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  1. I agree…I haven’t seen it posted but I could almost seeing is go XJ, JHS, Bates, Thompson, TJD
  2. I am not saying he is a slob these days, but I would be highly questioning 216 as of now. I'm 6'3" and definitely not my best shape at 33, but nothing obscene and I am 235.
  3. Yea, I’m not real high in him either, just from a personality standpoint. Ron Jr: hit some incredibly it shots…but he definitely won’t find anyone who likes them better than he did himself. He the type of guy that my mom would say, “ He will never love someone else as much as he loves himself.”
  4. Nice spoiler on the back though
  5. https://www.on3.com/db/malik-reneau-81971/recruiting/116571/rpm/ Jamie Shaw is a national recruiter and he put one in.
  6. I’ll tell you what in my opinion if we get Rolf as a walk-on that could be one of the biggest heists of the recruiting cycle. To get a kid with a few D-1 offers whose 6’7” and can shoot the ball to even think about being a walk-on is crazy…maybe power of the NIL
  7. Right, could be a playful/pressure move. Probably more than likely that is it, but still fun to see.
  8. That’s what he said…now he could be just joking or friendly pressure on Malik…but I like it lol
  9. I believe Dennis’ visit isn’t until Monday. They won’t overlap.
  10. It’s like the movie “Eddie”, “Ivan make basket!”
  11. Meechie Johnson transferring out of OSU. Room for Pack?
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