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  1. Did you read the directive? It's clearly advising that if a patient dies before being able to be tested, displays symptoms of the virus, and someone with whom he/she had close contact with tests positive, then it's appropriate to ascribe death to the virus. I think that's a pretty appropriate scenario. Both the article and the senator, who both have clear agendas, grossly misrepresent the situation. Furthermore, the tagline of that website is "We report the truth - and leave the Russia collusion fairy tale to the Conspiracy media." It's not even in the same zip code as what I would deem reputable. Back when I was a teacher, I wouldn't have even allowed it as a source on a research paper. It's crystal clear that you can't trust the information coming from that site.
  2. There's no problem being skeptical of where that money goes and how it's allocated (especially since all the oversight was just removed), but it's literally dangerous (even deadly) to believe in and spread this kind of propaganda right now, because that's exactly what it is, and there's zero evidence of it's veracity. I seriously doubt cities and hospitals are going to willfully suffer the ignominy of being the next New York to make a few thousand (or even million) dollars extra by misrepresenting covid 19 deaths.
  3. There's pretty much nothing I can say without people bringing out the pitchforks on me here. So, I'll just post an article from a news source that's actually reputable. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/04/08/tucker-carlsons-brit-humes-faulty-theories-about-coronavirus-deaths-being-exaggerated/?utm_source=reddit.com
  4. Where did you get that information?
  5. This is true, and the same reason it was prohibited in michigan initially - doctors there could still prescribe it for those conditions, but not for treatments not already approved by the FDA.
  6. In the 80s, the NBA was really good money. Today, just one year NBA salary is life changing money; one year could literally set you up for life. It's hard to turn that down or risk injury for another year when that's on the table.
  7. One thing I think is interesting, is that the streaming platforms have almost completely taken over quality tv from the networks. Aside from Elementary, there hasn't been a show on broadcast tv that I've really watched in years, and even that got repetitive after a while.
  8. Bosch on Amazon Prime might be my favorite show I've watched up to this point in my life. Titus Welliver is perfect for the role. I believe a lot of the people who made The Wire are involved with this show, too. If you like sci fi, The Expanse is great, and Altered Carbon is really good, too.
  9. It's the Washington Post, so it should be safe. The thing that stood out to me, aside from the tragedy of it, is how woefully unprepared and uninformed the hospital was. No quarantine, no isolation for days. They didn't even test until she was nearly in critical condition.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/03/28/voices-from-the-pandemic-indiana-man-recounts-partners-death-from-coronavirus/?arc404=true This is pretty eye opening.
  11. Once it's like it is in New York it's well beyond too late. They are on the brink of having their medical facilities and personnel overwhelmed. I have a feeling this is going to start spiking in Indiana (and many other places) in the next two weeks. If it doesn't spike like new york, that's a concrete sign that the measures being taken are having a positive effect. How many people have been tested in your county?
  12. I build and rehab houses in Indy (mostly build these days though). I anticipate the real estate market will take a nose dive for about a month, but if we get over the hump within a month or two and things start going back to normal, the summer market will be nuts, particularly with people wanting to move before school starts or the election happens (it always slows the market for whatever reason). Indy is pretty much the opposite of what you're experiencing in the Chicago suburbs. North of Indy and neighborhoods in the city itself are seeing massive appreciation and growth. Fountain Square, Bates Hendricks, and the near North side along college avenue are particularly robust, as is Westfield (but it's mostly tract builders up here).
  13. All I can say is that I meant it in a denotative way, but it was apparently inferred as connotative. Honestly, and again, I'm sorry. I should have just let the question go.
  14. I'd like to apologize. I wanted to answer hoopsters question, but understood that my answer might seem political, which is why I tried to keep it short. In hindsight, I should have elaborated on what I was saying, as the attempted brevity proved to be the Crux of the problem. Also, for the record, I have no agenda here. I merely referred to people and entities as best I could while trying to use terms with the least political charge to them, though I'm not sure there are any terms that fit that criteria these days. I was also trying to just relay information factually, at least that was my intent. I can see now I should have elaborated on what I posted to make that more clear. I firmly reject the implication, though, that I was trying to stoke a political argument or be partisan in any way. I can see now how some took my post that way, but it was truly not my intention.
  15. Deleted, better safe than sorry. blue
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