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  1. Never knew we were in on this guy or offered, but apparently we have. On this edit we are shown. My guess is we aren’t favorites here. Anyone have any info on him?
  2. I feel like a good chance we are in the top 7, but feel like UK will be impossible to beat. The only way is if the Moye connection is that strong.
  3. I got a good look at him at Clay City last year..he seems pretty skilled. I will be interested to see what he does next year after Hale graduates. It is definitely Hale’s team right now but Hart is. Very good player
  4. This from Joe Tipton...he does edits for the kids when they commit and is usually pretty in-tune with things.
  5. Assuming CTO stand for Ostrom?
  6. Talk with Corey Evans about recruiting
  7. I hear you. The academics side IU has it....he’s probably just doing his due diligence...
  8. The longer this plays out and how he talks...it feels like he is just looking for a reason not to pick IU
  9. I trust your insight here..it’s hard to read kids, especially in interviews. He doesn’t sound overly positive about IU, sounds like Purdue is pushing for a commitment, and he wants to take some out of state visits. That being said it could be taken out of context too. I have to wonder if Damezi leaving hurts again here. I believe though the thought was IU tried to get Damezi to stay, I could be wrong. (There was one other time I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken...)
  10. Wouldn’t mind pairing him and Jalen Washington for 22’
  11. Not trying to give this validity...and I still think he goes to Nova...but he only follows 150 accounts...I did a quick once through and didn’t notice any Nova coaches or players(definitely could have overlooked them) did see some Rutgers commits, Carter Whitt, and a few other recognizable names....I’m going to remain pessimistic though lol on my second time through I did find one Nova commit and there assistant coach
  12. Indiana State...not as good of a school lol
  13. Let’s hope it doesn’t end like the Caleb Love recruitment 🤮
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