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  1. Man, how expectations have fallen the past 30 years for the IU fanbase. smh
  2. International player (Canada) so not in the HS rankings.
  3. It'll probably be similar to last season and for a few more seasons going ahead until all the classes with extra eligibility are gone.
  4. Yes. It's very nice to see after years of the shooting getting worse than the previous year.
  5. Yeah, his shot starts down at his waist and he brings the ball straight up very close to his body. So his elbow is nowhere near 90 degrees, more like 30 degrees, maybe 45. Then he shoots it without the guide hand even on the ball. Doesn't get much elevation. Ugly shot and why he can be inconsistent.
  6. To me it reads as English as a second language.
  7. I don't all of you but I'm feeling pretty apathetic after the game tonight.
  8. Ah, yes. There were the "loopers." Those guys were obsessed and certainly wouldn't let it go. I think this is part of the reason some people still cling to Knight. The way the school went about firing him was pretty ball-less. If they wanted him gone they should've just fired him, citing his behavior or the fall off in the product on the floor. Instead, they came up with a convoluted way to set him up to be fired hoping they wouldn't get blamed for firing him. Yet it was so transparent that it backfired. They followed this up with bad hire after bad hire. I'm with @btownqb and think people have a hard time letting go of the past but I can certainly see why. It was not just that the coach they loved was fired but how it happened and then what came after.
  9. I was pissed that there was no call. How much would it have sucked if Trey got injured again in his first game back? That looked like a football play.
  10. I'm glad the coaching staff is on him early.
  11. This matches what others have observed about him. It's been his major knock in HS and doesn't appear to be changing. It's a risk but if Woodson plans to use only 8-10 person rotation then that leaves 3 scholarships for risks and projects. It's possible that he needs a different type of motivation than his HS coach is capable of giving and I'm sure that Woodson has lots of experience motivating talented players in different ways. So he might be able to get him to compete constantly hard but maybe not. I'd personally rather IU passes on him but I have no say in the matter and will hope for the best if he commits to the Hoosiers but won't be at all upset if he heads elsewhere.
  12. Painter beat out Miller to land Newman, Morton, Kaufman, and Furst. Miller landed a few that Purdue was also recruiting but even in recruiting Painter did pretty well against Miller.
  13. The qualifier isn't needed. Painter is a better coach than Miller all the way around.
  14. Just imagine if Brown was also on the team riding the pine.
  15. They may if the season goes off the rails again. I wonder what percentage of seniors remained at their school. Both of IU's seniors jumped ship and it seemed like many from other schools did as well.
  16. Everyone does get an extra year but those count against the scholarship cap. Every IU scholarship player has at least 1 season of eligibility left after this one. They would also all count towards the 13.
  17. Not counting against the scholarship was for this year only and only for players who were seniors last year who stayed at the school they started the season with.
  18. I've heard of at least professional athlete dying but that was in the early days of COVID. He was a soccer player in his early 20s but he had some kind of undiagnosed heart issue. The real danger to athletes is that it can inflame your heart. There was that Florida player last year who collapsed and could've died from his heart being enlarged after having COVID. So there is some danger but it seems very rare and the athletes all seem to be willing to accept that risk. I have seen at least one league is no longer going to test asymptomatic, vaccinated players which seems like the best way to go.
  19. Have sex with people who aren't relations?
  20. I was disappointed when Franklin decided to ditch IU but it looks like it may have worked to our advantage in the end. He's not having a good season. https://augustafreepress.com/hows-that-armaan-franklin-for-casey-morsell-trade-working-out/
  21. That soon? I didn't realize they were becoming more efficient.
  22. 2 crystal ball picks today in favor of PU with high (8) confidence.
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