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  1. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    I think bstall might be a bit high with 14 n i think you are a little low with 6.
  2. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    It was bound to happen at some point, but Al is having a very freshman game today.
  3. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    So how pissed is CAM at Green right now??? Still hasnt seen the floor this half.
  4. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    He's got a really good looking shot. With no more than he takes, I'm ok with it because if he has to give the other team something to think about rather than doubling off of him ALL the time.
  5. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    Ya, he picks up a loose ball and chucks it up and it goes in. I know we have a LOT of work to do on D, but some of the guys that have torched us this year is not their norm.
  6. Iowa Post Game Thread

    And with an open schollie now he should earn one of those for the 2nd semester.
  7. Ok, not to derail this thread, but has anybody heard how Moore is doing or if he has mentioned anything about being unhappy? I know he has looked a little lost when he has been out there but does he recognize he has work to do or is he upset about sitting?
  8. Ok, is there a Ziesloft out there anywhere that wants to wear the candy stripes???
  9. IU/Michigan game thread

    Green can't shoot it for them too but he is by far the person on the team that feeds the post the most.
  10. Yes, they fired all of their actual experts and are now taking the average of what the game picking chicken, gold fish, octopus, Dackich, llama and chimp say. The llama is the new head of the department so his picks count twice.
  11. IU/Duke Game thread

    I will quote Chronic Hoosier "This team would be scary with a knockdown outside shooter. *sighs* looks to New Albany"
  12. IU/Duke Game thread

    Thats because he's been in the league for 20 years.
  13. IU/Duke Game thread

    Well, do we go with the guy with the old man game or the young athletic guy who might crap himself with the freshmen in blue or the football player???
  14. IU/Duke Game thread

    Im hoping somebody (Priller) spiked their water and planted bags of cash with a paper trail connected to them in the visiting locker room.
  15. Ok, I kind of had this same point of view with Newkirk before the year started, but maybe bring Green in off the bench and kinda give him the green light (no pun intended) and tell him to go make a play? Keep ot within the offense, not go completely rogue like JBJ but say "hey, we need a bucket...go get us one."