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  1. Neb. Post Game

    As for the Green/Newkirk debate, debacle....whatever you want to call it; I've said it all season....Greens' highs are much higher than Newkirks' and his lows are about the same level of "DOH!!!!!". I wish Green woulda got the keys to the car all year. I don't necessarily think we would have a better record, but I think we would be better in the long run. Tonight though, after ROJO lollipopped that pass to Green that he let go between his legs, I wish CAM woulda yelled at the last 5 people on the bench and had them finish the game out. If that's all the more everyone's head was in this game at least get some guys on the floor who want to be there.
  2. The Sectional Pairings

    Yes, number wise, Seymour and Washington are close. However, if you wear anything larger than a shmedium you might want to get 2 tickets at Seymour.
  3. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    And then we would get hammer that should be dropped on UK, MSU, DUKE, etc. dropped on us.
  4. Iowa Pregame Thread

    Anybody heard anything about Green and how his leg is? TIA
  5. Illinois Game Thread

    My wife and I had the over/under at 3.5 on missed dunks by Freddie.
  6. Illinois Game Thread

    If it aint broke......
  7. Romeo Langford

    You sir need to have a talk with a few of my former employers....
  8. Romeo Langford

    Earned it.....with out a doubt.....depends on who all commits if he actually gets one tho in my opinion.
  9. Got to get one of these

    Can we send one to the douche nozzel that called our game the other night???
  10. All-B1G defensive team

    Vic was in that discussion wasn't he? Should've read a little farther before I replied.
  11. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Looks like we are not the only team that runs the pck line defense that has issues with the 3. UVA just gave up 8 of them in the first half to Va Tech.
  12. Romeo Langford

    All records since they cut the hole in the peach basket are B@$%*!×t!! There are SOOOOO many more possesions now that the ball falls thru the hoop.
  13. Romeo Langford

    At the Jasper/Washington game right now.....the only connection to Romeo is that I hope somehow, somebody from Washington posterizes Jasper like Romeo did. LOL
  14. Minnesota Postgame Thread

    He just came off like an upity douche. Kinda what Dakich would sound like if he was a Duke grad.
  15. Minnesota Postgame Thread

    So if Green keeps playing like this, how good will a back court of Green and Phinese be? And if we land Romeo, Green with Romeo AND possibly Morgan to feed the ball to.....that has the makings of a scary offense.