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  1. I agree…I haven’t seen it posted but I could almost seeing is go XJ, JHS, Bates, Thompson, TJD
  2. I am not saying he is a slob these days, but I would be highly questioning 216 as of now. I'm 6'3" and definitely not my best shape at 33, but nothing obscene and I am 235.
  3. Yea, I’m not real high in him either, just from a personality standpoint. Ron Jr: hit some incredibly it shots…but he definitely won’t find anyone who likes them better than he did himself. He the type of guy that my mom would say, “ He will never love someone else as much as he loves himself.”
  4. Nice spoiler on the back though
  5. https://www.on3.com/db/malik-reneau-81971/recruiting/116571/rpm/ Jamie Shaw is a national recruiter and he put one in.
  6. I’ll tell you what in my opinion if we get Rolf as a walk-on that could be one of the biggest heists of the recruiting cycle. To get a kid with a few D-1 offers whose 6’7” and can shoot the ball to even think about being a walk-on is crazy…maybe power of the NIL
  7. Right, could be a playful/pressure move. Probably more than likely that is it, but still fun to see.
  8. That’s what he said…now he could be just joking or friendly pressure on Malik…but I like it lol
  9. I believe Dennis’ visit isn’t until Monday. They won’t overlap.
  10. It’s like the movie “Eddie”, “Ivan make basket!”
  11. Meechie Johnson transferring out of OSU. Room for Pack?
  12. Also added Alyssa Geary from Providence. Avg 9 PPG and 4 RPG. Big week for the women’s team. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2022/4/10/womens-basketball-indiana-adds-geary-parrish-and-scalia.aspx
  13. I also wouldn't discount JHS getting Rob's minutes. I feel like JHS is going to play just as good of defense as Rob, but actually provide a consistent offensive game as well. Nothing flashy, but an important role.
  14. I don’t know about this, but I’m 99% sure this is the kid who somehow ties in with Carmelo Anthony. I think his family knows him or something. Point being Carmelo loves Woodson
  15. UNC isn’t really big. Bacot is listed at 6’10” but I’d guess that’s a stretch. He’s a big wide body but not crazy height there. I k is Manek is 6’9” but basically has no inside presence. I think that is where Mike wants to be with his offense. Have a 6’8” or 6’9” kid that can shoot at the 4. Then have a 6’10” kid in the paint that can bang and score a few baskets. You don’t have to have a 7 footer to compete
  16. My favorite play of the package may be at the 46 second mark. He is wide open on the baseline and most high school/college players would just shoot a 3, but he goes into full attack mode.
  17. No doubt KJ Williams would be a great transfer target. 6’10” and shot well from three for a big. He would be my number one target.
  18. Top 150 player from the Indy area decommitts from Louisville. Have to admit I’m not familiar with his game. Do know he was offered by Archie
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