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  1. I read somewhere earlier forget where that Kansas and A&M were the favorites 🤷‍♂️
  2. Looks like this is ending as quick as it started..no idea but would love to get another Big
  3. for those that like to see it in tweet form
  4. Lander looked good offensively...he got ate up on a couple of possessions defensively. One against their big and another against a guard. Have to remember he is 17 playing against guys that are 22
  5. Right..I for one don’t care for those who say we can’t count Lander in this class...he’s 17 and being eased in. It’s obvious he isn’t a one and done. That means this class is essentially a top 1-2 PG and a top 10 C. Add in a transfer of Stewart...that’s actually pretty darn good. plus add in how the team looks to have made some strides offensively and the defense is really good so far, I’m feeling good about the direction of the team.
  6. a new name to watch for 2022. Can’t read the article because it’s behind a paywal, but with Rabjohns retweeting it and using the hashtag IUBB I’m sure we are involved.
  7. One day out, my guess is anyone but IU lol I’d say Georgia with Georgetown in second....no inside info
  8. reading into it sounds like Michigan State, Purdue, and Stanford are his top 3....just a guess
  9. not much substance but both basically say guys who have put in crystal ball picks are guessing. The second shows Harmon saying that the crystal ball pick is pure speculation🤷‍♂️ just passing along what I see.
  10. I would get paid a million to work on it with an NBA team instead of at college....
  11. I think he might be just fine motivation wise...my only pause has ever been is if the guardian would become overwhelming...I’m sure he has the best intentions but some comments come off as pretty aggressive. All and all I’d rather him come and we find out...if he gets mad the way transfer are now he could leave if he’s not willing to buy in. Obviously not ideal but kids have an easier path to “move on” if that’s what they want.
  12. I agree here. I know several aren't high on him, but I think he fits the mold of what Archie wants in a guard. If you watch the tape he hustles, he goes after rebounds, and he attacks the rim. I can envision a 3 headed monster next year of Aminu, Lander, and Rob going downhill on teams all game long. They get the ball, go, and attack, attack, attack. I am not sold he is a one and done, just like many people thought Lander might be, but that isn't happening. If he commits and stays for 2 or 3 years he could be a heck of a player for IU.
  13. Maybe this will be the anti-Kaufman and foreshadowing of this going in our direction....but seriously probably just a dummy stirring the pot
  14. I wouldn’t know why not. IU has room for two and these are not the same player. Aminu is a better Franklin and Stewart would be a nice compliment in the second unit
  15. Nope hasn’t tweeted anything college basketball related in a bit. Just Aminu’s high school stuff.
  16. @The Daily Hoosierany news here?
  17. Not real in depth here, but another update.
  18. I don’t pay for it lol just showing he had a new one out. Usually not a terrible thing
  19. Announcement Saturday, guessing Louisville like he above posters
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