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  1. Very true. But what they grow is used to graze their co-eds. 😏 🐄🐄🐄
  2. Thats because it has had pleanty of water. We have a nice fescue, blue grass, kelp/seaweed mix here in indiana.
  3. Is Holtman going full on Oprah??? You get an offer. You get an offer. EEEVVVEERRRYYYYYBODY gets an offer!!! 2 of our "best chance to commit" recruits on the same day??? C'mon Holtman....get off our lawn!!
  4. I really dont like that guy and i have the sudden urge to buy a sketchy looking used car......but i kinda like that idea.
  5. A hand full of wild cards pretty much guarentees a win right??? Especially if they are all draw 4's!!!!
  6. Can it get any worse???? We've got to be getting to the point where our "blind squirels" will be finding some nuts....right? 🤷‍♂️🙏 And there ya go HSN.....i tee'd that one up for ya. I expect some high level gifs and smart @$$ comments. 😁🤣
  7. Lets at least wait to see if we make the Casey Cassum list before we throw in the towel.
  8. Eh...if he's Bird-like, im not interested. He might be able to play, but who cares?? He's not a freak athlete that the staff would have to teach how to play the game in the hopes of being a "diamond in the rough" or "nuthin to sumthin" story.....and THOSE are the kinda players IU is known for!!!! Excuse me...just a sec...........wait, that coach isnt here any more??? The new guy likes high basketball IQ guys that know how to play??? Huh....well then...... I LOVE THIS KID!!!!! This is the kinda player we desperatly need at IU!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 In all seriousness, ive watched a couple minute long workout video so my opinion means about squat.....but id rather have a team full of lesser athletic guys that can play the game rather than a team full for track stars that we have to teach.
  9. I might have missed it in an article or something......but who's his trainer?? 🤔
  10. What about this guy??? World class motivator. Top notch player development. Brings an edge we have been missing for a while now. And while not NBA, does have ties to pro ball.
  11. Just saw the Bucks are waiving Hill. Could he come back and fill the Pacers recent PG opening?? I'd take him over Rubio.
  12. That name crossed my mind as well. I know his camps are doing really well and he for sure knows the game. He's 100% on the up n' up so there would be NO concern for anything shady. Probably a pipe dream, but it'd be kinda cool to have 2/3's of the Zeller family with IU ties. And a side note.....I think Luke has the pointiest elbows I've ever seen. I caught several of them with my face when he was in 8th grade and would work out with the varsity team.
  13. What about that guy with the pole barn (north of Indy area maybe?) that a bunch of guys went to to get ready for the draft???
  14. He was here once already. It wasn't the best situation by any means, but I wouldn't expect a round 2. Don't mean this to be a token job to get a recruit, but are there any high school coaches in the state that would be a candidate to get a job upgrade?
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