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  1. Can we get CAM a black helmet and a cape? Cuz there's nobody around him that can hit anything they shoot at. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  2. Ya, but we are only like 5-40 for 2's so far
  3. He kinda reminds me of Jay Cutler, and i hate saying that because i cant stand Jay Cutler. Cutler once said he had a better arm than Brett Favre. He thought he could make any throw any time in any situation (sorta like Mahomes other than the fact Mahomes can). The only problem is even with his incredible arm, he couldnt pass up the big downfield pass when the 4 yard check down was the right play. Now i honestly think DG is the best shooter and passer we have on the team, he just doesnt know when to check down or throw the go route into double coverage.
  4. I do believe that might have been the charge call og Al when he "ran over" Caleb Wesson. "Are you kidding me!?!?! He weighs 270 f@&!#*g pounds!!!!!" Gota love live tv. 😁
  5. No, but to be fair, neither has he 😏
  6. Much better than what we've seen the last few games!!! Ive got to get to my sons first ever basketball practice, but quickly.... Shooting better but still needs work. If we want to play small, JH is the key. Good game from him. Green is a walking heart attack for a coach. No idea what ull get from game to game. Build on today going forward.
  7. So, big change ive seen this game is CAM's energy. He's out there like a madman and the team is feeding off of it. We havent seen that CAM in a while. I LIKE IT!!!
  8. Anderson didnt dress did he? (Sick)
  9. I dont think he was very highly recruited out at Bel-Air Academy. 🤔🤣
  10. Just to clarify, I didnt start this whole thing as a rally cry to get the torches, pitchforks and moving trucks. I dont even think CAM should go at all. But with all the talk and worry that there's been on here before I posted this, i was just curious what everyone thought of Beilein as a replacement if a change were to be made. I expected more responses along the lines of what @addictedtoIU just said than disertations on why he should or should not go.
  11. I said it at the begining, pull the plug on this at any time. I just happened to catch on tv last night them talking about some of Beileins strugles in the NBA and got to thinking "i wonder how how he would go over at IU"? Aparently I need to stop thinking cuz bad things happen.
  12. Ok, so now that there have responses.... I think CAM does and should get another year. Just wondered what people thought of the idea. And Beilein would not be on my list if that time ever comes.
  13. Depends which one shows up. 🤷‍♂️ NW Green gets about 10 maybe. FSU Green gets 35. That breakdown isnt exactly what I would do, but playing by the "rules" given, thats how id break it down.
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