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  1. Especially since Painter is pretty tight with Nic’s HS coach.
  2. I actually said Fran “prospect” not project. Looks like a kid he would love. Great handler and shooter, and maybe just adequate defensively. Athletically, he seems fine, he just looks smaller than most B1G guards. Guys built like Isaiah Thompson and Jordan Hulls can tend to get abused on the defensive end. But he is 18 months away from playing, so lot of time to get stronger.
  3. HEY!! 😀 I like him offensively, but his size concerns me on defense. Looks like a Fran prospect to me.
  4. Maybe Ayton can repay him and get him on the Suns’ staff.
  5. Bob Knight did as much as any coach could have done to run a clean program. A distant relative of mine ran a car dealership in Bloomington, and used to loan cars to players all the time in the 50s and 60s, rode on the team plane, watched practice, etc. Knight booted him as far out of the program as he could, kicked him off the team plane, out of practice, and ordered the players to stay away from him. Though he eventually became good friends with Knight later, he was never a “friend of the program” again.
  6. Who was the last sitting NBA head coach to leave for a college job?
  7. Walton says “no interest.”
  8. That was Bo. How does this guy get the NC assignment???!
  9. Wow. I’d rather have Franklin than the rest of them put together. He’s a 2 way stud.
  10. Seems like he was waiting for UT to open. On another note: The more I think about the Matta hire, the more I think it’s pretty shrewd. With the new “free agency” in CBB, schools might need a full time GM to scout college personnel, in preparation for this offseason frenzy. Might even need an entire “college personnel” scouting department reporting to said GM. So the rich will get richer.
  11. I was at the game and found myself rooting for Michigan for the first time in my life. The guy got caught on tape discussing the purchase of Javonte Smart, (who was well worth the money I must say) and he’s coaching in the tournament? With Smart playing a leading role? Complete joke.
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