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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys! It’s 61 and raining here. My wife started cooking yesterday so the place has smelled amazing. We had kind of a scare this year, not being able to find a Tofurky, but thankfully found one at the Key Foods. They sell out earlier and earlier every year. And how great was it to watch the guys last night?! Hope everyone has a great day whether you are traveling or not.
  2. Man, that freshman plus Race lineup was sure fun to watch. And Galloway looks like a baller early. TJD is a beast still and I think Race is going to be tough this year. Digging these new kids though.
  3. Super psyched about the game tonight now that we know it’s actually going to happen! Most excited to get glimpses of the freshman and see how the returning players have grown in the last year. Let’s do this!
  4. My brother-in-law shared his YouTube TV account with me (they use our Netflix) so I am good to go for tonight. REALLY looking forward to seeing the guys take the court!
  5. My wife’s uncle. who lives in MI, has tested positive. He had convinced his father to go on their annual hunting trip with a group of other friends and while they were all together one person in the cabin got sick and had to leave. He tested positive for COVID and just yesterday her uncle got his results - he tested positive. Still waiting on results for his father. In the meantime, they have cancelled the big Holiday dinner for the MI gang, which is smart. My wife and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving here with the dog and cats. Actually looking forward to it! Just thankful we are
  6. That was exactly my thought too. How can they be certain that others aren’t positive or will test positive?
  7. That’s where I am with how long we will be dealing with this. At least through summer of next year, but hopefully the crazy number of cases and deaths will go down after a bad winter.
  8. Just saw on ITH that the head couch for our first opponent tested positive. Sigh. I just want to see some IU basketball.
  9. Absolutely one of my favorites. Takes me back to my childhood listening to my Dad’s records over and over again.
  10. Long guitar intro here by Nancy Wilson on Crazy on You. If you want to skip to like 1:45, it’s where she settles in to the intro. Then at about 2:15, she crouches down and just goes off on the main riff. Love this. Also, all this Tom Petty talk made me break out Damn the Torpedoes for a listen.
  11. This last paragraph is really important. Science advances as new data is received. What was known and said in March SHOULD be different than what it known and said now. The CDC definitely stumbled at the beginning of this by not recommending masks, but I do know that they and medical professionals were worried about having enough masks for medical staff. At one point our docs were reusing one N95 mask for a week - insane!
  12. If Sit and Wonder gets closed down b/c of this, I will have her send her resume to you!
  13. NYC is above 3%, our zip code is not. I’m not sure you understand just how big NYC is and how many separate neighborhoods there are. We also have these people called “tourists” who like to visit us and many of them don’t understand masks and social distancing. They claim to not be able to read the signs. Another reason, positivity is rising citywide b/c we recently allowed restaurants and bars to go to 25% capacity indoors and our schools have been open for roughly six weeks. As we who follow science understand - the virus spreads when you introduce more people to indoor environmen
  14. Oof, this Is a perfect example of why we are having this new spread. We just went over 3% here and people are freaking out. Our neighborhood is pretty good about masks and distancing. We have all got used to queuing up for the bakery, coffee shop, wine shop, etc. Stores only allow a certain number of people inside and woe to someone who tries to enter a Brooklyn establishment w/o a mask. They are just not having it here. I watched a tiny barista at our local coffee place just shut down this hulking guy who tried to order w/o a mask. She made him leave with his tail between his legs and p
  15. If the virus can travel 100 feet and you need N95 masks or greater to have any effect, these current protocols are not going to do much. Why not hand out Vitamin D to everyone? Seems like that might have a much greater benefit/ cost. No need to reread. I stand by every word. I am done with “both side” BS on this. People are dying, many more will die before we get a handle on this. And you continue to try to muddy the waters with this pseudo-science crap.
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