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  1. 3Ballin

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    While being from Indiana should give us a recruiting advantage......it doesnt exactly make you an Indiana kid. CWat was an Indiana kid, Vic was an Indiana kid, Morgan is an Indiana kid. Tre Lyles was not an Indiana kid. If a kid has all of the talent in the world and is a self centered d-bag, I wouldnt want him on my team no matter where he's from. Now none of that is aimed at KBJ because I know VERY little about him. But, if Watford is a better fit for us and he wants to play for IU, then I don't see how not getting KBJ hurts us that much in the future.
  2. 3Ballin

    New IU Fan here.

    Rule #2 of being an IU fan.....Boiler down/fail depending on the situation 🚂👎
  3. 3Ballin

    Victor Oladipo

    Being an analyst and getting his season tickets picked out in SSAH.
  4. 3Ballin

    Victor Oladipo

    Would you settle for a pre-wedding dress Rodman?
  5. 3Ballin

    Victor Oladipo

    So you're saying we need the 2nd comming of Bill Lambire??? And im sure i spelled that wrong.
  6. 3Ballin

    Romeo Langford

    I would like to take a moment to have a sidebar to discuss the sidebar issue.......squirrel!!!!
  7. 3Ballin

    Romeo Langford

    Hmmmmm.....im affraid most of my jokes would get me the ban hammer.
  8. 3Ballin

    18-19 Depth Chart

    Oh there are SOOOOOO many what-ifs here!!! But here we go....... No Romeo w/ Morgan- Morgan, Smith, McBob, (good)Green, RP Romeo and Morgan Morgan, Smith, McBob, Romeo, (good) Green Romeo no Morgan (good) Green, Romeo, McBob, Smith, Elimination Chamber cage match for the "5" No Romeo No Morgan (good) Green, RP, McBob, Smith, TLC match for the "5"
  9. Ok, here's an interesting idea....cut the scholly limit down to 12. You get 3 schollys a year. 3 frosh, 3 soph and so on. Once a player signs a LOI, that scholly is taken for 4 years. If you have a transfer, they have to go to a school that has an opening in the same class. If a player leaves early, that scholly is spent for 4 years unless a player from the same class fills it. Get rid of red shirts but transfers still have to sit a year and you can still grad transfer once withou penalty.
  10. 3Ballin

    Romeo Langford

    Then what will we shoot for the last 3 days while we wait?
  11. 3Ballin

    Announcing a new position

    So does that make HTD "Bluto" and DMB "Chip Diller"????
  12. 3Ballin

    Trendon Watford

    Not expecting TW to be a carbon copy of CW, but, CW didn't exactly blow anybody away with his blazing speed or Milan phone book verticle. That said, CW rounded out to be a VERY good player. If TW is a step ahead of his brother as advertised......im ok with that. One of my biggest dislikes about FCTC was he would bring in athletes and try to teach them how to play basketball rather than going after basketball players and showing them how to train.
  13. 3Ballin

    Jahmius Ramsey

    CYA offer with strings maybe???
  14. 3Ballin

    Romeo Langford

    So, you know, you could make a killing if you set up for Romeo's announcement....or just park in my driveway.
  15. 3Ballin

    Romeo Langford

    If we get Romeo, i'll put on heels and a dress and do the walk with them!!!!!! 😂😂😂💃💃💃