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  1. I don't know if it's true or not but I like that theory.
  2. Yes, you are confused. What's being said in this thread is not that we should have passed. No one is saying that it's a bad commitment nor are they saying that it's bad due to no outside shot.
  3. Interest had been shown for PG Braden Smith (currently unranked). I don't believe he's been offered yet.
  4. Congratulations to Leal. Well deserved. Land Kaufman and there's a good chance it could be 4 in a row.
  5. It's so odd to me to have people arguing against bigs increasing their shooting range. The more versatile any player is, the more that helps them and the team. Big men, especially, who can shoot or play down low create real match up problems for the defenders. And if they can also put it on the floor and/or pass well they are all but unstoppable. They can pull rim protectors away from the basket giving the guards and wings the option to drive or shoot. A versatile big puts a lot of stress on the defense. They don't even have to shoot a lot of 3s, just show that they're willing to and very capable of hitting them. And if they're going to develop range, it makes more sense to extend that range out to 3-point range than just a long 2. It's more efficient plus defenses might be willing to let the big men shoot and possibly hit a few long 2s per game while they would certainly try to defend the 3. Like I said above, if a team can force another team to shoot long 2s, they have a chance to win.
  6. Touche. You are correct but my point stands that it is still not a good shot and certainly not the best shot. And I did say "about the worst." 😉
  7. The thing about analytics is they don't care how you, me, or anyone else feels. They're based on actual numbers from actual games played. The 12'-15' jump shot is about the worst shot you can take. It counts the same as a dunk, layup, or shot from 2' away but is hit at a much lower percentage. It might be hit at a higher percentage than a 3-pointer but not enough to compensate that the 3-pointer is also worth 50% more. It was true "back in the day" and it's still true now that if you force a team to shoot a lot of long range 2-pointers you're more likely than not going to win the game. It wasn't called "analytics" back then (at least not as a widely used term that normal fans knew) but Pitino's Kentucky teams were one of the first to employ this style of play or, at least, the most well known and successful with it. I remember watching the games and the announcers talking about how he wanted his team to either get dunks or shoot a 3. That was 30 years ago so it isn't a new thing to college basketball but is ubiquitous now and was uncommon then.
  8. I read he's a 64% FT shooter. Definitely something I hope he improves on.
  9. Davis didn't live up to his potential out of high school due to injuries, not from trying to hit shots he shouldn't have been taking. He showed that he did have a nice mid-range game but didn't shoot a lot of those. Most of his shots still came from close. If he had been able to stay healthy and work on his game instead of rehabilitating I think he could've developed a nice 3-point shot. This would've totally changed the way other teams guarded him. I would also point out that part of the problem with the offense this season is that there was often 3 players on the floor at the same time who can't hit a shot from more than 5 feet away. Coupled with guards who also had a hard time hitting their shots consistently, this lead to the paint getting packed. If one of the bigs had more range that would've helped alleviate this issue.
  10. Without accounting for the likelihood of each individual player will win the award, IU has a 40% chance to land a 3rd Mr. Basketball in a row since out of the 5 finalists there are 2 IU commits. Good luck to Galloway and Leal. I haven't seen any recent predictions or articles talking about all of the finalists. That's kind of surprising.
  11. Last year Adam Silver said it would likely be gone before the '22 draft.
  12. It is also not restricted to the players shown. At the bottom of that one it says any other 90s players for $1.
  13. On another site one guy posted a table he had made which broke down recruiting ranking vs success in the NBA over a recent period of 9 years. He defined success as $5M+ in NBA pay. Now, NBA success doesn't always equal NCAA success and even the $5M is an arbitrary value but he had to define it somehow. So not a perfect measure but still interesting and telling. The most successful group was 1-5 (by a large margin), followed by 6-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 in that order. 40+ the numbers were inconsistent in the way he grouped them but were close enough that I think they can be grouped together and all were less than these other groups in front of them. So while on an individual basis the rankings might not be accurate, overall they do a decent job of predicting success in the NBA. And I'd rather have multiple guys on the team with decent chances of having NBA careers vs a bunch that have little to no chance. The sweat spot would be guys that are ranked high but not too high so there is a good chance that they're in school 2 years, preferably 3 or even 4 years before having successful professional careers.
  14. LMAO, he said that Kaufman and Duncomb won't play together? I almost made a joke right after I saw this commitment that about how they wouldn't play together. It seems every player IU lands or is recruiting Kaufman won't play with. He wouldn't play with Furst until Purdue landed Furst then it wasn't an issue. He was fine playing with Lander until Lander committed to IU and suddenly they won't play together. Now Duncomb, ignoring that they play together in AAU with no problem. For what it's worth (not much), 2 Duke analysts predict Kaufman to IU now.
  15. I saw a 90s one on FB. Unsurprisingly, the players from the early 90s were mostly $4 and $5 players while the late 90s players were less expensive.
  16. 247 has him at 80. 247 composite has him just a bit above 100 (106?). Rivals has him around 140 and a 3*. I, personally, pay more attention to the composite ranking than individual site rankings. That and other offers.
  17. I've thought that but I'm leaning towards UK. He's always talking as if the only way to win is with a ton of 5* recruits.
  18. It's also easier than ever to declare for the draft and still return to school. Just because they declared it doesn't mean they're leaving. Even if they stay in and go undrafted they could return as long as they kept their eligibility regarding agents.
  19. I go with troll. No matter what the situation he finds a way to cast it in a negative perspective. Plus, he's called for rooting for losses.
  20. You can and players do. Most come at logical points of time like between the end of the season through the end of the spring semester or at the end of the fall semester (in season) but they can technically leave at any time.
  21. Errek Suhr maybe? He and Luke Jimenez both started as walk-ons and got scholarships. Under Miller, McRoberts got lots of PT as a walk-on but wasn't awarded a scholarship.
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