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  1. That shit is a disgrace to journalism
  2. just feels out of the recruiting board relevancy...make it a topic for general IU basketball stuff
  3. The writing is less than ideal...could see the confusion
  4. Anyone read the Wesley news?
  5. But he isnt transferring - we need a new commitment immediately - we're clearly a little bored.
  6. Indiana Purdue Notre Dame....Louisville? Maryland?
  7. Mid pandemic, popping out of nowhere, I always lean the local school (who also happens to be a great option). Reading his original quotes on IU, his mom did go there so you never know I guess.
  8. My money is on Nova, love this kid and his game.
  9. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/wednesday-s-leftovers-mason-miller-ryan-mutombo-vols
  10. Would be legit shocked if he picked Indiana
  11. He follows at least 1 Nova player and 2 assistants I think.
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