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  1. My understanding is Ostrom is responsible for managing in game substitutions. Obviously Archie can makes moves when he wants - but Ostrom is largely responsible for rotating guys in and out. I think we’ve all been critical of substitution patterns from time to time
  2. Regardless of whether or not this is true - Justin Smith was always about Justin Smith - whether it was him turning his back on Archie, his lackadaisical trots up the floor or transferring because Archie would not sacrifice wins so he could highlight his inability to shoot 3s and dribble. We could all see it. That’s why people aren’t upset about losing him. I’ll roll with our 11 guys.
  3. Having Seniors is great IF they’re either your star players or they’re team first guys. This past season Archie seemed to have a tug of war with Devonte and DeRon. He had to work just to keep those guys invested in the team - much less happy. I don’t envision very many likely scenarios in which Smith would have been happy with his role next year. Having an unhappy Senior next year would be hard on the team and Archie - we will be better off with everyone bought in to winning. I look at our 11 guys for next year and I see 11 guys who are going to be about winning.
  4. Notre Dame and Purdue have both announced they'll be on campus in the fall. McRobbie leading from behind as usual. I can't wait until he is gone - unfortunately I have no reason to believe his replacement will be any better.
  5. Predicted Starting lineup: Lander, Durham, Smith, Race, TJD The lineup I would most like to see: Lander, Durham, Hunter, Race, TJD I am giving the nod to Durham over Rob because I thought he finished the season well and he I think he slots more nicely at the 2 than Lander or Rob.
  6. I know you're considered smart and rational if you try to downplay Lander's impact for next year by comparing him to DJ Carton and claiming he will get 16 to 18 minutes per game off the bench. I strongly disagree with that take. I don't think Lander is coming in a year early to come off the bench and I don't remember the last top 30 recruit at IU which came off the bench. I like Al and Rob - but they've been (some would say at best) average big ten guards. Lander is on an entirely different level. I've got Lander playing 25 minutes a game and starting.
  7. To be fair, this only happened after all of the off court incidents (Emmit Holt/Devin Davis/HMP incident, drinking stuff, positive drug tests, etc). I don't think it is a viable long-term plan...but I love the move in the short-term as a punishment and a way to make sure the kids aren't out getting in trouble.
  8. Does anyone have a reliable source for European player salaries? I remember trying to look this up several years back when Jordan and Sheehey went over to play. I was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago and Rabjohns made a comment something like the following...by going to Europe you can make six figures and the first digit may not necessarily be a 1. If that is the case - yes these guys can make good money...but its not NBA money. Common sense tells me this is probably accurate, which is probably why guys like Watford and Troy Williams didn't try to make much of a go of it over there.
  9. Rivers always seemed like a bad fit at Indiana. I was on the fence about listening to this podcast - but definitely going to listen to it for the Crean stories now.
  10. This past year our rotation was 10 players (after CAM shortened the rotation by benching Damezi) and that felt about right to me. Trying to find minutes for three more guys who expect to play is very challenging. I understand you don't want to limit your team to 10 scholarship players because injuries happen - but 11 or 12 seems right to me. A happy locker room matters.
  11. Don't throw anything at me and maybe it is just because the only two Purdue games I watched this year were the ones they played IU - but I have to think they're going to be pretty good. Newman and Gillis coming off redshirts - lots of other returners.
  12. I want to get Aminu. However, there is certainly an added risk right now to getting commitments from top 20 players - especially those with no prior connection to the state/school. Counting on a guy like this only to have him go pro at the last minute could be very damaging. It’s a gamble - Michigan feeling the pain from it right now.
  13. Agreed. Sending one kid to La Lumiere and then UK are enough red flags for me. I do give him a little bit of credit for sticking it out at UK for another season. I fully expected a transfer.
  14. Agreed. I don’t think he realized how it would come across in people’s twitter feeds. No breaking news from Rabby tonight.
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