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  1. rogue3542

    Iowa Game Thread

    I'm sick of IU historically playing "checkers" with its football program and head coach while everyone else plays chess. We have NEVER been a winning program! We aren't going to get to that point overnight, and it will likely be a few years before we reach that milestone. It's quite clear that Allen and our administration are trying to play "chess" now and build a winning PROGRAM, but everyone just wants to keep playing checkers. We really need to give Allen time to develop. I mean, come on, we are only halfway through his second season! To be honest, I was expecting a win against Iowa; it was the most disappointing IU game I've watched in the last few years, but even as badly as IU played, they were still within striking distance for a decent portion of the game. Two interceptions in the end zone were the nail in the proverbial coffin. It's one bad game so far; the future still looks good. Calls for Allen to be on the hot seat or for his resignation are absolutely absurd. I'm sure he's aware that he will need to shake up his coaching hierarchy and/or structure after the season is over. Also, how quickly does everyone think true strength and conditioning improvement shows up? six months? Sure, you can build some good muscle in that time and make some decent individual gains, but as far as tangible results that will show up teamwide and truly make a difference? That will take a couple years at least, especially when our benchmark is the Big Ten East.
  2. rogue3542

    Until we meet again TV Ted

    Like I always say: by and large, if you know a ref's name, he probably isn't a very good ref. There are, of course, exceptions here and there.
  3. rogue3542

    Iowa Game Thread

    I was at the game; worst game bar none of Allen's tenure. What made it sting the worst is the defense was the worst part of the performance today. I still think this team can make a bowl; in reality, today was aberrant vs. a trend. I didn't have a problem with some of the sideline penalties. I liken it somewhat to getting a technical to fire up your team, but you can't keep doing it throughout the game. Refs were atrocious first half; with fair officiating, IU is up or at least tied at halftime. Ramsey is more than capable of making those intermediate throws, but he did miss a good number of open receivers downfield opting for the checkdown. If Debord is calling those plays intending it to get thrown downfield, and we aren't, it's time to bring in Penix, but I don't really think that's the issue. One last thing; listening to the radio postgame show, someone called in saying that at the end of the game when the stadium was largely empty, he could hear the Iowa coaches yelling out plays to the defense after IU signaled the play with the boards. I was kind of wondering if Iowa somehow knew what we were running on offense and defense all game; they always seemed to have the perfect play called. If somehow Iowa figured out our playcalling signalling, It would in part explain the abberant performance from IU today, particularly on defense. Iowa's third down conversion rate was far above what IU has been allowing this year. I think this is also an inherent weakness of hurry-up offense; you can't read play calls when a guy is sent to the huddle with the play. Regardless, IU just completely phoned it in today, particularly in the second half; it was just disappointing all around, but I'm not ready to give up on the team yet. A bowl is still very much a possibility, and I still believe IU is set to be greatly improved in the coming few years, provided we make a change at offensive coordinator.
  4. rogue3542

    Big Ten Football

    MSU is the most Jekyll and Hyde team in the Big Ten. It's too bad we got them on one of their ON weekends. At least PSU won't come in to Bloomington looking to take out that last second loss on IU...
  5. With the commitment and flip from OSU of Sampson James, I kind of came to a realization, and there was no good topic to post this in, so I thought it was fitting to start a new one. I read pretty much all the IU message boards (though only really post here), and something I just can't get past is the incessant negativity towards our football program. I'm sick of reading about how IU doesn't spend enough on football facilities or coaches salaries (gripes I don't really see here by the way), which are patently absurd arguments. I'll be the first to admit, I can get down on some of the play-calling and coaching decisions here and there, but IU football is just a different animal now than when I was a kid or even when I was a student at IU . I've been watching IU football my entire life (mid 30's), and I've seen us be really, REALLY bad, but we are past that now. It's now an expectation to be winning 6 games. Even just a few years ago, winning ANY games in a season was a good thing. We have truly turned the corner. I mean, honestly, it's still not out of the realm of possibility that IU could turn in an 8 win season, though that's not an expectation of mine at this point. I have to give credit to Wilson for starting us on this path, but I think Allen is really going to bring IU football to success it's never seen, and, in my view, he's a coach that will be here for years. With the way we responded on offense against OSU (a game we were never going to win) after somewhat of a second half debacle at Rutgers, the increased toughness and determination I see every season, and the recruiting that is only getting better and better, I think IU is going to be coming on REALLY strong in the next few years. In short, though we may struggle a bit this year as our team is really young and we play in THE toughest division in the entirety of college football, the future has never been brighter for IU football.
  6. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Their depth is beating ours now
  7. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    That was a poor third down play call
  8. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Ramsey should have run that in
  9. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Well, I'm glad we didn't take the field goal!
  10. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    He had the ball extended; I don't think there's enough to overturn.
  11. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    I like being aggressive, but I think I take the points here.
  12. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    I'm actually surprised we got a 50/50 call
  13. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

  14. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Elbow is in!?
  15. rogue3542

    Ohio State Game Thread

    I think he landed fully inbounds before the rest of him landed out