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  1. I read he wanted to come back as a grad assistant and coach asked him to play one more and add depth at QB. I doubt he starts but we have seen injuries change the QB race so much lately.
  2. While I don’t disagree I personally would like to know who the starting QB is, reviews on the new coaches, watch the spring game and such before I make a final prediction. I feel like CTA is already righting the ship in many areas and I feel like the team looked really solid before last year. Classic IU optimist I feel like this team could be better than this. But to be clear I would take 7-5 all day 😂
  3. I am a big Tuttle fan. Kid played hurt a lot this year and grinded for IU unlike some other QBs on the team. I think a healthy Tuttle with a good Oline makes smarter passes. I am very intrigued on what he and Connor will look like. The spring game should be a good first watch of what the team has.
  4. I will just say this isn’t just an IU issue. This is a global issue where everyone is being coddled. You can’t say anything that could be misconstrued or will hurt someone’s feelings. Everyone gets a trophy and all that matters is you tried your best. So many no longer work hard to get what they want and instead expect it to be handed to them. At a college like IU it is exacerbated even more. It’s a really interesting question to me around coaching at IU and does the university need more grit in its leadership? Makes me respect what a great job Morten has done.
  5. This is an IU thread champ, no where in your response did you mention ND and nor does it belong here. Nice try though.
  6. While I have stated I think Tuttle has the tools to be good for IU I am absolutely a fan of competition breads success. We also have no idea who is going to look best in the new offense so why not have an assortment of options. As stated about Taylor who is running away I would prefer a player to see that competition and take it head on to drive them to succes.
  7. Yep those 55 unsigned players in the ESPN top 300 are clearly last ditch efforts, not to mention the clear talent out there outside the top 300 and transfers still unsigned in the portal. Dire times…
  8. Agreed, we need to lock one or a merge them or something. I got enough browser tabs open already.
  9. Was just reading this article yesterday about how Dion and the success of the team has contributed to a $30 million uptick in money to an area of the country that really needed it: https://theshadowleague.com/the-city-has-seen-about-a-30-million-revenue-increase-deion-sanders-effect-has-brought-the-bag-to-jackson-mississippi/
  10. Never would want to miss a chance at a bowl game but plenty of time to recruit right now, great to see so many stones getting turned
  11. Also the receivers did few favors for any QB this year, in particular once Mathews went down.
  12. I know people won’t agree but I expect Tuttle to start next year. If we can get a better Oline in front of him he has the tools to be solid. That first drive against OSU stands out to me along the lines of what we could see with a better O-line.
  13. I still would like to see what Williams can bring. I have a feeling barring a major transfer into the program that he and Tuttle will be the best options next year.
  14. I’ll just say as a stat guy if you look at the numbers this hire doesn’t really move the needle for me. However, let’s look at recruiting first, additional transfers as a 1b, and then maybe actually see some games first next year before making a final determination. I also wonder if this hire being less flashy means this guy will stay for a few years. That has to be something worth considering as this team not only needs some new offensive blood but maybe someone that if successful might stay a year or two extra.
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