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  1. WTH? No way. What is the session comprised of? I hate to be one of those people, but you can probably YouTube most of the exercises and buy the annoying little wobbly thing that all PTs seem to use.
  2. There is very little good news anymore and we are probably all just beaten down by the continuing spiral of new cases and deaths. Looks like we just passed 400K deaths today. Our weekly deaths from COVID lately are beginning to rival annual flu deaths. I have a postdoc from the UK that I’ve been trying to get into the States for the last six months. Talked to her on Zoom today and she was describing the UK lockdown. Sounds almost as bad as NYC this past March. My Dad is in Gibson County and getting vaccinated soon, which is a relief. Gibson County has been in the red recently and e
  3. We just consistently fail to meet the energy level or toughness that other teams bring. THIS game. This game at home, we should have been fired up and just imposed our will. But nope. Disappointing. Need to focus on more rewarding things in life for a bit. Actually glad to have a break from basketball for several days. Credit to Purdue for playing hard. Hate even seeing those uniforms on our court, but credit to them.
  4. I just realized that IU was in the 68 Rose Bowl! I’m slow in case you hadn’t noticed.
  5. I think my first NFL season was like 1974 - was six at the time. I didn’t know what college football was back then! I liked how they covered tracking the first 2,000 season. Ha, I bet! I was surprised how much they covered in the first episode. So am realizing those last few episodes are going to be all court drama. Will let you know when I finish!
  6. Yeah, that’s the one. We are obviously late to the party - my brother-in-law just gave us his ESPN+ password. But yes, really well done so far. Looking forward to E2 tonight!
  7. Anyone watched the OJ documentary on ESPN+ yet? We watched the first episode last night and it was pretty good. I grew up idolizing him in the NFL and his NFL/ Hertz days were kind of before my wife’s time. She only knew him as white van OJ.
  8. I wish I had the room. I am as addicted to gardening and seed catalogs as an 80 year old woman, I’m afraid. I can sift through them for hours. It’s like porn for me!
  9. That’s a great sign! I’m not one to ask people about start dates until I’ve decided I want to hire them. Keeping fingers crossed for you.
  10. We had another Town Hall today with a member of the new COVID task force. Was mostly on vaccines, but she also said that they are really focused on keeping schools both open AND safe for teachers. This seems to be a real push to keep kids in schools. Another thing that I was happy to hear her talk about was focusing on mental health, unemployment, drug abuse, suicide during the pandemic. She really seemed to be focused on what happens to families when a parent is no longer employed. She spoke at great length about the psychological impact of losing a job or income. Was happy to hear this
  11. Oh god, that horrible jerking form that allows people to curl like four times as much as they should using strict form.
  12. The Navy hospital I worked at in Charleston had incredible breakfasts. Just the best. We would load up on proteins and carbs and work out all the time.
  13. Yeah, I think it shows my age, that this is my pet peeve. I’m much more into at home workouts - good luck on the insanity program! The combo of the gym and the mess hall, where you could load up massive breakfasts, was awesome.
  14. Incessant talking and hogging that station/machine/bench. It’s not a social hour. Get in there, get your shit done, and get out. I stopped going to the gym b/c of this. Too much chatting and strutting around in front of the mirrors. I have a couple sets of dumbbells and a big medicine ball in our Peloton closet.
  15. What a weird half, but I’ll take it. Not feeling great about Rob’s ankle/knee but at least shots are falling. Leal is really impressing me on both ends suddenly and nice to see a confident Hunter out there.
  16. I’m looking forward to the trio of a senior Franklin, and junior Leal/Galloway playing together.
  17. There are pros and cons of both ways, but I think getting more shots in arms quickly is a good way to move forward. I just found out my 90yo grandmother in Southern IN is getting her first shot on the 13th - super psyched about that!
  18. Pretty much everything I logged on to say, but probably worded better. I liked watching our play last night. So happy for Leal to get some shots dropping. There was a brief (not brief enough unfortunately) where it seemed like it was four freshman and TJD. WI really pulled ahead during that unfortunate stretch.
  19. I get it, and you and I will never see eye to eye on this. Best to move on to worrying about Wisconsin tonight.
  20. Exactly, that’s the scary part. We are actually starting to seeing a lot of medical staff refusing the vaccine in NYS.
  21. Yes, it’s been under attack much longer than yesterday, but yesterday was an ACTUAL PHYSICAL attack on our democracy. I’m totally fine with no politics, but it’s really hard to not think about or talk about yesterday in a thread called “On This Day in History.” The events of yesterday are history - a significant historical event that will be studied for decades.
  22. Is it really politics to consider yesterday a horrible, shameful day in our country’s history though? I would imagine everyone would agree that yesterday was a dark stain.
  23. A Florida doctor has died several weeks after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, although it's not yet clear whether his death Monday was related to the shot he received on Dec. 18. Talk about bad headlines...
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