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  1. If he doesn't get drafted first round and comes back shooting like that in games consistently, he's gonna be a lottery pick.
  2. Is it maybe where the seats are located for each sport that causes this? We buy parking passes for football each year, and then I just stubhub/scalp tickets for each game. I also buy tickets for maybe one basketball game per year, and I can tell you from ample experience, football doesn't even come close to basketball expense on the secondary market, so seeing the face value higher for basketball doesn't surprise me that much; I'm also assuming the bball seats are pretty decent.
  3. Eight months old. I drank bourbon and chain-smoked my way through that game.
  4. The officiating in the second half is so bad, both ways
  5. Announcers full of it. They did that same illegal screen on their last basket
  6. They look afraid to defend. Everything is getting called on them, and UConn is free to clobber IU on the other end.
  7. To be successful in the tournament, you need your bigs to do these things: - Be enough of a rim protector to at least force drivers to alter their shot - Be able to switch and be effective on defense at the 3,4,5 positions - Be enough of a threat from outside that it forces defenders to leave the lane if you catch it outside the post area It's nice if you have a big that's good at the post up game, but, imo, it's not a high priority anymore. This is also, consequently, the complete antithesis of how most teams play their bigs in the Big Ten, and, at least imo, why the conference underperforms in the tournament. Not to pile on Purdue here, but Painter's fascination with uber tall big men who can't do anything on the above list besides protect the rim is a prime contributor to the conference's, and by extension Purdue's, weakness in the tournament. Their style, and success at it within the Big Ten, forces other teams to construct their rosters to combat it night-in and night-out in the conference schedule. Purdue isn't the only guilty party in this, but they are the most egregious.
  8. Rich coming from the guy who was gifted a three point play instead of getting called for a blatant travel.
  9. The first game Purdue doesn't get a massive advantage from the line, they drop to a 15 seed
  10. Right, should have been a reach-in on Ivey.
  11. If Purdue plays UNC/UCLA like this, they're going to get blown out.
  12. Our recruiting should continue to be pretty solid with this move.
  13. You really don't understand that I'm poking fun at you with that? Edit: In short, you dropped "implicit bias" with no argument or reasoning attached to it. "Impressive sounding words..."
  14. Do you have a cogent argument, or are you just going to bandy about impressive sounding words?
  15. People going off on the refs in the college basketball subreddit, completely disregarding that Gonzaga was in the double bonus when they only had two fouls themselves haha
  16. Their biggest problem is that, no matter how tough they make their non-conference schedule, they spend the last 2/3 of their season beating up on teams that can barely make the NIT. It does nothing to prepare them once they get past the first two rounds. You need some challenging games in Jan and Feb.
  17. I've had it. Take this agenda driven bs somewhere else.
  18. He left for a better job...he didn't get fired after one year. This warranted a limited explanation on Woodson's part, and, again, it was a pretty congenial statement. I get it, Fife was one of my favorite Hoosiers. They made that run when I was a freshman in high school. I pretended I was Fife, Hornsby, or Coverdale hitting game winning threes in my driveway literally thousands of times. None of that means Dane Fife gets to do whatever the hell he wants. If you want to be mad at anyone here, be mad at Rabjohns for sharing the gory details.
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