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  1. I have always found the key to good flatulence is to know when a fart may or may not be a possible shart and take according proactive measures because no one wants to be reactive post shart.
  2. Has anyone seen any details on how they will be distributing the normal team schedule poster? Last year them doing it by mail was great as I didn’t have to wrangle extras and mail them out for my relatives and just sent them the link to order themselves.
  3. You can’t keep sticking with Penix IMO, 17-40 with three INT and after his play at Iowa I am not sure why they would stay with Penix. He has to be on a short leash for next weekend.
  4. I am a sucker for a real stitched on number authentic jersey. I would buy an IU one yesterday if I could. In general not only am I not impressed by the adidas shirt offers I find most shirts on fanatics are made cheaply. I buy all my IU apparel from Homefield: https://www.homefieldapparel.com/collections/indiana-university-iu-hoosiers-store I got one of the Watford shirts from them a few years ago and the quality is fantastic, plus super soft. I refuse to buy any IU gear from fanatics anymore. Also the Homefield company was started by IU grads. I would also state I bought some Nike gear this summer for an MLB game and the quality was quite good and that site is run by Fanatics so to me whoever the maker of the product is important.
  5. I still see CTA jogging along highway 46 in the mornings, as recently as last week. Guy is just a bundle of energy. I have seen him jogging the highway ever since he first came to IU.
  6. Thought some of you might be interested, I got this last night in my inbox (of note, interesting they point out continuing to support IU instead of just the athlete directly): Dear XXXX, Tomorrow launches a new and exciting era of intercollegiate athletics for our students and for you as loyal Hoosier supporters, as our students will be allowed to be compensated for the name, image and likeness (NIL). This is a right that all other college students have enjoyed, and I am excited for our student-athletes that they now have this same opportunity. In anticipation of this rules change, we have gone to great lengths in recent years to educate our students about their NIL rights through dedicated programming and third-party partnerships with Opendorse and Altius. I am particularly appreciative of the enormous efforts that Senior Associate Athletic Directors Rebecca Pany and Jeremy Gray as well as Director of Social and Digital Media Lynnea Phillips have made to prepare for this new landscape. So what does all this mean, and what opportunities will exist for our students and for you? These new NIL rights mean that our students will be able to use their name, image and likeness to enter into agreements and be compensated while still preserving their eligibility to compete in intercollegiate athletics. Among the types of NIL agreements that they can enter into: • Traditional Endorsements + Social Media – They can be paid to endorse a product in any medium, including social media. • Appearances, Autographs + Camps – They can be paid to make appearances, sign autographs, or conduct camps. • In-kind Deals – They can receive “free” product for a photo, autograph, or social media post. While this is a seismic shift in the world of intercollegiate athletics, there are still some very important things that you need to know that have not changed. Among those are: • These new NIL rights do not refer to pay-for-play – Compensation cannot be contingent upon athletic performance as the basis for the deal. • These NIL rights do not allow for compensation to be contingent upon initial or continued enrollment at a particular school. • Your support of the Varsity Club means as much as ever – while you, as donors, will have new opportunities to enter into independent agreements with our student-athletes, your continued support of the Varsity Club remains critical as we provide for the outstanding educational and athletic opportunities for our student-athletes in the same way we always have. I invite you to review our IU Athletics NIL Policy, as well as this set of Frequently Asked Questions that may address items that I have not mentioned. If you are interested in connecting with a student-athlete about an opportunity beginning tomorrow, the FAQ highlights different ways that you can make direct contact with them. As always, thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes and IU Athletics as we collectively move into this new era! Go IU! Scott Dolson Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  7. “My team is on the floor”, still a money line after all these years
  8. The fact that Archie let his people leak he was fired before anyone could talk to the team was all I needed to know about what kind of guy he is. Take your ball and go home good sir. I don’t hate you or wish you ill will but I certainly see no reason to act like I like him or the mediocrity he lead IU in. He had a chance to exit with his head up and left in a tantrum. The fact two of his coaches are still on staff speaks volumes to me as well. How often does something like that happen? Says a lot without saying anything.
  9. Yeah it’s crazy how long out these things are scheduled now. Would love to see this sooner but excited to see this.
  10. Interesting to see it appears she was also involved in getting esports going at here old school. So not only does she get Athletics but also is in tune with the next generation of competition. IU has zero presence in esports right now and I have been told Glass wanted nothing to do with it though many schools actually align esports with Athletics. This is encouraging on many levels.
  11. Good to see Sean May get an elevation to assistant coach at UNC. I know there was talk of him having a chance of coming on at IU. If Roy doesn’t step down makes you wonder if that would have changed things and our potential coaches. Happy with Yasir and happy with where we are at. Just always interested with how one thing could have had a ripple effect here and elsewhere.
  12. I personally love the option for a team to decline free throws and take a throw in instead. At the end of the game down by three I want the game decided by good defense or a great offensive bucket, not allowing the other team to foul their way into a win. This rule is the one that I would be for the most. I also agree just move the game to quarters. I might also be ok with the euro step and other moves like that but not completely sure yet.
  13. I think the overall tone was IU fans get basketball and are passionate yet he will stick up for this team. Personally I think he was more pointing at the media and how negative articles rile the fans up. Also noted players need to stop tweeting and start staying after games to sign autographs. It’s on everyone, fans, media, coaches, players to be more human and know each other maybe almost like family. If anything I think he was more implying we have gotten into this mode where we are all disconnected and we need to reconnect in real life as IU fans. We are all to blame and all part of the solution.
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