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  1. this thread is on a bender
  2. Except I implicitly trust Izzo to keep them near the top 5 and I still like a lot of Michigan's pieces.
  3. Sorry if this has been made clear somewhere, but I dont know Lander's exact birthday - is he even eligible to declare for NBA after 1 year?
  4. I know this is a recruit thread but the most important thing to me here is JS playing the 4. Cant have him roaming around the perimeter for another year as a 3man.
  5. Kyle Neddenriep podcast today suggesting TK very much prefers to stay local to play in front of family + IU being in a very good spot. Nothing earth shattering but another hint that we are in a good spot.
  6. Well...if you believe this tweet...Cough cough = KAUFman
  7. Makes me think of Poole when he leg kicked that GW vs Houston h/t CoachSS
  8. Did any pertinent TK info come out of that last Peegs article?
  9. Lander is 13 - we're fine
  10. Ok, Mile...between your challenge and the lack of sports, here I am. 24/7 365 Indiana basketball junkie. Looking forward to contributing, not just lurking!
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