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  1. On Twitter the guy who wrote this said it seems like his timeline is moving up too....he just made the comment to someone who asked a question. So that’s not in the article
  2. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-qa-with-gatorade-indiana-player-of-the-year-trey-kaufman/ link to the story is about Kaufman..seems positive
  3. maybe a little insight this afternoon..likely not much, but hear some thoughts at least
  4. Little article about some of the better transfers...states we have interest in O’Connell🤷‍♂️
  5. Hey isn’t this Trey’s thread😂
  6. another name, don’t know much about him, decent stats and apparently a somewhat high recruit
  7. I read somewhere that he was good friends with Zion Harmon and Louisville basically axed him from their list. They speculated this would turn Aminu off from Louisville...but who knows
  8. I’m sure Damezi...no floor time
  9. If we get Aminu, Trey, and Logan that’d be ideal
  10. Thanks...sounds promising. Could you share the link so I can go explore their site?
  11. Indiana had interest...but probably closer to home
  12. Wonder if there will be interest in Trey McGowens
  13. Seems early in the process for him for sure
  14. Read where? And have people connected? Not saying I don’t believe you at all...just curious if it’s somewhere I could also read/ hear lol
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