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  1. Can never fault or question someone from going back to their alma mater. Honestly, I think most of us knew this day would be coming. He did a lot for us and helped change the culture here. Given the details and buyout of Harbaugh’s new contract I don’t think it’s too far fetched that Hart could be the “next” HC at Michigan. I think that played a role in his decision as well.
  2. Iowa is probably thinking the same thing that they have to open with us.
  3. ESPN has us at #10, second in the big ten. Cincy at #11. Definitely could see College Gameday making a trip to B-Town next fall. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30669807/the-2021-way-too-early-college-football-top-25
  4. Fryfogle is coming back!!! Your move now Whop.
  5. Older bro went to WVU and follows them very closely. Said OT regressed a lot this year. He sent me the tweet from Fran Fraschilla. This is someone I would be leery about bringing in.
  6. I know IU extended CTA last off season but you got to think if IU keeps this up they may have to do it again this year. He’s still towards the bottom of Big ten coaching salaries. Mike Hart included.
  7. Louisville did have its national championship vacated, but I agree UNC, Kansas, and Arizona have seemed to be bulletproof when it comes to the NCAA.
  8. I think IU will win but coming off an emotional win last week, add to the fact that we are ranked and getting national attention from the media this has the ingredients for a let down. If told me we would win comfortably I would believe it. If you told me it's going down to the wire I'd also believe it. I'm convinced that CTA will have them ready to go on Saturday.
  9. Regular Bowl births. 6-9 wins annually. 7-8 wins should be the standard.
  10. It’s early but Palm updated his bowl projections and has us in another Florida bowl....and on New Years Day!
  11. Respect the hell out of Allen for going for 2. I thought it was the right decision. No need to try and go another OT when we were struggling lately to stop them. Props to Penix for never losing focus after struggling for most of the game. Big players make big plays and he certainly made the biggest. Welcome to the top 25 fellas!
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