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  1. 3Ballin

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Yeah, my wife n i did that too....😏
  2. 3Ballin

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

  3. 3Ballin

    Trendon Watford

    So those of you that know better than I about Trendon, which is most if not all of you, is he a high basketball IQ guy? I would think that he knows how to play the game? Would he be a case of taking a basketball player and improving his athletisism rather than getting a raw athlete and teaching them how to play basketball? If so, is that a bad thing?
  4. 3Ballin

    Butler Pregame Thread

    But people kept bringing him back because when they picked him up he'd scream AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL 🤣🤣
  5. 3Ballin

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Except for the one douche canoe screaming AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! every time we got the ball.
  6. 3Ballin

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Well, i think his tech was for a combination of the 2....he threw the towel at the scorers table which sent a bunch of papers flying onto the court for the insta-tech. Haven't really seen the crazy eyes much sense; quite a shame.
  7. 3Ballin

    Butler Pregame Thread

    He got one last year for throwing a towel....
  8. 3Ballin

    Indiana HS hoops

    Cabby O'neil in Jasper is a pretty cool old gym. Kinda tricky to get into tho.
  9. 3Ballin

    Louisville Game Thread

    But Hunter is!! 😁👍 Thats gota be a good sign!
  10. 3Ballin

    Louisville Game Thread

    For the most part, I've watched boxing matches that were less physical than basketball games in SSAH.
  11. 3Ballin

    Louisville Game Thread

    Effing Kentucky 🤬🤬🤬🤬!!!! They would hit a buzzer beater to send it to over-time.
  12. 3Ballin

    Khristian Lander

    Does anybody know anythibg about Khristian's running partner in the back court s Reitz? I think his name is Owen Deese. His parents went to the same High School I did and were a few years ahead of my wife. Not expecting him to be a target for us, but I've heard good things about him and was just wondering if anyones seen him play?
  13. 3Ballin

    Penn St. Post game

    What, no lego mine field???
  14. 3Ballin


    I dont speak math very well but 64-iu/davidson, 32-iu/tt-c of c, 16-iu/uk-lipscomb-ucf-va tech. Have i been counting the bracket wrong for 35 years?
  15. 3Ballin


    HA!!! great minds. 🤣☝️👍