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  1. I mean especially if the offense has truly changed...he seems to be a downhill, attacking type...that’s fits the “new offense”
  2. Not sure anyone know here. He announced his top 5 then went quiet. I’m not sure anyone knows. The last article I read was in October and he talked about Georgia, IU, and Purdue only. My assumption is that was his top 3. My prediction would be Georgia because both his parents went there, but that’s a guess at best.
  3. Probably depends on what happens here and maybe with Avery Brown
  4. Haven’t heard a thing..don’t know if they are playing to close to the vest or if we don’t have a shot...that was quick though
  5. Also, Mike did comment and say the decision date is set for December 15th at this time.
  6. @The Daily Hoosier any insight here?
  7. Puzzling if they don’t have a scholarship to offer
  8. this is him replying to a pro IU thought...appears he just retweets and responds to a lot of things.
  9. I’m sure he will try and win as a team...we knew Romeo was a one and done that wanted to score at a high level...didn’t see complaining about him coming. not trying to say Aminu is at his level, but probably comparable
  10. I still laugh at the guys saying Aminu doesn’t excite him because of this or that...he is a 5 star prospect that is ranked top 15 in his class....that means by all accounts he’s pretty darn good. I for one want him here..
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