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  1. Wagner got a lot of hand on that block
  2. I don't think I've actually enjoyed watching a single game this year. It seems like it's always just two hours of frustration.
  3. The refs are becoming inconsistent. Let massive contact go to call a ticket tack foul a few seconds later.
  4. Neither player committed a flagrant on that. Terrible call.
  5. Yeah, Minn is hitting a bunch of circus shots. IU playing solid defense, and they're getting solid, open looks. Let's keep this up.
  6. I just looked at recruiting rankings for the first time, and how in the world does Maryland have the 2021 class they do? I really don't get it. They have a 5 star and 4 four stars committed in the 2021 class.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure no matter who you are, beating a top ten team is exciting.
  8. Guess it's okay to elbow a guy right in the face.
  9. Hit free throws and win. Simple concept.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. Even against a better free throw shooting team, 13 seconds is not enough.
  11. This is where I'm at. He's had plenty of time to bring in shooters. It's also obvious that (free throw) shooting is not an emphasis in practice.
  12. Archie hasn't even come close to being as good as Crean at this point. Our offense is just terrible. There is no shooting, and it's been a constant theme for four years now.
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