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  1. I bet if Miller was still here he'd be showing Booker film of TJD like he did with Kaufman.
  2. You're higher on Smith than I am. He's listed at 5'10", 165 lb which means he's probably more like 5'9", maybe even 5'8". He's the type of player that might be good his junior or senior year but I wouldn't expect much from him this year or next.
  3. I agree on Purdue since they won't have great guard play. Not having many players for those positions also means an injury could be devastating to them. They still have a good front court of Edey, Furst, and Kaufman. But they did lose a lot and didn't really add much in the offseason. Illinois I'm a bit more uncertain about. They lost a lot but also brought in some good talent. The loss of Cockburn is probably too much for Underwood to overcome. He didn't really do much at UofI before him so they may revert back to that. It seems it could go either way for them. I'm hoping the start to suck again, I really dislike that school.
  4. He could get that sponsorship anywhere, though. At IU maybe he could get a Jiffy Treet sponsorship so they'd have "DQ" telling people to buy ice cream from them.
  5. Doesn't surprise me, either. Partially for the reasons you state but also because of an interview I saw with Rosemond around the time he was hired. I don't remember exactly what was said but he basically said that it was important to evaluate recruits on more than just talent. Personality, motivation, and things like that are just as, if not more, important than just talent. He was saying they needed to watch not just how the kids did on the court but how they acted during timeouts in the huddle, how they responded to adversity, and things of that nature. So targeting players who love basketball and play hard all the time seems to line up with what he looks for in recruits, too.
  6. IU at 33-1 odds to win it all which is #12. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/where-iu-basketball-stands-in-the-2023-national-title-odds/ I feel like Michigan is really overrated. They lost a lot from a team that barely made the NCAAT last year and didn't add as much as they lost.
  7. That was my first thought, as well.
  8. If Bird plays tonight the Celtics are in trouble.
  9. That's hysterical and I can't stop watching.
  10. I doubt this rule actually changes much. The refs haven't done a great job of enforcing the flopping time even even ask they had to initially do was give a warning. I think they'll be even more reluctant to immediately start giving technicals. Except for the officials that love to be the center of attention. Those guys will probably abuse this rule but only call it at pivotal points if the game.
  11. Flopping can happen at other times and not just when attempting to take a charge. It also happens away from the ball and offensive players sometimes do it.
  12. I believe that TJD said in an interview that when he was training for the draft combine in LA, Bates was also there working on his skills
  13. No, is that a concern or something? It shouldn't be since IU won 4 of its 5 championships without 3-point shooting so it can't be that important.
  14. I really like that Cupps is working at recruiting. That means our incoming PG (JHS) and our future PG (Cupps) are recruiting before ever even playing a game. That shows a commitment and leadership. I love it.
  15. On the other board I saw that he is planning to commit at the end of the month. He'll not have visited IU at that time. I don't like our chances. He's already visited Wisconsin and Virginia with planned visits to Maryland and West Virginia. I'd expect his final choice to come from 1 of those 4. On a side note, his ranking is all over the place. 247 has him at #77 but his composite is #167. Has he just not had much exposure? Sounds like a good player.
  16. If Reneau is as good as a freshman as TJD was as a freshman then I think he gets more than 15 mpg. As good as Thompson had turned out to be, freshman TJD was better than current Thompson so he would bit in to Thompson's minutes. And freshman TJD was time better than current Geronimo. You're probably current on TJD's minutes. The last 2 seasons he's been easily over 30 mpg and his Freshman year he was just under 30. I think Thompson and Reneau each get around 20 mpg. Your guess for Geronimo looks about right.
  17. One advantage of depth that I think often gets overlooked on this board is that it allows the players to go balls to the wall when they're in the game. This can enable them to get similar production in less time. In other words, bring able to go all out all the time when in the game can improve individual efficiency which would improve team efficiency. I'm going this lesson they seemed to learn late in the season carries over into next season. I think it will
  18. Not just from him. Part of the problem the last 5 years or so has been intensity. It's been very inconsistent for most of the players. If they can fix that can bring that kind of intensity all or even just most of the time, this could be a very good team. I hope the influx of talent will help with that. It should help motivate them in practice and if someone isn't showing it in a game, it seems that Woodson will have other options for pretty much any player.
  19. Every year, even during the Miller years, during the offseason some people on the message boards have said how much better IU will be the next season. Help is on the way, so-and-so is going to finally make the big jump in level of play, last season just had bad luck with injuries, etc as the reasons why. I remember some people before last season saying that that team was the deepest IU had been in a long time and that the 7th place projections were an insult and a joke. They were expecting top 4-5 instead. It's the offseason and that's what fans do. It's fine. There's plenty of reasons for optimism for next year but I do think that 7th in the nation is a bit high. There are still a lot of question marks about the team next year. With who we have returning and who we're adding top 15 and a favorite to win the B1G does seem reasonable to me but I would understand if others felt even that was a bit optimistic.
  20. Wow. At least they have a few early games to test if they deserve a ranking that high or not.
  21. LOL @ UI fans. They're not even listed despite losing Cockburn to the draft.
  22. I would be quite surprised if that felony stays a felony.
  23. Indeed. The B1G was highly overrated this past season. Actually, the past several seasons.
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