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  1. Good. He can come here, be a part of something special and maybe turn into something special and tell all those "experts" to suck on his 3 stars. 😁😁
  2. We have 6 or so guys that can drop 20+ on any given night. Not saying we are Golden State from the last few years, but thats going to be hard to game plan for.
  3. So, now that we know who eats the early bird dinner at Denny's with their AARP discount and who can tell how cold/deep the water is...........how bout that Phinisee kid!? Damn he's good!!!
  4. They just cant seem to get to 40-0. 😏🤣
  5. Hopefully he sticks around UE for a while. Could get a Butler-ish thing going down there. Lots of talent within a few hours drive to build a pretty darn good roster.
  6. Thread on the other basketball page specifically for that question. And Brooks/pUKe lost to UE last night CoRUPPt Arena last night. Dang saying that is never guna get old 😁🤣
  7. ⬆️⬆️ This. By all accounts a great kid and great player, but, if IU isnt for him....no worries. Best of luck to ya. But from what ive read and heard (interviews n internet chatter, no sources) i think he'll be a Hoosier 😁😁😁🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪
  8. While not a starter by any means, but I'd put Race just outside that solid line. You know what you're guna get all the time, every game (so far). Also, Hunter keeps knocking off more and more rust so that shine is showing thru.
  9. Dang, CAM went from full suit, to shirt n tie....now the tie is gone too. Me thinks he's a little steamed. 😡😡😡
  10. Depends, open lane dunk - 64 inches. Tonight - 2 Montgomery phone books.
  11. I'm about 4 weeks out from surgery and wondering how long it took some normal people (non elite athlete) to get back to doing certain things? Working out, running-ish/fat man walk jog sorta thing, golf, playing basketball (shooting/horse not full run). Understand everyones different just trying to get a general idea.
  12. I figured somebody would say that n i almost went back n changed my post. I guess i shoulda said "when he gets as comfortable going left as he is going right".
  13. I know a big knock on him is that he almost always goes right, which as that clip shows is pretty accurate........but he's REALLY good at it!! If everybody in the gym knows he's going right and he can still do it at that level, watch out when he learns to go left!!!
  14. That's what ive been saying for our last several trips on offense 🥴🥴🥴
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