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  1. We can keep all of our current players and still add a few from the transfer portal, right? Benefitting from Archie being unaware he had 13 scholarships to offer.
  2. Apparently Beilein was seen undergoing his pre-hire physical in Memorial Stadium this morning. Rumor is he was unofficially timed at 13.1 seconds in the 40.
  3. When should we expect to hear something on Archie? Could it come as soon as tomorrow? If I recall correctly, word on Tom Crean’s firing took longer than I thought it should have (maybe 5 days - but my memory is shit). Anyhow, what’s the typical timeline here?
  4. Archie Miller: "The NIT is why I got into coaching."
  5. Apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere in this thread - but the Celtics would have to fire him in the next couple of weeks for this to work, right? Stevens isn't going to pull a Bobby Petrino and quit on his team in the middle of the season and we will not go months without a head coach.
  6. Beilein could get the program back on track. We would then be in a much better position to make our next hire.
  7. I don't think we are in a position to wait 4 years for ANY coach to get their system in place. That mindset needs to end. For 3 years, we kept saying it takes time to install and learn the pack line and Archie just needs to get "his" guys. We need to move past that mindset. Other coaches win right away and we need someone who will do the same.
  8. Tim Buckley was the shot doctor - but on Archie's staff Schilling was supposed to be the player development guy - so I would assume shot doctoring would have fallen into his responsibilities.
  9. It is fundamentals. We don't need someone to come in and totally re-vamp all of our jump shots. What we need is someone to point out when a person's fundamentals get a little off (which happens). I always go back to Archie's first year and Collin Hartman. He was clearly falling backwards on his shot the entire year. Nobody ever fixed him. He had a beautiful looking shot and a history of being a good shooter - but nobody stepped in to get his fundamentals back on track - so he was horrible at shooting his senior year.
  10. Hiring a shot doctor or even THE shot doctor was a no brainer two years ago - yet here we are having sat through 4 years of terrible 3 pt and ft shooting. Brutal.
  11. I frankly don't care what these national media folks think. They have no read on the IU fanbase. They haven't watched IU lose to Purdue 27 straight times. They haven't watched us miss free throw after free throw or go on 8 minute offensive droughts every game. They don't understand the lack of player development for guys like Rob Phinisee and Al Durham. All they do is look at our record (which is awful) but they have no idea how bad the product is on the floor. Archie will be fired within a week after we lose in the Big Ten tournament - as he should be. Archie already knows he is going to be fired.
  12. Gregg Marshall got railroaded at WSU and should have been the hire at IU four years ago. IU doesn’t have the guts to hire him but he would lead us back to glory.
  13. I almost fell out of my chair when I read Thad Marta was only 53.
  14. IU basketball media throws softball question after softball question at Archie. If you had five minutes with Archie, what would you ask him? I'll start: -TJD (2), Race (4), Hunter (3), Franklin (2), Durham (4) and Phinisee (3) have an average of three years in the program. Why can't we play defense? -Based on IU's struggles in the Big Ten your first 3 years, did you consider trying anything different this year? -Do you have a player development program? -Why does Trey Galloway get so many minutes and Anthony Leal get almost none?
  15. Vonleh and Bryant - nobody is going to want to talk about it. However, they were both highly rated McDonald's All Americans being recruited during a time in which they were almost certainly offered money by programs. Not to mention the fact that Kenny Johnson was the lead recruiter. Why did a couple of McDonald's Americans from the northeast pick IU?
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