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  1. Isn't that the truth about the Seafood. Man I may go back and buy a truck load of shrimp. I ate about 3# today, how are people not bingeing on this? I'm like Scooby Doo on Scooby snacks!
  2. My 2 cents, I’d wait. Air temp is one factor but so is ground temp. It seems like every time I’ve got rambucksious and planted early in the ground, my plants were stunted for a bit.
  3. If you ever wondered what it would look like, if academia got their 15 minutes of fame... Well, I’m afraid we are in minute 4.
  4. This thread, and maybe isolation, has me back (kinda) in the gardening mood. A few years ago I did that straw bale gardening thing. It was phenomenal! I assumed that year two, with the same bales, further decomposition would happen and I would have even better results. The area I used was relatively shaded, but again year 1 was awesome. 7’ tall tomatoes, Okra pods as long as your forearm ( the ones I let go that long, worthless to eat). Yr 2, not as successful. Either the trees grew adding more shade or the 2nd yr bales lost their Mojo. One thing i noticed yr 2, the bales lost moisture nearly immediately. Lots of watering required, or so I thought. So here I am, I’ve got 5 bags of that packaged straw bedding left over from a job I never got past buying supplies for. It’s straw wrapped in a plastic bag and sealed. I put them out tonight, cut slits in the bags and started pouring my high Urea mixture to get decomposition started. Placed them in more full ish, sun and will see what happens. 8’ tomato’s with fruit as big as a bucket? Maybe I’ll paint a mater like a basketball.
  5. I bought a dog from a locksmith buddy of mine a couple years ago. As soon as I got him home, he bolted for the door.
  6. I figured as much. I really need to get up there, but the wind and the ceiling lately won't let me. I just had a new Carb installed and need to go see how much better the ale gal runs. OH, dang this is an expensive hobbie! lol
  7. AV Gas in Bedford is $4.10 ... But I can run 140mph..
  8. It will be “always have extra condoms”. There’s going to be a plethora of curtain climbers!
  9. They put it back on which I figured wouldn’t happen. Fingers crossed that it holds. No pun intended. Lol
  10. Well it was a PSA so I think the like is acceptable! lol. 51 years to have anything serious, working as a tool maker, welder, firefighter and DIY'er that likes to drink during... I'd say I'm pretty lucky.
  11. Well here is a PSA while we all isolate and work on projects. DON'T put your fingers in the circular saw. Took one off at the first knuckle today and I was making some damn good progress on a shed too! !@%@$%^%!
  12. I wonder if there is anyway to see a chronological, step by step list of which swamp creatures proposed/ added which pork items to this emergency stimulus package? I would love to see this and then advertise the hell out of it. I’m sure this is an elementary level comment, but I’d love to see rules implemented to only allow “clean” bills and single topic bills. I just saw that this package has 100 million for general aviation airports. I’m an aviator but don’t feel like this Bill is where that sort of thing should be “hidden”.
  13. Man I am so, totally with you. I’ve got a 4’x8’ pantry. It’s just the wife and I, ( with the exception that she’s a major coupon’er and the daughters raid the closet weekly) and we don’t need much. Hell this shut down feels like a vaca, and I work from home to start with!
  14. I agree but am only starting to understand my feelings about this. What I feel happening is a total Armageddon type over reaction. We have to have the data to feel safe about anything like, living. But I fear (kinda) that the data will only prove that the reaction was truly NUTZ driving us to potential Armageddon type reactions. Once this train started off the tracks there was honestly no place at all to go except follow the train. I guess my biggest fear is that this exercise may be only data for someone to use it against us in the future.... that is if that isn’t exactly what’s being done now.
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