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  1. If that were true he'd still have offers from other P5 schools. He doesn't. So it's not just Miller taking a pass.
  2. Someone (I think it was on this site) said that he turns 18 in August. That means he'd be eligible for the draft next year.
  3. Who did end up at IU even if it wasn't as quick of a commitment as anticipated by some.
  4. People fret about recruits all the time and try to read the tea leaves based on things like how long it's taking to commit. Sometimes taking longer than expected can be a sign the recruit will choose somewhere else (Brooks) and other times it just means he's weighing his options carefully but will still ultimately choose IU (Leal). I don't know about this site but on the other site when Leal didn't commit on the spot when getting the IU offer and then didn't commit even a few days later, there were people predicting doom and gloom and pronouncing "he gone." Obviously, that worked out in IU's favor unlike when Brooks dragged out his commitment and ended up at UK. I'm sure people could look back through recruiting history and find plenty of examples of each. This recruitment will take as long as it takes. Just because you're a huge IU fan and would commit on the spot doesn't mean the players will. You say you'd also turn down $10M/yr to stay in college so maybe what you'd do isn't best comparison to make. Even if you're not consciously doing that it's probably happening to some extent which is why him taking his time is worrying to you. Hopefully he'll ultimately choose IU but we won't know until he's ready to decide. I don't think that will happen until things open up enough for him to make some visits.
  5. I haven't said either way whether he chose it because of that. It's certainly possible but I don't know. I'm not part of the family or their inner circle so I can't say what drive the choice. Neither are you. So please stop trying to put words in my mouth and claim I said something I didn't. But according to you UK and Cal, Duke and Coach K, KU and Self, etc are all innocent and there's "nothing to see here" yet IU is guilty using even more tenuous connection? And you try to pretend you're an IU fan. Everyone sees through you. I'm done with you, Ordfan. Welcome to ignore.
  6. I haven't denied it once. You haven't shown proof that that's why he chose IU, though. But I was actually asking about your evidence for this post of yours: "And everyone said Duke cheated to get MB, too. The RL situation was no different. Part of the reason Cal didn’t want Romeo was because TL wanted more than a scholarship offer. It’s what everyone knew happened."
  7. He doesn't understand the word "deflect" and had misused it several times. Not surprising considering he thinks "closer to a national championship" is the same thing as "has a more recent national championship."
  8. So no proof. Got it. For the record, your responses constitute a deflection unlike my clarification earlier in this thread which you tried to say was one. Again, learn the English language.
  9. I don't deny that. Adidas paid for the AAU team he ran. It is, and was then, legal. However, the post of yours that I replied to said nothing about that. Here it is again since you got confused. You stated this as fact so where's your evidence?
  10. Where did I say no proof is necessary? You're the one telling everyone to back up their claims with proof so of course you have the evidence to back up your own claims, right?
  11. Yep, even 23 years ago is a generation. Only a small percentage of current players were alive in '97 and certainly don't remember it. None of the incoming recruits and high school players were born yet.
  12. Don't bother. Her doesn't understand the nuances of the English language so he thinks "closer" is the same as "more recent." That they have a more recent championship is what he actually means.
  13. It's not a deflection. Closer means something different than more recent. Learn the English language and improve your communication skills, they're lacking.
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