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  1. I still think the reason we lost to Maryland is because it was the 1st game in at least 6 years he played sober. 🤣🍻
  2. Not sure if this has been seen or mentioned on here, but it's down to New Castle and Washington. I didn't see it before now but aparently it was a bracket, voting style tournement.
  3. I saw a video in the last week or so of TJD shooting 3's in what looked to be USA practice or open gym of some sort (they were using the international basketball). He looked very comfortable shooting. Hopefully he can be in line with that same logic. We dont need them to be JBJ, but they have to at least make the defense think about guarding them.
  4. Look what you did!!! You even mention "is Smith a 3 or not" and AALLLLLL of this happens. Way to go!! 🤣🤣
  5. OMG, if you just started the "is Smith a "3" or not argument again. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤣🤣
  6. Aaannnndddddd que all the haters....."wrist didn't seem to bother him there" as they eat their mini-wheats (un frosted) before they push their ford truck to work.....up hill.....both ways....in 2 feet of snow.
  7. Ummmm.... @Stlboiler23, i think he got Purdue's cheerleaders by mistake. 😵😵
  8. Oh @Hoosierhoopster....who uses stats to make/back up a rational argument or position. Okay Boomer 🙄. 😂😂
  9. @BGleas, going to respond to you here as well.... There was no disrespect meant at all toward Al. He has earned, up to this point, the right to start, but I just can't see Lander reclassifying to sit. The 3 "big" lineup we played with a lot last year wasn't like putting a saddle on a bronco, it was like cutting one of its legs off. Things got so clogged up we just couldnt do anything. So, I like Smith at the 4. I just dont think a healthy Rob will sit so that leaves a spot open for, in my mind, Al, Hunter, Franklin or freshman. In keeping with the get old/stay old theme I wouldnt think one of the other freshman would out everything one of the other 3. Franklin has been a lot more up and down than Al so I think that rules him out. So BGleas, to your point, I think with Lander and Rob with the ball, Smith running the baseline and TJD working the paint, Hunter might actually be better served as a 3 n D guy with that group rather than possibly being relied on to be a ball handler/play maker off the bench....which is where Al's strengths are.
  10. With everyone playing at 100% and up to their potential, i agree this is our best mix of talent. If Hunter doesnt improve on where he ended last season tho, im not sure you can take Al out if the starting 5....even tho I do like him in the Vinny Johnson role.
  11. To ALL IU mens basketball players not named Lander, Jackson-Davis or Brunk: you best get to working on your outside shot because you will be getting a lot of open looks. If you can not make said open looks you might find yourself sitting on the sidelines with a metaphoracle foot in your *. P.S. keep playing tough as nails defense too. Can't forget about that or else see above ☝️.
  12. After a decade of saying how easy our schedule has been before B1G play, people are going to be blowing up Hostess n Little Debbie begging for a cupcake this year. 🧁🧁🤣🤣🤣
  13. To me, you just decribed Remy Abell. Not regarding his game or skill set or anything, but just what he looks like right now. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Ive seen this theory presented many times: it's that the great ones don't understand why you can't do what they could. If it's shooting, passing, rebounding, work ethic....whatever. Using Bird as an example. When he was still GM for the Pacers, there was a story, or quote might be better, of him walking on the court during a down time in practice and start shooting. Paul George said it was like watching a fish practice swimming. Dude was 60 and in dress clothes and was the best shooter in the building.
  15. But the ones paying will still be paying to get the best players. If kids 1-20 in a class go pro, then 21-40 will have bags of cash, money and hooker thrown at them at every turn.
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