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  1. Yes. His association with Lebron has helped him amass almost 400k followers on instagram. That's what these rankings are based on: social media followers and not basketball skills or rankings.
  2. To be fair, the NCAA didn't know how to keep control even before this.
  3. That was my reaction when I saw that. I was so stunned I couldn't even post how stunned I was
  4. My take away from that comment (combined with other comments over the years) is that Booker doesn't love basketball and doesn't commit a ton of time on improving. A lot things I've read make it sounds like he plays because he is gifted and expected to. Maybe CoachSS thinks that going with going to MSU he won't hurt IU when playing against them or by taking an IU scholarship and then being a flop. Or maybe that he thinks Izzo can motivate him while Woodson couldn't. IDK, it's kind of a confusing comment.
  5. I thought that was said at the time he was hired. He was through coaching but interested in becoming an AD and the IU job was to get some experience.
  6. Don't be ridiculous. It's more like 12 people.
  7. Then it might help that Fife is no longer at IU. Personally, I'm okay if we miss on this kid. I've read lots of things questioning his motor and commitment to improving, unless I'm confusing him with someone else.
  8. "The Windy City 5". lol I like it
  9. He's injury prone enough playing basketball. I don't think he'd last long playing football. Wish the best for him. Seems like a good guy that I've rooted for. He's a player that I know had to leave but it still makes me a bit sad.
  10. For the record, Mackey would have never played for IU. He was busted for selling crack while still in HS after he committed. That was a bit too much even for Sampson.
  11. A few things: 1. Johnson is a year removed from playing for Capel. 2. Why would we care what his former coach said about him a year ago? 3. While not perfect, he was one of the best players on the team last year. Especially there last quarter of the season or so. Certainly the best PG we've had since Yogi
  12. He does have some access to the players through his show he started after the NIL. That said, he did say it was gossip and is second hand info. https://youtube.com/channel/UCvIiJqCqwG2jcezvn2VFevQ
  13. Stewart didn't use his free transfer.
  14. I don't think they have to commit to a school before the cutoff date, just enter the portal before then. Last season the cutoff was much later, July 1. I just looked and there was one piece I had missed. With a coaching change or their scholarship is pulled the players have until July 1 to enter. There are still the other ways to become immediately eligible such as grad transfer or hardship waiver. It's just that if they get in before the cutoff they're guaranteed to have eligibility the next season.
  15. Those have been things he's needed to work on the whole time and hasn't really shown much progress towards either. I'm not sure another year in school would change that.
  16. While players can enter the portal at any time, there is a cutoff date to have immediate eligibility the next season. I believe that is May 1 for winter sports. So most players will enter before that time so they don't have to sit out a season.
  17. I'm hoping both teams get knocked out next round. The B1G needs to fix a lot of things and getting embarrassed in the NCAAT with flame out after flame out might be the only way changes happen.
  18. They can be contacted immediately.
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