hated those thangs as a 12 yr old. Especially when they would load up with mud!
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