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  1. I don't trust him because I've seen what the university wants in its AD for the last 20 years. As an internal hire there is no reason to think he's any different from past ADs so I think it'll be more of the same. I'd be perfectly fine being proven wrong on this because it would mean that Dolson fires Miller in 2 weeks and then follows that up with a hire worth being excited about.
  2. The administration question will get a pretty good indicator within the next month. At this point keeping Miller shows they really don't care about the basketball team and are fine with this terrible product Miller is putting on the floor. Getting rid of Miller, even with all of the financial concerns that are even worse because of COVID, would show that they might actually care and want the basketball team to do well. I have no confidence in Dolson. I still think Miller will be at IU next season even though he should be let go in less than 2 weeks from now when IU bows out of the BTT wit
  3. This seems like a good compromise on this. I add to it when pre-game threads get locked they should also be moved to the game forum. No reason to keep the locked threads in the general forum and no reason to delete.
  4. Not really. Only 2 players that see more than 10 mpg are seniors. Of those 2, Teague has the bigger impact at 30 mpg and 14.7 ppg.
  5. The people who I've seen claim that Miller was forced to keep Crean's incoming class also said it was because of APR. That makes absolutely no sense since they weren't enrolled at the school so would've had no effect on the APR. Miller had to go re-recruit them. He was forced to do that? If he was forced to do that he could've easily have gone in to their homes and told them something like, "We want you at IU but you won't be seeing much PT." Then when they decided to go elsewhere he could tell Glass that he tried. So it seems very unlikely that he was forced to keep Crean's class by the
  6. 1. I doubt there will be an NIT. You checked and it's still on but with the NCAA all taking place in a single state I doubt the NIT happens. 2. Would they take a team that is under 0.500 overall? Someone said in another thread that the 0.500 eligibility was suspended for this season (I've looked and haven't seen that stated anywhere other than what that poster said). IU will probably finish at least 1 game under 0.500 so even if that eligibility requirement is suspended and the NIT does happen, I'm have my doubts they'd take IU just because selecting a team under 0.500 wouldn't look good.
  7. On a positive note there are only 2 more regular season games and 1 or 2 BTT games left. No more losses this season after that BTT loss. At that point it shouldn't be too much longer before we find out were Dolson stands
  8. Yep, that's B1G loss # 10. Even if they were to win the next 2 and then make up the game at UM and win that there no way to finish over 0.500. Will likely finish 7-12. 6-6 at home this season. It's been a rough 5 years and right now I'm not optimistic about next season, either.
  9. What is it the administration is supposedly doing to handicap the coaches? We've heard that Miller was forced to keep Crean's players when he took over. Yet he pushed out Gelon and Jones left that first year. There have been transfers out every year. Crean was able to oversign then force players out every year. Miller re-recruited the incoming freshmen when releasing them wouldn't have hurt the school as far as things like APR are concerned. So that doesn't really seem to be the case as he still had some leeway on this obviously. APR was hurting so he had to limit the number of transfers
  10. The actual difference between keeping Miller another year or not isn't $7M, it's more like $4M. $10M if fired right after the season ends and the buyout does drop to about $3M in a year but Miller would also get paid for that year. So the price of getting rid of Miller after next season isn't $3M, it's over $6M. Thus the difference between getting rid of Miller now or next year is "only" about $4M, maybe less.
  11. In the article I read about Kavanaugh the author says, "The school cooperated with the police, UD did not discourage anyone from talking to authorities (there was no “wall of silence”), the accused was not threatened via text by other UD players/students." So that right there is already very different from how Alford handled the situation at Iowa. It's a difficult situation. I tend to believe the victims but can also see the reasoning for letting them back on the team after lengthy suspensions when no charges were filed. https://www.blackburnreview.com/2013/03/29/the-intolerable
  12. Race was Miller's first recruit and was part of the Durham's recruiting class. He redshirted his freshman year so this is his 4th season at IU. Your point stands but the starting lineup is even more experienced than you show here.
  13. You know what else brings excitement to a program and helps recruiting other than hiring a well known NBA player as coach? Winning.
  14. He did but not much. I think he went from barely top 10 to just outside. From 9/10 to the 11-15 range. He was still the #1 PG, I believe. I think he was around 11 or 12 when he reclassified. After the declassification he was #27 but still considered a 5*.
  15. It looks like they'll probably be playing day 1 of the BTT so they could win another. By that point it would be a pointless win.
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