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  1. Does DG have both shoes on his feet or os he carrying one of them? 🤔
  2. DUUDE!!! Now Dan Dakitch is guna think ur talking about him!!! 😳🤬🤣
  3. No, i believe the HSN scouting collective had him pegged as Matt Roth 2.0 ......which again, wouldnt piss me off to go with the team we have now. But your point is well made and i wasnt trying to disprove it.
  4. Ive said it many times the last few years, but ill say it again....this time a little louder for the old guys and the people in the back. I WOULD LOOOOOOVE TO HAVE ANOTHER ZIESLOFT!!!!!!
  5. If DD is headed our way, if he ends up being a below average shooter, i hope his shot looks more jacked up than Stan Robinson trying to shoot right handed. Not sure how many more players i can handle having Corvette form with Chevette results. 🤣
  6. I think Jordan has already shown WAY more on both ends of the floor than Hanner did. Im not saying he doesnt have things he needs to improve on, but a much better player the second he stepped on campus than HP ever was.
  7. I saw a small clip of JJ Redick talking about how some people complain that there is no defense in the NBA and that its not because players arent trying in the NBA but there is SOOOO much better spacing. He also added that the college game hasnt evolved at all. Teams (not just Duke) are still running the same stuff they did when he was there. So ill agree shooting isnt the only way to score, but we need that skill upgraded accross the board to give our work horses room to do what they do best.
  8. What could this team have done if we switched out PS with Ziesloft!? 🤯
  9. Not everyone is going to look like Steph Curry when they shoot. Reggie Miller and Larry Bird have some of the most god awful, funky shots in history but nobody would dare bet against it going in. On the other side of the coin, and ive said it before, Rob has the prettiest shot ive ever seen for somebody that couldnt throw it in the ocean off of a life raft. I dont exactly want another Roth on the team, but id love to have a Ziesloft.
  10. Again....ur not wrong. But these kids are 10x the player i ever coulda hoped to be (other than at the freethrow line, cuz....short, unathletic white guy) so i try to be sumwhat subjective and see the upside to all of the players game.
  11. Weren't they at the same tourney Newton was at??
  12. Ur not wrong.....but i didnt want to come off sounding like a troll. 🤣🤷‍♂️
  13. I know its only one clip, but if he can make contested mid range jumpers when he gets to IU, that would already be something we havent had in a while.
  14. I know it might be looked at as the minor leagues, but we could possibly have some ins with the XFL with the Rock owning it now. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Not sure about that, but i hear he's oxen free. 😏
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