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  1. Unless we're talking about Archie Miller.
  2. My favorite part of Kopp's game is his interviews. I wouldn't be upset if he left.
  3. The truth finally comes out. Mods, can we get this long time troll banned?
  4. I was wondering what ever happened to that. Thanks.
  5. I'll be the 1st to admit it's hindsight thankfulness that Miller missed on him. Players, like Mitchell and Cross, who transfer around a lot seem like they're never happy and seem like they'd be detrimental to the team. Mitchell is a decent player but not good enough to put up with that.
  6. Another nomad player that Miller (thankfully) missed on.
  7. I disagree with you. I'll be surprised if he appears in more than 1/2 the games this year and is more than a rotation player as a sophomore. I think he'll eventually be good but it'll take some time to get there.
  8. Wait, you mean they're not going to pull straws to see who has to leave if they land another player? Insanity.
  9. I'm sure it could be done but I just find it highly unlikely. The amount left over after paying for things that scholarship players get paid (tuition, books, housing, food, stipend, etc) would probably have to be significantly higher than the player would make at another school with a scholarship plus NIL money.
  10. Anything except what the thread is supposed to be about.
  11. Even the recruits that were ranked well mostly ended up as flops so far in college, including a bunch of the players that he recruited but missed on. So he not only did a poor job of landing top talent, he did a poor job of even identifying that talent. Recruiting was probably the worst aspect of his time at IU.
  12. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-2024-6-foot-11-4-star-center-yves-missi/ 6' 11" center, 4*
  13. It's not. It's just an excuse some fans use.
  14. Miller's teams at IU had multiple players around 30mpg. Those teams also had a tendency to fall apart late in the season. Coincidence? Was that because the starters weren't getting enough PT? Or could the players have been exhausted at that point?
  15. Don't worry, he'll go for 30+ with no turnovers while shooting almost perfect when they play IU. We'll make him look like an All American.
  16. This staff isn't afraid to go after talented, high ranked kids. I hope they're able to land a bunch of them.
  17. I'll have what that coach is having. It must be some good stuff.
  18. Khristian Lander is ranked on there at #91 after ex-Hoosier Clifton Moore at #87. Phinisee and Durr aren't ranked. ESPN doesn't seem to think we're losing much to transfers this year and I agree.
  19. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/33684066/only-21-130-ncaa-fbs-level-schools-say-plans-provide-allowed-academic-bonus-payments-athletes-year IU isn't on that list. A ton of SEC schools are, though. IU needs to add this incentive if they want to keep up.
  20. My sources are saying the final roster for next year will become obvious in the coming months.
  21. I know that the deals can't be tied to the athlete going to or staying at a particular school. I haven't seen any of the deals personally but I would bet it's just a contract that's signed which lasts for a certain amount of time. I bet most of the deals are 1 year or less since the players could transfer, go pro, or otherwise not be on the team the next year. Even though they can't have it in the contract, I imagine that people/companies that want to give players at a specific school a deal check that the players will actually be at that school the next season before signing them.
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