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  1. On 1/6/2022 at 10:35 AM, IUFLA said:

    I understood that, but I just wanted you to know that I really do try to embrace other view points, and explain why I might think differently...

    You probably weren't on IU forums when RMK was fired, but let me tell you, it was like the wild west...Pro Knight factions, Anti-Knight factions, and that was just within the IU fandom...Add opposing teams interlopers and it was a free for all...I posted on the Indy Star News forum at the time, and it was nuts...

    Maybe that's what took me a while to understand what this forum is about (although I readily admit, I don't FULLY understand it :) )

    Ah, yes. There were the "loopers." Those guys were obsessed and certainly wouldn't let it go.

    On 1/6/2022 at 10:44 AM, mrflynn03 said:

    The zero tolerance policy they put on him on set him up. What he ultimately got fired for was dumb. 

    I eventually got over it. I was so pissed when they hired Sampson though.  Almost like they did it on purpose?  And then the University basically death penaltied the program. It's what they did after Knight that was egregious.

    I think this is part of the reason some people still cling to Knight. The way the school went about firing him was pretty ball-less. If they wanted him gone they should've just fired him, citing his behavior or the fall off in the product on the floor. Instead, they came up with a convoluted way to set him up to be fired hoping they wouldn't get blamed for firing him. Yet it was so transparent that it backfired. 

    They followed this up with bad hire after bad hire. 

    I'm with @btownqb and think people have a hard time letting go of the past but I can certainly see why. It was not just that the coach they loved was fired but how it happened and then what came after.

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  2. On 1/6/2022 at 7:05 PM, OGIUAndy said:

    Not sure how that wasn't a foul, the guy bulldozed him off the court. I get it's the end of the game, but that was pretty wild. 

    I was pissed that there was no call. How much would it have sucked if Trey got injured again in his first game back? That looked like a football play.

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  3. 22 hours ago, Coach Robby said:

    Watched him this morning in hall of fame classic. Meh, a sample size of course but little to no motor when not directly involved. Didn’t run the floor well either. Just my opinion obviously 

    This matches what others have observed about him. It's been his major knock in HS and doesn't appear to be changing.

    17 hours ago, Indykev said:

    Some kids need that push. Look how TJD's motor changed under CMW. Maybe his high school coach isnt a motivator.

    It's a risk but if Woodson plans to use only 8-10 person rotation then that leaves 3 scholarships for risks and projects. It's possible that he needs a different type of motivation than his HS coach is capable of giving and I'm sure that Woodson has lots of experience motivating talented players in different ways. So he might be able to get him to compete constantly hard but maybe not. I'd personally rather IU passes on him but I have no say in the matter and will  hope for the best if he commits to the Hoosiers but won't be at all upset if he heads elsewhere.

  4. 1 hour ago, IUFLA said:

    It's not the overall history we discuss that bothers me...It's the distortion of that history to fit a certain narrative that does...

    Saying Painter out recruited Archie is not true in my humble opinion...Was anyone speaking out negatively after Archie's first true class of Langford, Hunter, Anderson, Phinisee, and Forrester? I don't remember it...

    As I said, according to the recruiting services, Painter never came close...

    Now, was Porkchop better at evaluating talent? I'd say so...Did he develop his players better? Undoubtedly...

    But that's water under the bridge...As I said, he's gone...Let's move on...

    Painter beat out Miller to land Newman, Morton, Kaufman, and Furst. Miller landed a few that Purdue was also recruiting but even in recruiting Painter did pretty well against Miller.

  5. 2 hours ago, IU878176 said:

    RE: NIL $$.

    It’s really none of our business, and we may never know the answer, but I would be interested to know if the players are making NIL cash that could possibly sway them to stay.  I have no idea if our guys are barely making pizza money or if they are hauling in meaningful (10’s of thousands) cash. 

    RE Lander:

    Many different opinions in regards to his playing time etc but I don’t think there is any doubt that he is the all-time IU leader in the “forum posts per minutes played” category.

    Just imagine if Brown was also on the team riding the pine.

  6. 11 hours ago, NotIThatLives said:

    Here's a faq from the ncaa.  As of now you are correct.  I wonder if they will look into changing it? 


    They may if the season goes off the rails again. 

    I wonder what percentage of seniors remained at their school. Both of IU's seniors jumped ship and it seemed like many from other schools did as well.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, NotIThatLives said:

    Pretty sure anyone on a roster last year gets an extra year, not just last years seniors.  Maybe Im misunderstanding you.  

    Rave and Rob can definitely come back, whether they cost a scholarship, im not positive but pretty sure they won't.  

    Everyone does get an extra year but those count against the scholarship cap.

    Every IU scholarship player has at least 1 season of eligibility left after this one. They would also all count towards the 13.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, NotIThatLives said:

    1. I wonder if Parker Stewart wants to get into coaching?  His dad was a coach and this would be one heck of a staff to stick around.  So why not finish up your masters degree and give it one more year?

    2. Would Stewart take a scholarship next year being a true 5th year senior even though he transferred over to us midway through the year last year.  

    3. X ,Durr, Race, Trayce, Rob can all come back.  My understanding is Race and Rob would not cost against scholarship count.  Same as Brunk would not have but since he transferred out of his original team he is costing OSU one.

    4. Lander.  He should stay.  Still has 3.5 years of eligibility.  Sure its disappointing you have all these people telling you you could be one and done but reality is he doesn't have the athleticism to sniff the nba.  He should be a solid rotation guy next year though I would hope.  

    Not counting against the scholarship was for this year only and only for players who were seniors last year who stayed at the school they started the season with.

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  9. On 12/17/2021 at 5:26 PM, 13th&Jackson said:

    This is coming from someone who has had three Covid vaccines. I have no idea what the pro sports leagues or colleges are doing. The pro athletes are 95%+ vaccinated, yet lots of players are testing positive. Maybe I missed it, but I’m not aware of pro or college athletes dying or even being hospitalized from Covid. 
    I’ve heard health professionals argue that we need to stop testing vaccinated people because it inflates positive case numbers when all that matters is severe cases. 

    I've heard of at least professional athlete dying but that was in the early days of COVID. He was a soccer player in his early 20s but he had some kind of undiagnosed heart issue.

    The real danger to athletes is that it can inflame your heart. There was that Florida player last year who collapsed and could've died from his heart being enlarged after having COVID.

    So there is some danger but it seems very rare and the athletes all seem to be willing to accept that risk. I have seen at least one league is no longer going to test asymptomatic, vaccinated players which seems like the best way to go.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, BGleas said:

    Why do people seem so sure XJ is leaving? He has another year. He's not getting drafted. Everything he's said has indicated that he absolutely loves IU. He's posted that to social media. 

    Unless he's just ready to be done with college and go play in Europe or the G-League? Not sure what he's making with NIL, but he seems to love IU. 

    Possibly from a comment he made over the summer. He said something about his 1 year at IU. Of course, he could've just made that statement while forgetting that  he actually had 2 years of eligibility left at the time instead of just 1.

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  11. 3 hours ago, BobSaccamanno said:

    I would be surprised if Woodson isn't personally (not just his staff) communicating with Lander about what's expected and how he can get on the floor.  

    Coaches who don't care are the ones who don't communicate properly.  Then the player is confused and gets disgruntled.

    Lander has physical ability, although he does need to get stronger. If I were him, I'd pull Fife's shirt and ask him to work with him in extra time for advice on defensive positioning.  Fife is a guy who was as good as it gets in that regard.  

    Woodson comes across as a great communicator, and I would be truly shocked if hasn't made clear to Lander what is going on.  At the end of the day, Lander can't blame anyone else.  It's giddy up time on getting better.  If he keeps his wits about him, he can see that he is a freshman and there is time to get better.   Everybody here doesn't get equal playing time, orange slices and a hug after the game.  The real world is calling.  

    Lander has potential and can still have a great career at IU.

    Since Fife is part of the coaching staff is he allowed to work extra with the players? I thought the coaches were restricted to a certain number of hours per week in which to work with the players. I'd be surprised if those hours weren't already maxed out. Of course, I may be misunderstanding the restrictions or there might be loopholes, which is why I'm asking.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

    I agree with just about all that  you have said. I will add that those other coaches have taken over programs that have had great success and the new coach has continued and built upon those programs. I think Moren is taking a program to new heights that have never been seen in the past for Women's basketball.

    Yes, and I think I acknowledged that. The job she has done with the women's team is incredible. They were terrible when she took over and she's transformed them into a top 10 team, top 5 at one point. That's no small feat. Yeagley in particular had the benefit of taking over a strong program. While the swimming teams have a strong history, they weren't nearly as good when Looze took over but they still had that history to build on and weren't terrible.

    These are the top 3 coaches at IU in my mind. The order in which they're ranked is debatable. So she's certainly one of the best, possibly the best, but I don't think it's clear cut.

    It's good for the university to have enough great coaches that this can even be a conversation.

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  13. 12 hours ago, Zlinedavid said:

    Teri Moren is probably the best coach at IU currently, regardless of program. 


    12 hours ago, slojoe said:

    Certainly the most successful.

    Possibly. Although Ray Looze has a very good swimming program which has been consistently good with top 10 rankings for the men and top 25 for the women. He's also been one of the coaches selected for major international meets, like World Championships and the Olympics.

    Todd Yeagley has had the soccer team doing really well. They had an off year this past season and still made the tournament and had a chance at the B1G title. He has 4 Final 4s and a National Championship.

    Moren has done a great job turning the women's team from nobody to contender. She might be the best coach at IU but it isn't clear cut as there are some other very good coaches in some of the other programs. I wouldn't say she's the most successful at this point, though.

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