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  1. Monitoring twitter...no-one is picking up on it yet from a media perspective and its been almost an hour...not saying it isnt true but its super shady right now.
  2. https://baumhoops.com/college-resources/2021-hot-board/
  3. Anything above 7 would kinda be taking the moment away from TK, no? 7 is a wink/nod to us lunatics waiting for Friday. That's my interpretation.
  4. Peegs raising his confidence on 247 is enough for me until given more conflicting information.
  5. I saw it. Was on IG Stories a few weeks ago.
  6. Alec Lasley: Right now Indiana sits at one commitment in the class of 2021 and that is with four-star center Logan Duncomb . Though sitting at one commitment going into the end of October isn't great, it's also not something to worry about. With the early signing period coming up in just a few weeks, Indiana's class will have a lot more clarity in due time. The big name is Trey Kaufman - who is set to make his college decision on Friday - and the two names that are being connected to him right now are Indiana and Purdue. Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana State
  7. Trey's IG Stories hinting at a possible decision soon
  8. it was on IG stories...wouldnt read into it
  9. That shit is a disgrace to journalism
  10. just feels out of the recruiting board relevancy...make it a topic for general IU basketball stuff
  11. The writing is less than ideal...could see the confusion
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