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  1. I think Coach SS is correct on all counts here.
  2. I'd have to agree with you. Although i would put this in the same bucket as the Davis kid from Indianapolis who has a brother at Louisville. If the older brother has a good experience at MSU/Louisville it is going to be tough to pull the younger brother away. If older brother has a bad experience (i.e. Jeremiah Rivers haha), things could be wide open.
  3. Will be interesting to see if all the hype for Smith is real. Right now his only offer is Indiana Wesleyan which is more worrisome to me than his national ranking. If he has the potential to be a high major player - why haven't any mid major programs offered yet? The pandemic?
  4. What did Mike Davis famously say? He’ll always be a part of the IU Family?
  5. Smith and Gibbs-Lawhorn both look really good to me. Nice thing about the video is that it is not just a highlight video - 12 minute video includes mistakes/missed shots.
  6. First I’ve heard of this kid. He is really well spoken in the interview for a 15 year old kid. Regarding his answer on who he grew up rooting for IU or Purdue - really smart answer. He was in a tough spot - if he says one or the other that team’s fanbase would pencil him into the scholarship grid and the other team’s fanbase would cross him off the list.
  7. It was a hell of a ride.
  8. Everyone raves about what a great guy Daryl was, does anyone know how closely he stayed connected to the program in the years before his death?
  9. Agree - but Wesley WAS thinking of Archie when making that comment. So let’s say Wesley has that misconception. Wesley didn’t watch Devonte for four years - so he doesn’t know the truth like we do.
  10. This is my interpretation as well. I appreciate the optimism of posters on the board - but let’s not act like Blake is purposefully misguiding IU fans. I believe exactly what he said - IU isn’t going to be the spot because of Damezi’s lack of success, his belief the IU offense is slow and he just isn’t a very high priority for us. If he were a high priority we have every reason to believe his relationship with Archie and Bruiser would be a 10. The fact of the matter is Archie is doing an excellent job recruiting and you can’t get the 88th ranked player in the country every time. Also, the idea that IU would have to change their offense for Blake is a little offensive. We aren’t going to change our offense to land the 88th best player in the country.
  11. The interview Mike just posted on The Daily Hoosier is not positive. Wesley is very honest - maybe too honest. I think it is highly unlikely we get Wesley and that is perfectly ok. Archie is doing a great job recruiting. Go check out the interview and support Mike’s site. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/watch-iu-basketball-class-of-2021-shooting-guard-target-blake-wesley-updates-recruitment/
  12. This is fake news. I looked up the list of people Patterson follows and TJD, Archie and IUBB are at the top of his list for me as well - but that is because I ALSO follow them. If I click unfollow - it can appear as though I am not following them and they are Trey's most recent follows. I think this is just someone trying to stir up the IU fan base. In all likelihood - Patterson has been following these accounts for months.
  13. I think it all depends on how things work out for the older brother at Louisville. If he has a great experience, it will be hard to get D'Ante. If the older brother struggles, I think we are in the driver's seat.
  14. We are playing from behind on this recruitment right now I would guess - but a lot can change depending on the depth chart/his brother's experience at Louisville.
  15. Let's see if any other major schools go beyond "interest" and actually make an offer. Until that happens - I think this is just kicking the tires.
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