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  1. Since he is a native of Nigeria, I believe, I am guessing he only had the opportunity because of his basketball prowess and probably his parents couldn’t afford to come. Just my assumption
  2. No kidding, whose your family here? No bigger than Clay City is I bet I know them lol
  3. This is true he was on as like an associate coach or something last year but got the move up to assistant this year. My in-laws have season tickets and we go some. Jake’s family sat right in front of us. Very nice people, very talkative, and always talked/joked with the kids.
  4. He was a very good player...I know my history. That team is near to my heart because Bob Heaton, who went to the same high school as me, Clay City, was on that team. Jake Odom played summer ball a few years back with Sacramento too.
  5. Larry...outlier but the obvious answer lol beyond that no one
  6. If he went to Indiana State I would certainly go to more games lol living in Brazil that’s a short drive
  7. Just for a laugh...I got an alert that said the Cardinals and Hopkins moving towards a deal...the first thing that popped in my head was Louisville is paying Hopkins to come now !?!?!!...then thought again and realized it was DeAndre Hopkins and the Arizona Cardinals 😂😂
  8. Don’t think this ever went anywhere but this kid is announcing tomorrow
  9. Putting the heat on Aminu...between Sallis and this guy...similar size...I like that we are active. Just hope we get a commit soon
  10. Just at the top it says he is going to announce at one of two events...which is what he already stated. I believe one is in December and the other January if I remember right
  11. Yes I read that article...I guess I just wondered if you feel like this is realistic because Hunters relationship is that good? Or probably too late...I didn’t know if he had a time table or not
  12. Love to get @The Daily Hoosier thoughts on this...
  13. Should we move our TJD discussion to another page...this did have hope of a soon Mason Miller commitment and all we are getting is arguments over TJD
  14. https://stockrisers.com/s/95/top-40-prospect-bryce-hopkins-talks-his-recruitment mentions he recently had a zoom call with IU
  15. Wasn’t sure where to put this but I figured it seems that Blake is the next most “imminent” commitment. (Though not necessarily us for sure) But I think things are going to accelerate hopefully for some of the guys we are waiting on. There have been a bunch of prospects committing with all of the unknowns. This is just my opinion but I’m seeing several guys commit or planning to do so soon.
  16. Never knew we were in on this guy or offered, but apparently we have. On this edit we are shown. My guess is we aren’t favorites here. Anyone have any info on him?
  17. I feel like a good chance we are in the top 7, but feel like UK will be impossible to beat. The only way is if the Moye connection is that strong.
  18. I got a good look at him at Clay City last year..he seems pretty skilled. I will be interested to see what he does next year after Hale graduates. It is definitely Hale’s team right now but Hart is. Very good player
  19. This from Joe Tipton...he does edits for the kids when they commit and is usually pretty in-tune with things.
  20. Assuming CTO stand for Ostrom?
  21. Talk with Corey Evans about recruiting
  22. I hear you. The academics side IU has it....he’s probably just doing his due diligence...
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