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  1. IUB74

    Devonte Green

    If Devonte can consistently play up to his potential, this team will be special.
  2. IUB74

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    I agree with you. I also believe that this team “should” be ranked when it really matters. I hope people disrespect this team and look past them, right up until the time we kick their butts!
  3. Welcome home Juwan!
  4. IUB74

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    Man, I love what Archie and the staff have done in such a short time. If you don’t have a man crush on Archie right now, there are only two options: 1) you are a female or, 2) you are a boilermaker.
  5. IUB74

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    Others have talked about fit and filling a need. I think this young man does both. Welcome to IU! man I would love to see the scrimmage in practice this year. There is going to be some real competition for pt.
  6. IUB74

    Green, Durham, Phinisee...

    I share all of the concerns previously stated. I am hopeful that the increased competition in practice will lead to commitment and improvement all around. I also believe that increased talent on the floor at the other positions may take some of the heat off of the point guard position. I do think that the proficiency level at point guard will have a lot to do with how high the ceiling is for this team.
  7. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    Hello Big Ten, this is IU. WE ARE BACK!
  8. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    978 years in this case. Brewery started in 1040.
  9. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

  10. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    Cherry Garcia man, myself.
  11. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    CC that picture reminds me of my last night at McNutt (the quantity, not the quality). I wore a funky colored pair of corduroys as I recall; never did find those pants.
  12. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    Thank you.
  13. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    Not if you share.
  14. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    He dropped the invitation.
  15. IUB74

    Romeo Langford

    Okay, I probably shouldn’t leak this, but I know you guys will keep it to yourselves. I may be the special guest. I was told (confidentially of course) that if everyone else, alive or dead, who ever used the letters “I” and “U” in the same sentence, turned them down, that I would be their first choice. Bursting with pride!