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  1. A bunch of athletes already have deals lined up and are just waiting on July 1st to sign them. I don't know about IU athletes but at least some of them probably have agreements ready.
  2. I wouldn't read too much into his calling the Duke visit "outstanding." Here's what he's said about other visits: IU: incredible (official) UConn: great (unofficial) Northwestern: great (unofficial) OSU: amazing (official) Syracuse: awesome (official) We're also not directly competing with Coach K to land him. Scheyer would be his coach at Duke.
  3. A new coaching staff including a head coach new to college basketball for a team that finished under 0.500 the previous system at a school that hasn't been to the NCAAT since 2016. I'm okay with a weak non-conference schedule. It gives them a chance to work stuff out while not sacrificing potential wins since there will be a learning curve for both the coaches and players. The summer trip will help but what should be easy wins will also help. Some of the returning players could also probably use the boost of confidence, they seemed to lack that last season. Besides, it doesn't look as weak as it often was under Crean and Miller. 3 high major schools and some top 150 or 200 teams. I don't think we've seen a school ranked 300+ on the schedule yet. Now, if they lose to 20+ at home to schools like IPFW or ISU then I will complain but about the playing and/or coaching and not the scheduling.
  4. Right, but it does show that they're serious about helping the athletes earn money and aren't just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. So they're not disadvantaging themselves like they would without a deal with a company like that. From what I've seen, under Dolson IU has been one of the leading schools in preparing for NIL. One advantage IU has over many other schools (at least as far as basketball is concerned) is a large and passionate fanbase. This can lead to more money for athletes. On that note, I started a twitter account just for the purpose of giving IU athletes another follower since I already had FB and Instagram accounts. I recommend to any others on here without accounts on those platforms to make accounts even if the only thing they do is follow IU athletes.
  5. Yep, that is who they partnered with to help the athletes. IU also has a deal with Opendorse.
  6. I would say I'm shocked by that but I'd be lying. The ACC doesn't have a big lead in this series because they're the better conference top to bottom that much more often than the B1G. I'm pretty sure the criteria used when selecting matchups are best tv ratings matchups followed by best matchups for the ACC.
  7. On the road against that zone isn't a very good matchup for this team unless their shooting is significantly improved from last year. This will be a good test of how much the additions help in that aspect as well as seeing how much the returning players have improved or not in that regard.
  8. The IU message boards were convinced Trey Kaufman was going to commit to IU until the video leaked. Before that Purdue wasn't even seen as a real threat to land him if it wasn't IU. We all know how that turned out. Sometimes message boards are right, sometimes they're wrong. Probably wrong more often than not. In their favor this time is that Purdue is close to home so they do have a good chance.
  9. I know if I was highly ranked recruit I'd waste an official visit on a school I'm not interested in located in Indiana over other schools I'm not interested in located in places like Florida. It seriously makes no sense to say that IU was "never an option" even though he visited. They may have been far behind the favorite and he'll probably go elsewhere but I can't see anyone wanting to visit Bloomington, IN so bad that they fake interest just to get an official visit.
  10. I know recruits pretty much always say positive things about a school after a visit so it's unsurprising that he and the other visitors have said good things after theirs. However, there are degrees of positive and under Woodson they seem to be much more positive than after visits under the last few staffs. Either this staff is recruiting more kids who are prone to hyperbole or they are really making great impressions. It's wonderful to see and hopefully will result in landing some great recruiting classes.
  11. Are you having the t-shirts made already?
  12. Athletes usually do end up having some debt, even football and basketball players on full scholarships. The athletes of other sports almost certainly end up with debt. This article says that football and basketball athletes leave school with an average of $12k debt. https://collegead.com/how-much-debt-are-student-athletes-leaving-with/ Some other numbers: https://www.credible.com/blog/student-loans/athletic-scholarships-dont-guarantee-debt-free-college-degree/ https://www.statista.com/statistics/1130678/debt-ncaa-student-athletes/
  13. IU has offered 6'5", 195lb guard from Heritage Christian HS Myles Colvin. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-2023-in-state-guard-myles-colvin/
  14. I think it is in the basketball section because some thought he might walk-on to the basketball team if he decides to attend school instead of going pro. Even though he can't walk-on to the basketball team while on a baseball scholarship and it is starting to appear to be unlikely that he'll even end up at IU, this thread just hasn't been moved elsewhere.
  15. I created a twitter account just to add to the athletes' follower counts to do my part to help them get money for things like this. Now the NCAA just needs to get their s#!t together and make it so all athletes can earn and not just those in the 5 states which passed laws so the IU players can start earning. I think others that also don't already have a twitter account should do the same. Don't need to go on there often, just long enough to follow players.
  16. Should we now consider you to be an insider?
  17. It'll give them plenty of things to work on for improvement.
  18. Looks like they didn't have a #53 jersey ready for him since they put him in #21 for those photos.
  19. This used to be how I viewed the NBA vs NCAA in regards to intensity. Then the last 4 years happened...
  20. I saw on FB that Jon Rothstein reported that Jordan Bohannon was attacked on Sunday morning and received a serious head injury that required medical attention.
  21. Making an unofficial visit to IU in June. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/2023-in-state-prospect-xavier-booker-is-taking-a-june-unofficial-visit-to-indiana/
  22. My understanding is that GA can act like additional assistant coaches. Looking at the article linked within that article, it seems like they might only be allowed to do that under certain circumstances. UTEP's trouble with GA use: "Additionally, the parties agreed that the former softball coach allowed graduate assistants to provide skills instruction to student-athletes during extra workout sessions, regular practices and occasional competitions. This resulted in the program exceeding the maximum allowable countable coaches in at least four separate academic years, from the 2016-17 academic year through November 2019." Here is what ziprecruiter says the role of the GA is: "How to Become a Graduate Assistant Basketball Coach To become a graduate assistant basketball coach, you need to have many qualifications. You must have completed your bachelor’s degree and meet the requirements to attend a graduate school at the university or college where you want to study and coach. You also need experience playing on a competitive basketball team as an undergraduate. Coaching, leadership, and planning skills are crucial for completing your job duties, including assisting the head coach, leading training sessions, maintaining equipment, organizing meets, and providing training support to players during practice and games. You may also need certification in CPR and First Aid training. What Does a Graduate Assistant Basketball Coach Do? A graduate assistant basketball coach works under a head coach to support a college level basketball team. In this career, you provide instruction to student-athletes by showing techniques and working to improve performance during practice and games. You provide feedback on individual workouts and group practice. You also assist in recruiting new team members and retaining current players. You are responsible for recording video footage, assessing plays, overseeing team travel, preparing for games, identifying skills and weaknesses, and fulfilling other duties as needed. A graduate assistant basketball coach also promotes good sportsmanship, health, and academic balance." So maybe the GA can only help if not all of the coaches are there, like maybe when some are out recruiting. Maybe they were using the GA to get extra practice time with coaching, exceeding the NCAA allowed number of coaching hours. Or maybe there are different type of GA positions and some are non-coaching positions but they used them as coaching GA anyways. This last one seems like the most likely but I'm really not sure.
  23. My issue is with your comment which made it sound like it was an altruistic choice on his part to coach for IU and therefore he shouldn't be criticized. It wasn't an unselfish, charitable decision on his part to take the job. He was paid and paid well to take the job then proceeded to do a terrible job. Criticism comes with the territory and most of the criticism here is fair doesn't even seem very extreme. Besides, it's not as though he'll read these forums and have his feelings hurt. If he does, he can confirm himself with the $20M+ he got from IU for 4 years of poor results. Just because you liked him doesn't mean he's above criticism. If he didn't want criticism here should've done a better job.
  24. He did spend 4 years as the coach of IU, yes, but he didn't "give" those years to IU. They paid him $3.5M for each of them plus the $10M to go away because he was revealed to be a bad coach. I don't feel sorry for him.
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