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  1. No, he turned 18 last month so he'll be 19 next year.
  2. Decommitted today. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/auburdale-florida-safety-aubrey-burks-decommits-indiana
  3. His dad will be his HS coach this year. That's what Mason was referring to. That's not to say that his dad wouldn't take a college job and Mason might follow him but just that's not what Mason was saying when he said, "'excited' to be coached by" him.
  4. I saw something mentioning this kid so I decided to see what is up with his recruitment (IU is no longer recruiting him as far as I know). It looks like he might end up at Nebraska. Odd recruitment. Around 65 on both 247 and their composite and has a long list of really good offers. It's just that most of those good offers are listed as "Cool" so it seems like many of those schools have backed off. So while the list of schools that he'll likely choose from are still high major, they're not top tier. I'm wonder what the deal is. With that ranking it doesn't appear likely to be skill
  5. A Kenya Hunter connection. He's known Hunter Sallis since his he was at Nebraska. I don't know how good of a chance IU has at this point, but he's only being discussed because his Hunter relationship gives at least somewhat of a chance.
  6. I'm curious on who has backed off on Wesley. I hadn't heard that.
  7. Is this proposed increase to make up for the list time during the spring and early summer?
  8. My son was born 5 weeks early and he was teeny tiny (barely 4 lb). 2 weeks less of development is certainly scary. I'm hoping for the best for the family.
  9. When I attended Bloomington North in the '90s, the total size of the school was around the size of a single Carmel class, maybe smaller. IIRC we were in the 1200-1300 range, maybe even 1100-1200. I think Bloomington South at that time was around 2k students.
  10. It's probably just for this year so the hand-wringing about the importance of the regular season is probably moot. But I will say that when the tournament decided to allow teams who weren't conference champions, a lot of hand-wringing probably happened and people probably worried that the regular season and conference championships wouldn't matter any more. Sure, the conference championship still matters somewhat with the automatic bid but that only applies to bad P5 teams, mediocre to bad mid-major teams, and all low-major teams. One could argue that the conference tournaments invalidate
  11. Not really but I also don't usually root against them, except in basketball or whenever they're playing IU.
  12. Ah man, we already filled that assistant position. Bummer.
  13. Come on, it's not as though West Lafayette or Lafayette are winning any prizes for beauty. And when it's humid with the wind blowing in the right (actually wrong) direction, Staley's sink makes it into town. I'm a Purdue alumnus so I'm familiar with the area and this isn't hearsay. Nor do I have Purdue like some on here so it's not a biased assessment.
  14. Seems like a good guess.
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