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  1. Who is the next person we should be keeping an eye on that IU could land? Any rumblings out there
  2. This is the approach I am all for. Give them their time to think. Once they have been given that time, you start looking elsewhere. Only so many spots so others committing will put pressure on some to decide what they want to do.
  3. If everything shakes out this way, thoughts on this lineup? Johnson, Franklin, Stewart, Brooks, TJD? Even if Johnson doesn't end up coming, throwing Lander in there as the PG, is this lineup better with Brooks instead of Hunter at the 4?
  4. I think earlier you mentioned Brooks in a lineup (maybe it wasn't you) do you think he is actually leaving UK or more of a guess? I know you have been able to provide some insight in the past, or at least good educated guesses.
  5. I'd say Jerome's biggest asset is his ability to shoot the 3. Add Parker to the lineup along with Johnson, who shoots better than Lander or Rob, then the 3 point shooting is improved. I'd trade Brooks' defensive ability to switch and guard multiple positions. Just my own opinion.
  6. I cant say for certain because I did not watch much, I will say that I think he is an immediate upgrade defensively. Just my opinion.
  7. I always felt Race was the top candidate to leave just based on TJD returning and the style Woodson wants to play. To put a combo of TJD, Armaan, Stewart, potentially Brooks too would be a pretty good lineup. Add Johnson or Lander as PG and look out.
  8. Parker and Race in the transfer portal would be my guess.
  9. I'd say in times of virtual zooms that getting together for a press conference is easier now than driving from wherever to attend in person.
  10. I read somewhere else that media is usually informed the morning of the day a media availability will be happening. So would know one way or another tomorrow morning.
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