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  1. Considering the drop off in their recruiting the past few years, this has been noticed. They still get highly ranked recruits but not as highly ranked as when Cal first arrived. Now those top 5 and top 10 players are going to Duke and other places.
  2. Just saw that Keion Brooks is pulling out of the draft. Let's get him as a walk-on! Seriously, though, several B1G schools are recruiting him so we may play against him next season.
  3. I wasn't at all upset for multiple reasons when he entered the portal. This was one of them because it was the impression I got as well.
  4. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. After 2 years in college Galloway has peaked and won't improve? No where for him to go but down? Wow.
  6. It's nice to see it acknowledged since it was obvious this was the case to fans. This seemed to sometimes happen under Crean but often under Miller. 1 season under Woodson has already made a difference in mindset.
  7. It seems a much more serious offense (DUI) is worth a 1 game suspension (see: Few/Gonzaga). You're saying a player should be held to a higher standard than coaches?
  8. I hope it's not Kopp. That said, it'll probably be Kopp, even if it's just for his experience.
  9. In other news: Dexter Dennis to A&M Sorry for going back on topic. Carry on with the NBA conversation.
  10. 1. He's not a terrible offensive player. He isn't great but he's okay in that aspect. 2. He's a larger lockdown defender than we had last season. So he would solve a problem we had last year. It's all moot. According to the other site and Rabjohns it won't be IU that he chooses today.
  11. Luke Brown Luke Recker Rex Grossman Jay Cutler It's 4 but I'm just just kidding anyways as I don't think any would be on there.
  12. We'll probably get UNC or Duke regardless of if TJD returns. IU has been matched up with one of those two many times even when IU wasn't very good.
  13. I grew up in Bloomington and became a fan during that time. I vaguely recall watching the during the 1987 season but I was only 9 when they won the championship. It was a few years later that I really got into watching college basketball during the early 90's when IU had some great teams. Those are still my favorite teams, with '92-'93 barely edging out '91-'92 even though they didn't get to the FF that season.
  14. lol. It says basically anyone except Purdue. #4 Mystery Program #5 Purdue
  15. Soooo....... anyone have some info about Freddie?
  16. The B1G laid a large turd in the NCAAT this season and then lost a lot of talent.
  17. They just had to inform the school before midnight of April 30 (although I've also seen midnight of May 1 which I think is incorrect). The school then has 2 days to officially enter them in the portal.
  18. I understand and didn't take it that way.
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