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  1. https://www.verbalcommits.com/transfers/2021
  2. If you want NBA type of alts, they should do one with "B-Town" across the front. That's what the NBA would do.
  3. This is the most complete and up to date per ncaa.org: https://www.verbalcommits.com/transfers/2021
  4. He actually grew up in Iowa City as his dad was a doctor for the University of Iowa hospital. He did not move to Newburgh until before HS.
  5. Dribble... dribble... dribble... chuck it up. I see that sh!t so many times now and it makes me want to puke.
  6. Surprised you missed '82. What if Turner doesn't have an automobile accident. Or, Kitchell's injury in "83.
  7. Yep. It's also about teamwork and movement. I just cringe every time I see one guy dribbling around with blinders on while his 4 team mates just stand.... even if he does make a shot.
  8. I always felt like computers are only good to help separate a handful of teams that I can't tell the difference visually.
  9. I'm starting to agree. I guess it was partially based off the B1G v ACC challenge. I just don't think the ACC is very good either. I wonder if mediocre play is the new top play. As I said earlier, I watched Zags v BYU and was not impressed with either. I watched Baylor recently and was not really impressed. I'm just starting to believe that the game is just not very good anymore. I know it's become boring to me. I long for the days where even teams like UE put 5 guys on the court that can shoot lights out. I also hear a lot about the "athletes" today, but are people really saying guys like Jordan, the Fab 5 and Graham, Cheaney, Henderson where not athletic enough to play today? I know they could all shoot... and the game is still about putting the ball in the hoop.
  10. Fair, but IU did beat Iowa twice, took UI to the wire both time as well as overtime with FSU out of conference. Those may have been virtuous match ups too. Especially Iowa. I honestly don't watch enough Sparty, so probably shouldn't have gone that far, but they just did not look like a good club today or against IU either. Maybe it's just my mood, because I was also not impressed with the Zags the other night, and they are now 25-0.
  11. Getting their @$$ kicked by Terps right now. Sparty is just not good, and IU got swept by them.
  12. Heritage Hills over Evv Bosse 62-51. UE signee Blake Sisley went for 40 pts and 13 rbs in the win. He'll be a solid player for the Aces. I remember last year HH had Silver Creek on the ropes at the HOF Classic before missing free throws a TO in the last minute allowed Silver Creek to get it into overtime.
  13. Happy to be wrong tonight this one and will admit I did not see it coming. I watched Iowa the last few weeks because Nunge went the same high school as me and I was curious how he was doing. When I saw them I was impressed with how Iowa was playing. Maybe it was just a good stretch for them, IDK. My real thought is, why can’t IU bring what the did tonight, every night?
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