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  1. What the story here? I was late to hear much about him. I’m assuming we were in his final whatever and ASU obviously has trouble…do we feel like we have a really good chance here, or just guessing?
  2. Is there a link to that by any chance, I didn’t get to listen?
  3. Where did he mention him? I must have missed it
  4. All in good fun, happens to the best of us my friend
  5. I certainly hope we didn’t sign him if there are 62 better WRs in the “county” lol
  6. Unless Barr-Reeve has someone “move in” lol
  7. Decent bloodlines…love to have him at IU
  8. Doesn’t mean too much being a list of 10, but to make a top ten for a recruit in the top 100 out of Georgia is pretty nice
  9. a link in Mikes story adds he’s friends with Jalen Hood-Schifino…interesting
  10. Kevin Obanor entered the portal. 6’8” forward that starred for Oral Roberts in the tourney. Avg 18 and 9 and shot over 40% from 3….he would be a nice get
  11. BJ Edwards jus committed to Tennessee…he’s a PG so that can’t hurt our chances
  12. another name to know for 2023
  13. still engaged here…lots of company though
  14. Can’t be a bad sign he’s taking to IU writers, can it?
  15. Another pick for Syracuse from a Va Tech writer…hope you’re right RTZ
  16. First offer for the 2024 class
  17. I heard the same today actually. Heard the one he wanted their may have been a clash with an administrative or board member....so looks like he is staying out for now.
  18. Completely understand, it would be great to see a kid that goes to a school 20 minutes from where I grew up make it to IU. I agree that he will probably stand out more and be more of the leader. It is hard when you are sophomore with another division I recruit that is a senior to take over. It will be fun to watch him grow, fill out, and lead his team. The rumor I heard was Joey (dad) wanted to get the WRV position, I don't know how much I buy into it, but that is what was going around. Will be interesting to see where he goes, if he does leave.
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