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  1. I was kind of afraid his Uncle Matt would push for Purdue. Not sure how much weight that holds in the decision, but we’ll see. I know Matt wanted to go to IU when Bobby Knight started to give him a look. Of course, Matt had the worst game of his HS career when Knight came to Silver Creek and eventually passed on him. So, in college Matt played against and beat IU a couple times as a big F-U, so it probably makes sense that he’s not pushing for IU.
  2. Lol, that’s its name? Interesting choice. So what’s the stuff about his Uncle Matt? Was he pushing Trey to PU?
  3. Sorry, dumb question, but what is KC? Not sure I’m familiar. Trying to get context on what the push was from his Uncle Matt? Meaning, Matt is/was pushing for him to pick Purdue?
  4. Obviously I’m not a UofL or UK fan, but thought this was pretty funny.
  5. So...word is that when Justin leaves IU, he has a recruiting visit with the Illini coaches. During that visit, he’s complaining about his former IU teammates not passing him the ball when he’s open on the perimeter. He said something like, “There wouldn’t be anyone guarding me on the perimeter and they wouldn’t give me the ball.” Lol. I died laughing. I wonder why, Justin?? And the story goes that the Illini coaches heard that and kind of looked at each other like, “okayyyy...we’ll be in touch.” And of course they didn’t take him, the Illinois kid.
  6. Speaking of Illannoy, I should maybe share a funny Justin Smith story...
  7. Liking the way the winds are blowing now, based on what? Based on the board’s change of attitude, or stuff you’ve heard?
  8. Don’t you love how that affected Arizona’s recruiting? Lol. Just another commitment today, no biggie. Unreal.
  9. He wants to major in Physics. And I’ve said the whole time that PU matters. I think people not as close to him assumed UVA and UNC were bigger threats, but to some of us local guys I think IU and PU were known to be the top picks. And I was the one who told the board that this time last year his HS coach told me directly “Trey really likes Purdue”. So I knew they were not to be ignored. I hope it’s IU, of course and I personally think IU edges PU when you’re laying out the pros/cons. But, I’m not Trey and he knows what’s important to him.
  10. Sorry, I knew all that. I guess I was asking what is the Jeffries rule, as it relates to TK?
  11. Sorry, what’s the Jeffries rule?
  12. I’m more worried about him saying in an interview that he felt Purdue might be the best system fit for him. But, I’m hopeful that familiarity with current players, great relationship with the staff, and closeness to home wins out in the end. And let’s be honest, it’s always been said that an IU commit that’s in the running for Mr. Basketball has an easier road to that award by being an IU commit. Not saying if he commits to PU he won’t get it, but that’s been perception for many years. And I know for a fact he’s well aware of how many consecutive Mr. Basketballs IU has gotten recently. I do be
  13. Even though I think UK is Hopkins’ choice, it would be an either/or situation for IU with these two players.
  14. Nobody can say for sure which way he’s leaning because he’s been so good about keeping it within his family circle. But, I will say I think if he’s doing an honest pros/cons list, IU has the slight edge in the pros column. I know the IU staff likes its chances.
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