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  1. This topic is somewhat silly, but I absolutely appreciate the conversation starter. You absolutely accept it. In the COVID world where the athletic department is running a deficit, you absolutely accept additional opportunities to collect revenue. Also, the basketball players want to play...you let them.
  2. Still, nobody is talking about him: Eric Musselman of Arkansas, formerly Nevada. The guy can COACH! He has spent time at nearly every level of basketball. And, being in his early 50s (I think), he is the guy that can be here for 15+ years. That’s who I get. Not Oats.
  3. We’re getting to the point of nearly combining every “post-game” thread with this “fire Archie” thread
  4. Not sure why nobody ever brings Eric Musselman up as a potential replacement? https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/coaches/eric-musselman-1.html Was great at Nevada, and putting together a competitive program at Arkansas in a "gaining strength" conference. Still pretty young. Again, none of this happens until after next year *at best*. But, nobody seems to be mentioning his name.
  5. We are in agreement. But, Archie gets year five because there isn’t a glaring option that’s better, not because he deserves more time.
  6. There-in lies our problem. We take a chance on another mid-major coach, that appears to be up-and-coming. Do we capture lighting in a bottle? Or, is it fools gold similar to Archie? I think Archie gets year five, but if (when) TJD leaves, he doesn’t have a chance.
  7. Long, long, long time lurker here. Have been on the Archie bandwagon for some time now. Even wanted IU to hire him early in Crean’s final season. Wow, have things changed. I was preaching patience for some time, but I don’t think that’s the answer. we all know it: - poor free throw shooting - poor three point shooting - recruiting was great, but beginning to slip - cannot finish games - odd rotations - built on defense, but that often is not good Year four of the same thing. What else is there to see?! The million dollar question? Who do we legitimately hire that’s better?
  8. THAT's the problem exactly. There are only something like ~65,000 respirators and ~1M hospital beds avaialble in the US. It won't take much for the hospitals to be overwhelmed, increasing the mortality rate from things outside of COVID19. Not trying to fear-monger, but brushing it off is the absolute WRONG response.
  9. That is wrong. It depends on reaction, the nation, etc. The range is ~.6% in South Korea and as much as 6.5% in Italy. the AVERAGE of all of those by the W.H.O. is 3.4%. That also spans age groups. CDC released information broken down by age. 0-40: 0.2% mortality, 80+: 14.3% mortality.
  10. THere is a member of the medical community at the federal level (don't remember if CDC or other), that stated they are operating with the expectation of 20-70 Million Americans will be infected by this. 17.3 days on average from known contraction to death. 20% of call cases require hospitalization. as many as 14 days between contraction and symptoms, meaning you can infect MANY before you are even aware.
  11. While I had the same sentiment as most early in this virus' lifespan, I am swayed the other direction now. While this virus is lethal, it isn't its mortality that is the biggest concern. Rather, it's the taxing of the current healthcare systems in place. Using the current numbers from the nations that are experiencing it the worst while also not knowing the future, we extrapolate the numbers out and they QUICKLY overwhelm the current healthcare system. Right now, all we have are the numbers...and the early comparisons are WORSE than the typical flu. I invite you to read this very well thought-out and written article. It is based deeply in facts, and gives a low-end/high-end range of outcomes. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
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