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  1. I agree with both of you. It's understandable for IU to be picked where they are and for the media to not have high expectations them. There are also many reasons for optimism from the fan base heading into the season. Time will show which is correct but I certainly hope it's the optimistic view and I really, really hope they're not both wrong
  2. I imagine from my own personal experience that was successful. While in HS, I visited relatives in Arizona around Thanksgiving. I fell in love with the winter weather at that time since I can't stand cold and snow. Indiana isn't as bad as other places as far as those are concerned but it's still colder and gets more snow than I want to have to deal with. After that visit my goal was to move to AZ. I've been there for 13 years now. So I imagine FL weather in the winter can only help recruiting so having visits during that time is a smart move.
  3. I agree that it's a weaker schedule at the top than most years but the weaker teams also aren't quite as weak as the bottom teams recently. I mean, it seems like the last few seasons there were a handful of games each year with teams ranked 300+. Overall, a weaker non-conference schedule. I think it's a good thing. Recently the selection committee has cared more about win totals than schedule strength and the conference schedule will get IU to a respectable SOS, good enough that as long as they have a good record with no bad losses they should get in the NCAAT. I think this non-conference schedule is weak enough that IU should have a very good record entering the B1G season. It will also allow the team to mesh while working out the kinks in a new system and Woodson to get some college coaching experience while also no sacrificing much needed wins (hopefully). Of course, the flip side is that a non-conference loss to any of the teams except Syracuse and St John's will likely end up as a bad loss so they really need to win all of those.
  4. Somewhere in between but closer to being swept under the rug than getting fired. Several game suspension is my guess. Of course, their non-conference schedule is tougher than their conference schedule so an early season suspension could hurt them more than it typically does for P5 schools and could ultimately affect their NCAA seed.
  5. Yes, dgambill was saying that in the past IU would get interest from recruits just for being IU but then they would go elsewhere because of the IU's coach. In this case, the opposite was true.
  6. A math teacher/baseball coach at my HS was named Richard Hurt, aka Dick Hurt. His parents didn't think that one through.
  7. Thompson almost transferred after last season. He likely won't go pro but he might transfer. Johnson made a comment that indicates he planned on playing only 1 more season. He might have forgotten that he had 2 more sessions of eligibility left but I wouldn't count on that Bates might go pro of he has a really good freshman season. 5* and high 4* players are usually looking to get to the NBA as quickly as possible.
  8. It's interesting looking at how current and previous recruits moved in the rankings. Misses: Filipowski +43 Skyy Clark -6 Bruce Thornton -21 Rodney Rice +13 Jalen Washington -24 Isaac McKneely +3 Alex Karaban +66 Still uncommitted: Malik Reneau +5 Noah Clowney +12 Rodney Rice +13 (I think he is no longer an option) Kamari Lands -22 (I'm not sure if IU was/is recruiting but I have seen the name around) Brice Sensabaugh From NR to 79 (I think he is no longer an option) Shawn Phillips -56 (No longer an option) Landed: Jalen Hood-Schifino +12 Kaleb Banks +8 C.J. Gunn NR (I don't know where Rivals previously had him or if they even ranked him before)
  9. I believe so. I think that every player on the team has at least 2 seasons of eligibility left.
  10. That's to be expected since the last year really cut down on scouting opportunities. Rankings are a decent indicator but far from perfect and I expect this year they'll be even more flawed.
  11. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to this recruitment. Woodson couldn't have done it without that Herculean effort.* *Unless he doesn't commit and then you just scared him off!
  12. Don't worry, he'll be along soon enough to tell us the sky is falling.
  13. No crystal ball picks so the guys that cover recruiting don't seem to know. He's playing it close to the chest.
  14. Statements like this is why his pay gets brought up. He didn't "give" IU anything. He sold that time to IU, just add everyone who has a job sells their time and effort to their employer. As far as opportunity cost, he also didn't "give" IU anything since he got a large raise to come to them and wouldn't have gotten more money elsewhere Your sentence makes it sound like he was coaching it of the kindness of his heart. He wasn't. It was purely a business transaction and you could tell that my how little emotion he showed about the job and the school.
  15. I very much doubt he reads this board so he's not going to get his feelings hurt. He was also paid quite well during those 4 years so it's not like he he was doing it purely for his love of IU. He's not above criticism and I see no reason fans shouldn't be able to talk about what a bad coach he was for IU.
  16. The results of the last 4 years support that conclusion.
  17. I saw on another message board that Durr is questionable. So he might play.
  18. That's a good page for fans to know about, as well. Makes it easy to follow the athletes on social media without having to look for their accounts.
  19. Last I saw, IU had slipped out of the top 5 into the 6-10 range. I bet if random people around the country were asked about the top 5 basketball programs, IU wouldn't make the top 5. Kentucky, Duke, and UNC probably would with a bunch of other teams fighting it out for the last 2 spots. IU would get mentioned but would probably be beat out by schools like Kansas, MSU, Gonzaga, and Louisville who have all been better over the last 20 years than IU. IU still has lots of loyal fans and that helps bring in money. But the brand has fallen nationally and there's been evidence of apathy setting in over the last 4 years within the fanbase. Compare the current state versus what it would be if they had been able to continue winning at the rate Knight won his first 20 years. 1 championship every 6 years or so. Or even just once per decade. Where would the brand be then? IU would be mentioned with Kentucky, Duke, and UNC, that's where. So the players do affect the brand. It's just not a quick change. What we've seen is a gradual erosion to the brand.
  20. The name on the front doesn't mean anything without players good enough to win at the D1 level. It goes both ways. It's not as though they could field a team of HS JV players and expect the name on the jersey to continue to bring in millions of dollars Do you think IU's brand is as strong as it was 30 years ago? It's not. That's because they haven't been as good the last 25 years.
  21. They bring the schools millions of dollars.
  22. I live in Phoenix and I almost never hear about college sports. When I do, it's usually ASU and not UA. I have an uncle who has lived in Tucson for decades and he says that even when UA was really good people there don't really care much. It's good to expand into new markets and I'd personally love if ASU or even UA were to join the B1G so IU would occasionally travel here for me to watch, but don't think that there is a huge fan base for UA. Both teams are on TV here, though.
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