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  1. 6'3" PG from Baltimore. Class of 2022.
  2. It bodes well for the offense this season if TJD can hit long range shots to open up the lane then make a pass like that. 3 assists for him.
  3. At this point the 6 makes seem like more of mistake...
  4. So bad that even going 1 of 2 is raising the team's percentage for this game.
  5. I didn't even dislike him at Purdue. I just wished he was at IU.
  6. I love the energy of the team when the freshmen started playing. The starters reminded me too much of the past few years but that changed with the freshmen and Hunter.
  7. I hope Thompson is better about fouling in future games.
  8. Long 2. Needs to be a bit more aware but it was a nice shot.
  9. I like Hunter shooting and scoring in the lane
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