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  1. Does the SEC care enough about hoops to put up a fight? Won’t they save their armies of lawyers for all their football violations?
  2. This. It’s like fleeing a house party that gets busted by the cops: you don’t have to be the fastest kid, you just can’t be the slowest. My prediction is LSU is the “slowest kid”. The most egregious violations, combined with a non brand name coach and program.
  3. My bet is he stays home and goes to ND.
  4. I’ve always thought he was one of us.😆
  5. Congrats on the game. Beating UM and Harbawl by 17 is always impressive.
  6. Because Florida... https://nypost.com/2020/10/26/florida-man-stole-bulldozer-drunkenly-ran-down-biden-signs-cops/
  7. My comment had nothing to do with the academics of those 2 schools.
  8. We ended up going to Mother Bears. The girls had gone there after a soccer game in Bloomington several years ago, but it was my first trip. Yummy. Had a good pie and a local IPA that was tasty.
  9. No, I think they already got a commit for that spot. But they still made his “top 12”!
  10. Agree 100%. Feel bad for all the IU and Purdue students who couldn’t attend these games on a gorgeous fall afternoon. Let the kids in!
  11. He’s good, but not good enough to justify all the headaches. He belongs at a Xavier or an Iowa State.
  12. Well, I’m back. Our daughter is insisting we take her down to The Other School today... need to figure out dinner plans after an afternoon walking the campus. Anyone know which of the above recommendations are or are not open for dine-in ?
  13. That’s so sad. My daughter attended one of his camps a few years back. Seemed like a good guy.
  14. This 2 minute highlight package of a playoff game vs the Lakers where Aguirre dropped 39 on them pretty much sums up his game. So strong and such a quick release. Watching Kurt Rambis try to guard him is hilarious.
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