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  1. I mean everybody’s down on Archie but if he pulls say this kid in and maybe Avery Brown...TJD returns...I think things would be looking up next year..just my opinion. For whatever reason Archie misses on these high recruit kids. He needs to land one and the narrative could change drastically
  2. I don’t think this going to happen. He’s a nice player, but I don’t think he’s going to get the offer.
  3. We did, Rodney Rice he’s a G
  4. Could be more than a factor than we are giving it credit. Bruiser was the main recruiter when he was here....When he left some of the names we were after could have cooled off. Kenya is trying to make up room, but he wouldn't have had the same connection with the same kids that Bruiser did. Next years group could still have that factor. Unfortunately it really could be 2023 before we see the real Kenya factor.
  5. don’t know how credible the guy is
  6. Just wonder what caused him to be dismissed...but he would help our shooting woes.
  7. 7 ppg but 40% from 3...unless there was something off the court I’d think we should be interested. At 6’6” could play the 3. if you start Stewart and Cross, your shooting dramatically improves.
  8. Remember Duncomb was originally somewhere in the 115 range or maybe a little higher when he committed. He is now in the top 70 I believe.
  9. I’d guess Virginia...no insight but just a hunch. Always takes good about IU and came for a visit. Would be a big get, but I doubt it. Plus with Galloway, Leal, Armaan, 6’4” sgs would be redundant, but this kid might be a better pure shooter.
  10. Nothing wrong with differing opinions
  11. I tend to agree here...I didn't come away with a big lean in any direction. I also thought the fact that he said IU is showing him how he fits and he can see himself in the role being shown is beyond positive. He also said they are recruiting him hard. I came away more positive about IU in that article than I have on several kids we have landed and even more positive than some we have missed on.
  12. I read somewhere earlier forget where that Kansas and A&M were the favorites 🤷‍♂️
  13. Looks like this is ending as quick as it started..no idea but would love to get another Big
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