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  1. Those are also great benefits. You forgot to mention that coaching time wouldn't be restricted as it is in the NCAA. It's also expected the coach will be NBA caliber. In one of the articles I read it said the likely pick was an ex-NBA coach whose name I can't recall at the moment. This thread is supposed to be about Aminu Mohammed, though. There's another thread on the general discussion that has a similar conversation going on.
  2. Several reasons: 1) He might not intend to get a master's degree. Another season would be wasted time in school, if so. Speaking of master's degree, this brings up a question to which I don't know the answer: Does the player have to pay for the rest of their school after their scholarship ends or does the SBOR cover master's, too? I'm guessing it does not and he would have to pay but I don't know. 2) That is one more season of not earning a salary. 3) This ties in with #2 but basketball players have a pretty narrow window in which they can earn money from playing. Every year in school is one year less that they are earning within this window. That's not even counting the possibility of injury while still in school. Basically, from a player's standpoint, if they want to earn money playing basketball and are good enough, then it makes sense to go pro as soon as possible. It also seems like you're under the impression they're getting paid like $30k/year overseas. It's not NBA money, but plenty of players earn over $1M in Europe and China. Even decent players probably make a few $100k/year. Australia even has decent pay.
  3. Plus their Instagram pages and other social media, much like other Instagram stars.
  4. So it sounds like Kyle (whoever that is) thinks that Smith will be leaving IU no matter what. People have been speculating on this all season so without knowing who this is I'm not going to give it any more credibility than other random Twitter user.
  5. $300k is still more than enough to pay for college. They can also get endorsements to add to that. I've seen that Jalen Green already had a pretty good social media following so he could easily monetize that that. And that's for only 1 season. Only a catastrophic injury would keep players that go straight to the G League from having only 1 season of professional basketball, even if they don't make it in the NBA. Garza is a bad example since he's not expected to be drafted I'd he stays in and it's doubtful even a great run next season unless he corrects the weaknesses that currently have him ranked so low. If he decides to start on the draft (unlikely) and doesn't get drafted (likely if he stays in) then he could still return to school. It's doubtful he'll work his way in to the first round even if he returns.
  6. If by long term you mean a college education, then a single season in the G-League at $500k is more than enough to pay for 4 years of school. A lottery pick could live comfortably but not lavishly for the rest of their life with good investments while not working even if they don't get a second contact. If an athlete does go to college and attends a school like IU for 2 years before going pro, the rest of their undergraduate schooling is paid for. To me the G-League deal sounds really good for the athlete. They receive $500k to basically train full with professional coaches while not having to also put up with the rigors of an NBA or G-League season. In college, they're restricted to how much time they can spend with the coaches both by the NCAA and the reality of also having to be a student. This won't be the case in the G-League as they'll be able to concentrate full time on development. Also playing fewer games means fewer chances to for injuries in that one season.
  7. TJD had even already signed a few weeks before it was announced, iirc.
  8. Yeah, IU played 31 with no tournament. Maybe more the only way to get to 31 is to play one? Or do things like the B1G/ACC Challenge and Crossroads Classic count as 2 single game MTE as a work around?
  9. They are pretty new rules. This is either the first or second draft for which they've been in effect.
  10. Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) Tweeted: Source: The NCAA has approved a 28-game schedule with a 3-game MTE and a 29-game schedule with a 2-game MTE. Significant news in the college basketball scheduling world. The tweet doesn't explain what the change is but best I could find that it used to be 27 games with MTE (multi-team event) and 29 games without. So 1 more game with a large MTE and now allowed a small MTE with 29 games. All teams can now play 31 games. At least that's my understanding from what I could find. This might mean that teams can play in one of these every year. That part isn't clear. Conference tournaments don't count against this total. It always this isn't finalized and is currently just a proposal but it will likely go into effect. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ncaa-proposing-new-scheduling-rules-for-college-basketball-next-season/
  11. They can now hire an agent and retain eligibility as long as the agent is NCAA approved. They can even go through the draft and return if they're not drafted.
  12. I know he's just a freshman in HS and has a lot of time to improve but his stats this past season aren't that good. Especially considering he's already 6'5" playing the guard position so he's taller than most of his defenders. Anyone know what his AAU stats were against competition his own age?
  13. As a former HS swimmer who still loves the sport, swimming is what I always the first I think of when thinking about "other" sports. These athletes, especially the Olympic level talents, are ones who would really benefit from this. Since the last Olympics King, Ledecky, Manuel, and Dressel all attended college while they could've made very good money from endorsements. Others, like Pieroni, don't have quite the same name recognition to the general public as the previous but are well known to the swimming community and would've done well while in school. Apple is another recent Olympic level swimmer. Foreign national team swimmers like Lanza and Samy could probably cash in with endorsements from their home countries. There's money there for athletes in other sports. Camps like these are a great example. Even for athletes that aren't national level talents. We're not talking millions of dollars but decent money and certainly more than they are allowed to make now.
  14. Yes, I do. For one thing, it's not restricted to endorsements. The teams can have autograph signing events (through the school, someone else sets it up, or the players themselves set it up) which charges admission which is then distributed between the athletes is one example. The athletes can also hold camps/teach classes and get paid for those. The athletes might not be stars in college but they very well could still be home town heroes with companies there willing to pay them for their endorsement. Then there are athletes who are popular despite not being stars in their sport. Priller, for example, probably could've made good money even though (or maybe because) he rarely saw PT. As far as resentment, it's rare for people in the position to make exactly the same amount of money. Even more unlikely in sports. I think the athletes understand this. It can be viewed as a "welcome to the real world" type of lesson. Nothing is ever completely "fair" but this is certainly more fair for the athletes who rake in huge amounts of money to the NCAA and schools instead of trying to pretend they're amateur athletes playing amateur sports.
  15. We're talking about many more than that. The OAD rule affects only that 2% but this rule change will affect many more than that over all sports.
  16. That they all graduate with no debt and the school is totally free is a myth. Most athletes in most sports receive only partial scholarships. Even those in basketball and football, which received full scholarships, leave school with an average of $12k student debt. College athletics is basically the same as having a full time job while attending school so even if they could get a job, they wouldn't have a lot of time to do so. They're also restricted by rules as to which types of other assistance they can receive to pay for school. Ivy League doesn't give athletic scholarships at all. D3 athletes also do not receive athletic scholarships. D2 and smaller D1 schools can give scholarships but they may not always. Some may say that athletes from the sports other than basketball and football wouldn't be well known enough to earn endorsements anyways so they wouldn't benefit from this rule change. This simply isn't true. Lilly King is a world-record holder and an Olympic gold medalist in swimming. You've probably heard of her. She could've cashed in after the Olympics but chose instead to return to college. She's just one example of someone from another sport that could have made a lot of money from endorsements while in school and probably had only a partial scholarship. Even those who wouldn't be known to the general public would be known to others who follow the sport. https://collegead.com/how-much-debt-are-student-athletes-leaving-with/ https://www.credible.com/blog/student-loans/athletic-scholarships-dont-guarantee-debt-free-college-degree/ https://www.debt.org/students/athletic-scholarships/ Back to the marquee sports, they generate billions of dollars for the NCAA and schools and this trickles down to millions for the coaches and hundreds of thousands for assistant coaches (sometimes around $1M). Yet they're told they're not allowed to profit in any way other than an education. People also complain about players leaving early for the draft even though there is no chance they will be drafted. Those players might stay if they can make decent money while in school rather than trying to make it in the G League or overseas. This rule change, coupled with the probably change to the transfer rule, will greatly change college basketball and football but I'm all for it. They're in the interest of the players.
  17. "Creaned" is when they're pushed out due to an over sign. There were two open scholarships this past season so Forrester certainly wasn't Creaned. There's no noise that Miller is about to land another recruit or transfer for next season. TDH posted that his sources say the staff tried to convince Anderson to stay. So it doesn't appear he was Creaned, either. Transfers happen and they're not all getting Creaned. From the transfers that have happened under Miller, I'd say the only one that could really possibly considered a Creaning would be Gelon. I'm guessing this scholarship will go unused next season.
  18. I believe that was second hand through his HS coach.
  19. Have there been any "hmmm" comments by Rabjohns? That's when you know it's a sure thing.
  20. And he just landed Duncomb. So Miller is definitely recruiting bigs other than Kaufman.
  21. I remember when the incoming recruits used to go on a tour during the summer playing games around the state. This sounds like the whole team used to do that? I don't remember that ever happening since the late 80's when I was old enough to get interested in basketball.
  22. Purdue has a fish bowl of its own. It's just upstairs at Harry's so the family probably isn't too concerned about it.
  23. Are those projections for if the lockdown continues or if places start opening up again and the population start interacting with each other again?
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