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  1. That pretty much sums up how I feel about transfers and missed recruits
  2. I bet the Brits excel at tea sports. The US probably doesn't do nearly as well. 😄
  3. It may have been mentioned among the Biles discussion but the IU divers have scored silver medals so far: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/olympics/capobianco-hixon-add-u-s-divers-synchro-success-take-olympic-n1275248 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2021/07/27/delaney-schnell-jessica-parratto-olympics-silver-synchronized-diving/5382896001/ Capobianco has another chance to medal in the individual 3m springboard competition.
  4. This article explains more of what her anxiety is. Like the yips for gymnastics but combined with the anxiety of getting injured. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/2021/07/28/twisties-gymnastics-simone-biles-tokyo-olympics/
  5. It's quite possible that she was worried about severely injuring herself. Her head obviously wasn't in it and she was having trouble landing the stuff she normally does. A bad landing or a slip could result a bad injury - possibly one that is career ending and/or life long. If she were to land on her head or neck, for instance, that could result in paralyzation or death. Unlikely, but possible. She also does tricks that are more difficult and dangerous than the competition. The judges are expecting her to perform those so might penalize her (even if not consciously) if she were to change her routine to perform easier ones that she'd have a better chance of landing even if not totally focused. This, of course, is just speculation on my part so I might be wrong but it makes sense.
  6. Leal and Thompson were freshmen last year so I wouldn't say they got better because of Miller. They got better as the year went on but that happens for most freshmen as they acclimate to the college game. Thompson certainly improved, it just took 4 years to get there. Franklin made a large jump between freshman and sophomore seasons but from reading an article (I believe TDH) it sounds like Miller had very little to do with that improvement. This was the player that probably had the biggest improvement from one year to the next in Miller's tenure. The other players had small, incremental improvements and the team and players both tended to regress as the seasons progressed.
  7. A. I saw a dude on FB say that 3 swimmers who got bronze medals instead of gold were "failures." Calling someone that is top 3 in the world at their sport/event a failure is absolutely ridiculous. Especially coming from someone that likely hasn't done anything significant in their life.
  8. Right, decent but not great NBA players can now make $20M/year. Lottery draft picks can make more in 1 season than what a rookie contract 30 years ago would make for the duration of that contract. Even counting for inflation, the money the pros are making is way up. In addition, the money the schools and NCAA were pulling in were only a fraction of what it is today. So a free education looked like a decent benefit in comparison. This has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years which is why they also want to get paid while playing in college.
  9. So you are wondering why football players commit earlier than basketball players? You answered your own question: "Football season starts before basketball season." Many players want to get their recruiting out of the way before they start their senior seasons so they can concentrate on just that. Football starts soon but basketball is still more than 3 months away. Also, as far as the number of commitments is concerned, 12 in football is about the same as 2 in basketball from a percentage perspective. IU already has 1 commitment for 2022 and I wouldn't be at all shocked if there is 1 more before basketball season starts. Factor in that COVID really disrupted recruiting across the board and things will be out of whack for a bit. So I don't see any problem nor any indication that basketball players in general are more likely to be "divas" than football players. You seem to have a preconceived notion that they are and are therefore looking for evidence to back that up. This is known as confirmation bias.
  10. Just think, with the new transfer rule we can look forward to some athletes having public announcements 2 or more times in their career and hyping up each one of those. An initial commitment announcement and then they get to do it again the next year when they transfer after their freshman season. Good news for those that love following recruiting and parsing every word these guys say. Not so great if you find recruitment announcements and the hype leading up to them annoying.
  11. Like Seeking6, I would not be satisfied with a 10 seed but I would be glad they at least made the NCAAT. It's been 5 years since that last happened so a 10 seed is better than no seed.
  12. You forgot at least 7' tall. Some fans are a bit more reasonable and will settle for 6'10".
  13. I didn't listen to the interview but the short article that accompanies it indicates that IU was not one of the schools discussed. https://www.dukebasketballreport.com/2021/7/12/22571949/duke-recruiting-kyle-filipowski-update-iowa-michigan-ohio-state-acc-basketball-big-ten
  14. The country has to consider that athlete a "national." That will vary by country so there is no set rule other than the country deciding for itself if it will allow an athlete to represent it. I'm sure come countries would be willing to consider someone that if they're a good enough athlete even if the connection to that country is tenuous. Athletes can also change the country they represent, but I believe there is a wait period of a few (2 or 3) years after they represent their previous country before they're allowed to compete for the new one.
  15. I definitely agree with that. I I've said it before and I'll say it again, think Priller could've done well for himself if the NIL rules were in place when he was in school. It certainly wouldn't have been because he was a great player. So I won't be surprised if future fan favorites who play limited time sometimes make more from endorsements than some starters.
  16. I don't think it's regional, I believe you're right. I love in AZ and I see many more Manning commercials than Brady. Part of that is personality. Manning comes off as a down to earth, likeable guy even though he's goofy looking. Brady is a good looking guy (certainly better looking than Manning) but vibes off as a total d-bag. It's also possible that he doesn't really work hard to get endorsements while Manning does. I'm not in the marketing business so I can only speculate why that is. As far as football is concerned, while Brady is considered to be the GOAT, they're both 1st ballot HoF quarterbacks so I don't think that the talent gap is large enough that Brady would have a large advantage over Manning in that aspect.
  17. I don't believe this at all. Maybe some star athletes who get site deals and a bunch of other large endorsement deals but I doubt it's most pros. Others that might are those with big personalities but small contacts. But most bench warmers in basketball aren't known enough to get a bunch of endorsement money. The same goes for 2nd and 3rd string football players and positions in football like offensive linemen whose players aren't often well known
  18. Lilly King is already a professional swimmer so she has deals. She will probably get more with the visibility that the Olympics brings, especially if she wins gold again (as you stated) - which she is favored to do. She could've done very well for herself after Rio if these rules were in effect at that time. The IU Swimming and Diving team does have a few athletes going to the Olympics who are still in school, though. A good showing could get them some nice deals. I agree with your point about who will likely get deals in the near term. As time goes on I think they'll become more individual deals with a few team deals.
  19. This is football but still NIL related. Miami scholarship players could each receive $500/month from a single company for endorsements. Since it's a football roster, that works out to quite a bit of money over time from the company. $500/month isn't going to make them rich but it's just a single deal and more than they were allowed to get before July 1. https://sports.yahoo.com/florida-company-offers-540-k-worth-of-nil-endorsement-deals-to-all-miami-scholarship-football-players-183415305.html
  20. New coaching staff, head coach new to college bball, and it's a team coming off a sub-0.500 season that also lost some of its top scorers/best shooters. This following 4 straight seasons of mediocre or worse play. I'm not surprised they're not receiving the benefit of the doubt. They can be near the top of the B1G but there are plenty of question marks. It remains to be seen if they will.
  21. Yes, I'm agreeing that it's a good thing.
  22. Yes, just like the free market capitalism that pretty much everyone except college athletes were able to participate in until July 1.
  23. It won't be based just on their athletic prowess but also how well they market themselves and factors like how attractive they are. Olivia Dunne, for instance, is a gymnast for LSU. She may become a millionaire now that the NIL is in effect. Is it because she's the best gymnast? Not really. I have no idea if she's good or not. The reason she'll probably get rich is because she has a ton of followers on social media platforms. She has those followers because she's a good looking young woman who must've done a really good job of marketing herself and racking up followers. I would guess that all but a minority are probably following for reasons unrelated to gymnastics. I think players like Priller could've done reasonably well at making money with the NIL. He obviously wasn't a good ball player, but he is personable and was well liked by the fans. I don't dispute that there will be large gaps between what the top earners make compared with those at the bottom. My point is that the top earners won't always be the best athletes in their sports. I also think you're underestimating how much the top earners will make.
  24. A bunch of athletes already have deals lined up and are just waiting on July 1st to sign them. I don't know about IU athletes but at least some of them probably have agreements ready.
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