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  1. UK is in the G-League right??? Thats where I see most of their roster anyway. But you gotta wonder, why would anybody want to be a 1 n done @ UK when they'd have to take a pay cut?
  2. From everything I've ever heard, they usually are 😏.
  3. 3Ballin

    Your Other Starting 5

    Ya, he is like our version of JJ Redik. Outstanding player, top notch shooter....great hair; still waiting to see if JJ turns into an uber-douche, but coming from Duke I'd say its a good possibility.
  4. ....if i woulda put that after my post, would that have made the sarcasm more obvious??
  5. Ya, but isnt a high school kid paying a college to let him play basketball just called tuition???
  6. 3Ballin

    Starting 5

    If McBob shoots 3-4 open shots a game (not put backs or lay-ups) and hits 1 or 2 of them...he will be huge (relativly speaking) for us this year.
  7. 3Ballin

    Starting 5

    ^^^^^^This!!! He needs to shoot 25-30%= 1-3 or 4 per game. He doesnt need to be Hulls or Ziesloft but has to at least be a thought for the defense.
  8. 3Ballin

    Starting 5

    Green Romeo Smith Morgan Fitz McBob can come in for 3 spots depending on early foul trouble, somebody draggin ass or not playing D. Al looked really good @ HH and i think will get quite a bit of floor time, especially if "bad Green" shows up early. I think Cliff and Jake will offer depth at the 5 and be able to be rim protectors and garbage men down low at the very least. It should be an interesting year if nothing else!
  9. 3Ballin

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Not exactly.....they walked them from the tunnel in front of the bleachers but not all the way accross the floor.
  10. 3Ballin

    Hoosier Hysteria

    I was really impressed with Fitz, Al and JF. I was hoping Romeo would stand out a little more, but given what today was I'm FAR from concerned. Depending on how this team gels, i see where they could be a handfull.
  11. Uh...not sure what cows u look at, but im pretty sure the males have the horns.
  12. 3Ballin

    Any CPA's in the group?

    I really only have 2 questions right now: 1. How does it work filing taxes? She (i think) is going to file a long form and try to deduct everything. Do i file along with her or do we file seperate? 2. We (she) is going to be getting a new vehicle soon. She uses her car for work, can we count that as a business expense?
  13. 3Ballin

    Any CPA's in the group?

    My wife has recently started her own business and I had a couple questions if anyone were willing to help me out.
  14. 3Ballin

    Weight loss motivational thread

  15. 3Ballin

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Ok, i know they were praising his ability to stretch the defense sideline to sideline but have we taken a shot deep all year? We had the long td on the post last night, but that was only about a 15 yd throw. Even if Ramsey doesnt have a real strong arm, youd think we would try to push the ball up the field every now n then.