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  1. I think the defense last season was pretty decent until the conference season started. Then they went from allowing like 0.9 points per possession to well over 1 ppp.
  2. Having a coach with professional experience is probably helpful in that sense. They probably have to get players who are unhappy about their pay to still buy in help the team effort.
  3. 15/20? Wow. So you're saying he's due for an average normalizing game.
  4. That's pretty much what I heard Hummel say. Not that he deserved all the credit.
  5. By game: 2/4 0/4 1/3 4/5 So far today: 3/5
  6. Lander with a great pass. Do the last 2 games he's hit 2 long outlet passes (Leal and Bates) and missed 2 (Durr and Bates).
  7. 10 of 21 on the season the announcers said
  8. At least there is one of player that hits FT.
  9. IU seems like they have way more TOs than they actually do.
  10. I like that Lander looks for the break. He just needs to figure out how fast each player is. Bates this game and Durr the last he led by too much. Easy scores if he can start hitting those.
  11. He played two games ago so only a medical RS would still be possible but he's not injured.
  12. That's at least 2 missed dunks tonight.
  13. Yes, last year his shot looked almost like he was throwing the ball at the basket.
  14. BTN sucks. They didn't allocate enough time to finish a full volleyball match.
  15. Blasphemer! Everyone grab your torches and pitchforks!
  16. You weren't as me but I'll throw out a response to this anyways. I haven't seen either play so I can't comment on that but I will say that I like Little's size. He has 3 inches and 20 lb on Fears. 6'1" 165 vs 6'4" 185 lb. Little's size send more in line with what Woodson send to want. But that's only 1 factor and I don't know about any of the others.
  17. It looked to me like he didn't initially plan to do anything like that. It appeared he planned to just foul hard to make sure Galloway wouldn't be able to get a good shot and would have to earn the points at the line. Then he missed and only got hit his arm. At this point it was a snap decision to either have a weak slap on the arm foul which would likely end up as a plus one or do something more. He decided to go with the something more which was grab and pull. Unfortunately for both of them, their relative positions and momentums made this a very dangerous play that resulted in a broken wrist. I don't think it was ever malicious in intent but that he just wanted to foul hard. He went about it in a poor way. I agree with the ejection.
  18. https://www.foxsports.com/college-basketball/trey-galloway-player "Good" news is that it's his left wrist which is broken so not his shooting hand and not the same wrist as the HS injury (injuries?).
  19. He should be able to stay in pretty good shape with respect to conditioning since it's his arm and not a leg or back. His shooting will be rusty and even worse than usual, though.
  20. That was my take on it. The fact that he grabbed and then pulled down made it much worse and showed an intention. Without that it's probably not even a 1.
  21. It was obviously a play designed to get the ball into Johnson which had me scratching my head because I thought he was a poor shooter. Then he missed the first of the two with a shot that was pretty ugly which seemed to confirm what I thought. I had to go look up his career numbers because I was so confused by why they would design a play to inbound the ball to him in that situation. @BGleas is right, X is a pretty good FT shooter. Freshman: 75.1% on 6.3 FTA/game Sophomore: 76.1% on 4.3 FTA/game Junior: 78.7% on 4.9 FTA/game His numbers are down this year but it's only 3 games into the season. So the decision to get him the ball makes a lot of sense to me now.
  22. You remember correctly and it is the same one.
  23. So he thinks they'll have a great regular season then not make a Final Four? I can live with that.
  24. What is "aiding and abetting DWI"? Just being the car with a drunk driver? I've never heard of this before.
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