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  1. I love seeing IU players get drafted, because it makes the NBA way more fun to watch and it’ll help Indiana recruiting on the national stage (out of state). I also hate seeing players that aren’t going to be drafted in the first round leave. Look at all the UK players that aren’t going to be selected till the late second round. Why not just go back to school and raise your draft stock for the next year. Hopefully next year neither of these guys make a bad decision that they will later regret.
  2. The rule is 19 years old OR a year removed from high school. That means Lander should be eligible for the 2021 draft. I personally think he will be here 2 years. But, if Lander and TJD are both drafted in the 2021 first round that means we would’ve have a really good season.
  3. If Smith actually worked tirelessly on his 3 point shot he wouldn’t have shot 26% from 3 as a junior. I wasn’t implying he would have been a high draft pick. Also we know Justin has that raw athletic ability and he has the intangibles to be a great defender. If he shot 33% from 3 he would have gotten more of the shots he wanted and could’ve been a second round NBA draft pick.
  4. Can anybody confirm this. Seems pretty interesting and believable.
  5. I don’t get why Justin can’t just shoot mid range and 3 pointers for 3 hours a day in the summer. He could work on dribbling and footwork for another 1 hour a day in the summer. This dude has had all the opportunities in the world the past 3 years to get a consistent jumpshot. Just look at Victor Oladipo, he didn’t whine about playing time and he didn’t whine about being showcased in the offense more. Victor came in as a 3 star recruit and just outworked everyone and that’s why he was selected the #2 in the 2013 draft.
  6. Exactly, just think if Justin Smith shot 33-35% from 3. Archie would have him playing 35 minutes a game and he would be impossible to keep off the floor. Instead he jogs up and down the court with what looks like little desire to play. Just because he transfers that doesn’t mean he is going to become a better shooter elsewhere. This was a bad decision but I’m glad we got Edward Smith off of our coaching staff. Just look at him standing behind the bench at Illinois.
  7. I don’t get why Justin is transferring. He averaged 30 minutes per game last year, which is the most on the team. He would’ve averaged the 2nd or 3rd most minutes on the team IMO. He has bad people in his ear.
  8. I’m guessing a Justin Smith transfer. Him being around his dad for a long time is not a good thing. But Smith averaged the most minutes last season and would be 2nd or 3rd in most minutes this season.
  9. Or Fpeaugh is just messing with us because he is an Archie hater and everybody on the board dislikes him.
  10. I saw that too. Could be Kaufman committing to IU, Mike Pegram put in a crystal ball prediction for Kaufman to IU last night. Or it could be a transfer.
  11. I saw that too. The tweet about Texas Tech makes literally no sense.
  12. Kaufman will win it, his team would’ve gone far in the tournament this year. They should go deep next year too. He also was Gatorade player of the year as a Junior, the last person to do that was Greg Oden.
  13. Thanks, I’m a big IU fan. I’m interested in other recruiting stories and stuff like that.
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