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  1. Oh man, those are the one and they are incredible. I went with Brandywine Pink for this year, but I will never pass up Giant Syrians if I see them available. They seem to be mostly only available as seeds the last couple of years and not starts.
  2. It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow too, great day to have a birthday! I’ll probably miss this one as well. Maybe that will help us pull out a miracle.
  3. It’s such a well-mastered album that it literally sounds great on anything! Those guys knew what they were doing in the studio.
  4. The original pressing is pretty hard to beat. And I always tell people great mastering on an old medium will always beat compressed/crappy mastering on the latest tech. I think that’s what really hurt CDs eventually. Sure, they were quiet, but they also often sounded thin and grating b/c of compression and loudness levels. I also stream a ton of music, but I hate not being able to choose the version I want. Sometimes it sounds great and then other times, it’s subpar. 9 times out of ten it’s the good old fashioned album for me. And then there’s always this cartoon that really captur
  5. It is so weird. I had a staff member ask me in late-December of 2019 if we would have to wear masks and I laughed. And there’s this - currently, one of my faculty is in New Zealand for his wedding (he’s from there). He and his wife landed and were immediately escorted to a hotel for a mandatory 14 day quarantine. No exceptions. Food is delivered to them. The crazy thing is no one wears masks in NZ anymore he said. They look out their window and talk to people on Facetime and it’s like COVID never existed. I think masks are here to stay for at least the rest of this year in ma
  6. Yep, that album is mastered so well. Their self-titled LP with Sultans of Swing is also mastered really well. Just sounds incredible on any system. I have a 45rpm version of both of those albums and man, they just sound so rich and full. Sometimes, you just have to laugh it sounds so good.
  7. Super encouraging to see the speed of vaccinations increasing and cases going down. We have a new variant here in NYC that is freaking some people out, but hopefully it won’t reverse the trends. My dad and grandmother are both fully vaccinated in Indiana. We’ve been fully vaccinated for some time, but still behaving as if nothing has changed. Last year on this day my wife and I arrived in Mexico City for her birthday. It was an incredible trip to an amazing city - probably my favorite city I’ve ever visited. Felt like the last big hurrah before the world changed. On our way home we
  8. That’s exactly what someone lse who recently got one said. He said, “Sure it sounds good now, but just wait!” I agree that even with all of the advances in audio, analog really can sound so much better and fuller with the right system. I like streaming too and some CDs, but they don’t sound near as good as my vinyl rig. Great question about the tubes. This amp is supposed to be pretty easy on tubes and they say you can get up to 10,000 hours on the big tubes and like 3,000-5,000 hours on the smaller ones. Rogue sells tubes and there are a few reputable places online where you can
  9. Much ado about nothing maybe. Thank goodness, b/c I was not feeling good about this game w/o Race.
  10. Oh yeah! And also going to check out Hill Farmstead - I can never get their stuff even her in NYC. She booked us a cabin outside of Burlington, so should be able to hit up a few places.
  11. My wife booked a trip for my birthday in July to Vermont. Am pretty psyched to check out a bunch of breweries up there!
  12. The Rogue Audio CMIII finally arrived today. UPS dropped it off in the lobby and ignored the signature required part. Good thing the box at 60 lbs was too big for anyone to steal. I hooked it up this afternoon and had to bias the driver tubes (they provide a little screwdriver and it only took a few minutes). Have been listening to it since about 3pm and it’s really opening up in the last hour or so. I know they say components need time to break in, but this thing is already a SHOCKING improvement over my Class D integrated amp that I’ve been listening to over the last six years. I
  13. Not surprised by that at all. But yeah, board rules. If you lived in NY back then, you knew that it was going to be a deluge of cases and deaths pretty quickly. Hospitals were struggling to figure it out and nursing homes had no chance.
  14. Numbers are looking much better for most places. And the winter wasn’t quite as horrific as I expected. Happy to be wrong about that. Our governor has went full on movie villain at this point though. What a douchebag. It’s like he’s insulted that people question him about the nursing home deaths.
  15. Good point about the next 4-8 years, everything could definitely go pear-shaped. I have run the numbers though and unless we hit the lottery (that we have never played) then there is absolutely no possibility of us earning/withdrawing more in retirement than we make together now. It’s just not going to happen. That said, I will most likely toss some dollars at an IRA in my last years working. Will be nice to have a tax free pot to withdraw funds from with less rules.
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