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  1. rogue3542

    Butler Postgame Thread

    That's not the point of the fallacy. The point is that just because someone is a recognized authority on a subject does not mean that anything they say or do regarding that subject is automatically correct. You know, even Bob Knight or Coach K can do or say something about coaching that is wrong, regardless of their status in the profession. It's not really quite the scenario you laid out. It is possible for Archie Miller to be wrong and a message board poster to be right on one call in a game. It doesn't make Archie Miller less of a coach or the poster more of one. The whole point of logical fallacies is that understanding them is actually a key tool to understanding an argument based on its merits vs. the many rhetorical and manipulative devices attached to them that give a false sense of validity. Example: you should trust me on this; I'm a former English teacher.
  2. rogue3542

    Great Weekend

    I'm thinking the same thing. I'm not sure what we will see next year at this point, but in two years I expect us to be really good. That, in my mind at least, will be Allen's pivotal year, as we should get over the proverbial hump in 2020. Scott will be a junior, Penix will be a redshirt sophomore, James will be a sophomore, and we will have depth and experience everywhere on defense.
  3. rogue3542

    Butler Pregame Thread

    I think this is a situation where those stats are going to look far different at the end of the season than right now. The only teams that Butler has played that aren't "cupcakes" are Dayton, Florida, St. Louis, and Ole Miss. They are 2-2 in those games. Their stats as far as Kenpom and Sagarin are concerned are what I would label as "misleading" due to the fact that it's still too early in the season for those to really be accurate. IU has played Northwestern, @PSU, @Arkansas, @Duke, Louisville, and Marquette. IU is 4-2 against tougher competition than Butler has faced all year. I'm not saying we're going to blow them out, but don't be surprised if this one isn't all that close. IU will be by far the best team Butler has faced the entire season.
  4. rogue3542

    Butler Pregame Thread

    It could be close, but I don't think this is going to be as close as some of you do. Butler has lost to St. Louis and Dayton. Their best win is against a 3-3 Florida team. I'm sure they will come out ready to show what they've got against IU, but we've already played 5-6 tougher games than this one.
  5. You're going to find near zero support for that from nearly everyone who has anything to do with IU: students, alumni, professors, administration. I know this is hypothetical, but if they would name him as a candidate, I, as an alumnus and former teacher in the state of Indiana, would do everything in my power to keep it from happening. There's more important things than having a good football team.
  6. rogue3542

    ACC/Big Ten Challenge

    Here's where I am on the youth thing as it relates to our team. Michigan has Beilein's system in place and entrenched, and Beilein recruits guys to play in that system, and they are rolling really well with it. We have basically one year of Archie's system with one recruiting class of the guys he sees playing in that system. It's going to take a couple years at least before we are consistent. The biggest "problem" we have right now is that Crean liked to recruit "athletes" and turn them into "basketball players" whereas Archie's system will feed more off basketball iq and effort than athleticism. Smith is a good example of this. He's obviously very athletic, but it appears to me that he's struggling with translating that into Miller's system. While I'm not saying that Smith is going to be this, let's not forget that Oladipo was the textbook example of turning an "athlete" into a basketball player, so all is not lost, and Smith (as well as the rest of the team) has plenty of time to turn it around. The aforementioned reasons are also why we saw the turnovers increase when we started piling up the injuries. Take away McRoberts and his leadership (he's the real floor leader on this team) as well as a few other key pieces, and we can't have quality 5-on-5 practices, and the system starts to break down in games. Looking at before and after the Marquette game should calm any IU fan who is feeling nervous.
  7. rogue3542

    Bobby Petrino Fired

    "Brohm doesn’t strike me as a west coast guy. Turning down UL was big in keeping him for the foreseeable future. But keep hoping he won’t stay long I guess since that’s all you have?" It's just from a few posts above; it's not like I was really searching hard for it. Brohm has won a total of two more regular season games than Allen, which is literally just winning the bucket game the last two years. Blough was the difference between IU and Purdue this year. Ramsey is a decent qb, but Blough has the arm. Purdue may have some good receivers (Moore especially), but it remains to be seen who gets them the ball next year. Purdue was pretty bad before Brohm went to Blough as your qb. Regardless of some IU fans' perspectives, I think both programs are trending up, but it is likely that Brohm will be gone sometime in the next few years, and if he isn't, it's probably not going to be a good thing for Purdue football anyway.
  8. rogue3542

    Bobby Petrino Fired

    Let's say he goes to Louisville; do you think some players transfer to stay with him? The first one that comes to mind is Moore. He's from the Louisville area, and didn't Brohm's dad have something to do with his coaching in high school? On another note, I think it's telling that when Purdue was in the process of hiring Brohm, he wouldn't discuss anything until the season was over, but now he may leave for Louisville well before the season is over. It would seem that the pull of going home is very strong.
  9. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    Dead ball technical. It was on Duke you say? Okay, common foul then, but next time we're not calling it.
  10. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    Please... The level of officiating bias is at all time highs here. Fouls with no contact, a technical where it's just a collision as they come down.
  11. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    Come on, not a foul. Such bs.
  12. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    So it's a foul when you don't even come close to touching the shooter?
  13. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    That was before half our roster went out with injuries. For all the complaining by IU fans, if you look at the season pre-injuries and post-injuries, it's blatantly obvious that the inability to effectively practice has taken its toll over the last week or so.
  14. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    No man, it's Duke! They don't do things like that.
  15. rogue3542

    Duke Game Thread

    What I'm noticing is the turnovers are mostly a result of lack of chemistry. It's been really bad for one week, but I'd be surprised if this continues throughout the season.