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  1. We needed to have stopped them on 3rd and 17. You can't give that up.
  2. Come on defense, let's start as hot as the offense!
  3. I'll say this, though; as I was watching games around the league, I realized that several teams on our upcoming schedule are offensively challenged. Rutgers, NW, Nebraska, and Purdue to name a few. I'm glad our offense is looking pretty solid right now. Going in to those games, if I was forced to pick between a good offense or defense, I'd have to choose offense. If the defense can improve a little, I'm optimistic about the rest of year.
  4. That interception near the end was just unbelievable. The guy got stopped cold on his route. I've never seen such blatant pass interference.
  5. The California Governor is going to sign the bill, so it will become law in 2023. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. I think the NCAA may play a game of chicken with California universities, but ultimately, they won't bar an entire state (especially the most populous in the country) from competing in athletic events. It seems more likely to me that the NCAA updates its own policies to allow California schools to compete or grants them a waiver of some sort.
  6. Agreed. This loss stings, but looking forward at the schedule, I think every game from here on out is winnable except for maybe at Penn State.
  7. Honestly, though, outside of at Penn State, this was the toughest game left on the schedule.
  8. I'm still sick of all the phantom penalties that get called on us at critical junctures.
  9. They've been getting away with chop blocks all game long
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