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  1. I'm beginning to have my doubts about Sheridan, but the real issue is I don't know how you really assess how he's doing as a coordinator. Right now, in my opinion our problems break down into these percentages: 70% O-Line 20% QB 5% dropped passes 5% play calling (but what would the play calling look like with an effective offensive line?) I think Hiller is likely done after this season. Allen has showed he will make changes if they are needed, and I think this has become obvious as a change that needs to be made. The biggest problem we have is that our playbook is extremely limited because we can't block ANYTHING that takes longer than 2-3 seconds to develop or the qb gets sacked, and we can't reliably open any holes on running plays. A lot of people are criticizing Sheridan as a play caller, but I think he deserves more criticism with how the qb's are performing. I think Penix came back too early and was battling to get mentally into the game, but with two qb's having the same interception problems, it's becoming somewhat of a trend this year. And to be clear, the interceptions yesterday weren't good defensive play or batted ball interceptions, they were full-on "what are you doing?" ball-thrown-right-to-the-defender type throws.
  2. It's true. I think he's doing better than Penix, but he's turned it over three times
  3. If we had even an average offense we'd be crushing MSU right now, and we would have blown out Cincinnati. Super frustrating
  4. To be fair, everyone in the stadium thought it was in. We had no good view. Still had plenty of time to call a play though
  5. Just have to leave no room for that then; beat them handily. MSU is massively overranked at this point. Not saying they aren't good, but Nebraska is the best team they've played so far - IU would probably be 6-0 with that schedule as well.
  6. Someone posted a Tevin Coleman highlight reel on one of the other sites, and it really highlights how good those lines were. Coleman was awesome, but man if the O-line didn't create massive holes on nearly every one of those plays.
  7. Notre Dame would get absolutely crushed by either of those teams this year. If they somehow make the playoff, it's going to be Auburn vs. Purdue ugly.
  8. With the lines they have year in, year out, there's no excuse for Iowa being this bad offensively.
  9. I will say it was a fun game to watch. PSU vs Iowa is going to be almost polar opposite.
  10. That they're overrated? They are. Ranked? Yes. Top ten? No.
  11. Texas actually just falling apart.
  12. Oklahoma gets my vote for most overrated team in FBS. Perfect example of preseason rankings bias.
  13. I remember specifically the first play of the 4th quarter (pretty sure that's what it was), there was a hit on Tuttle where I thought, "That's definitely targeting if McFadden's targeting was targeting."
  14. Literally half...HALF... our schedule is against teams currently ranked 11 or higher.
  15. I feel a lot better about the rest of the season with Tuttle. Flush this game and move on
  16. They were there, Penix wasn't hitting them
  17. Man, Jones has been really disappointing.
  18. Disagree with me if you want, but I think Penix came back way too soon and should have taken a medical redshirt this season if it was available to him. Would have much rather seen him taken out of this game before he got hurt.
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