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  1. As bad as the shooting was, the announcers were the worst part about this game.
  2. Everybody talks about Rutgers not belonging in the Big Ten, but at this point, I'd rather tell Penn State and Michigan State to take a hike.
  3. That site isn't even glass half empty negative; it's more like picking up an old, dusty glass and throwing it on the floor. I like discussing IU sports, and I'm a big basketball and football fan, but at the end of the day, it's just a game, and whether they win or lose is entirely inconsequential to my life. I guarantee the players take any losses harder than any of us do. The way they talk about players, coaches, and administration on that site (and some people on twitter) is downright shameful and embarrassing. It's the same story for the Purdue free board on that site as well. I like think back to when I was at IU and try to imagine what life would have been like if people were constantly publicly attacking me on message boards and twitter because I missed some shots in a basketball game or missed a tackle, and then I post after thinking about that. I think the overwhelming majority of posters on this site think similarly.
  4. We went Indy -> Cincinnati -> Lexington -> Asheville -> Savannah -> Jacksonville. It's only 20 minutes longer total, but it avoids ATL, which can add hours if there's traffic (there usually is). Ironically, that route took us right through/near Rocky Top, and the mountain views on that route are great.
  5. To change course of discussion, my Dad and I drove down for this game, and we both agreed that even though it was a heartbreaking loss, it was definitely worth it. It's possibly the most electric football crowd I've ever been a part of. All the Tennessee fans around us were good natured, and everyone seemed to really get along well. Maybe it's a bowl thing, but it was a really positive experience. The IU crowd was great, and we had some extremely loud chants going. Rocky Top is definitely on the top ten list of most annoying college fight songs (enough with the woo'ing already!), but I'm definitely looking forward to the day where IU has the rich football tradition that Tennessee does.
  6. They recovered it at exactly ten yards, possibly touching it before ten yards. The most perfect onside kick I've ever seen. It definitely surprised me. Very few times I've seen a team do an onside kick down 6 with 5 minutes left, especially one like Tennessee where their defense is much, much better than their offense. If it hadn't worked, or that kick hadn't been perfect, Tennessee fans would be all over their coach for giving the game away with a reckless call.
  7. Put this in perspective. Tennesse needed several extremely lucky plays, benefit of doubt from the refs on key plays, and a missed pat from IU to barely win. Say what you will. There are plenty of things IU could have done to win, but in these really close games, historically good teams and upper echelon teams are going to be given the benefit of the doubt. A few more years of solid football and building a solid following will get IU more respect. Until then, in games like this, the margin of error is razor thin, and if we can't win by 7+, we are more often than not going to see those close calls go against us. Like I said earlier in the thread, that holding call where the db merely touched the receiver was the turning point. I'm not so sure IU gets that call if things were reversed. At the end of the day, IU was the better team, and I'm damn proud of them this season.
  8. That phantom holding call is why Tennessee won. Total bs, and it gave them the game.
  9. Scott is out warming up. There are A LOT of IU fans here.
  10. I just don't understand how officiating is so, so bad. It gets worse every year it seems.
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