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  1. Michigan officially offered according to his twitter.
  2. could mean nothing but can’t hurt that he’s going to be running with an Indiana AAU team….although we seem to have a better connection with Indy Elite
  3. Over on btownbanners, they are getting pretty worried about Virginia Tech. They say on the message boards they are claiming he is following Virginia Tech personnel and such....
  4. Over on btownbanners they have stated he was on campus for an unofficial yesterday. This is his second unofficial to IU...that could mean something!
  5. What the story here? I was late to hear much about him. I’m assuming we were in his final whatever and ASU obviously has trouble…do we feel like we have a really good chance here, or just guessing?
  6. Is there a link to that by any chance, I didn’t get to listen?
  7. Where did he mention him? I must have missed it
  8. All in good fun, happens to the best of us my friend
  9. I certainly hope we didn’t sign him if there are 62 better WRs in the “county” lol
  10. Unless Barr-Reeve has someone “move in” lol
  11. Decent bloodlines…love to have him at IU
  12. Doesn’t mean too much being a list of 10, but to make a top ten for a recruit in the top 100 out of Georgia is pretty nice
  13. a link in Mikes story adds he’s friends with Jalen Hood-Schifino…interesting
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