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  1. He was always a Purdue lean and that’s a good get. He’ll be a great fit for Brohm.
  2. Was only wondering why you included items not relevant to the discussion. Sorry to have upset you so much.
  3. That scholarship is rarely, if ever, a full ride. In fact, it is often so minimal as to almost not move the meter. As for LL, she wasn’t trying to get scholarship money and her efforts weren’t geared toward that in any way, so not sure why you’d use either her of the lacrosse example, as one is co pletely inapplicable and the other is close.
  4. You’re talking purely about need-based grants which, while high minded, aren’t the purpose of athletic scholarships (at least football and basketball, which are “full” GIAs, compared with most other sports, which are partial). Athletic scholarships are derived primarily through donations, just as needs based grants are (though they come through different funding mechanisms within the University). Squeezing one end of the athletic ballon won’t produce a benefit for the academic / needs based other end.
  5. I think colleges will play at least some of the season, but I don’t think high schools want the potential liability associated with kids getting sick due to a sponsored extra curricular activity. Sports, clubs, intramurals, band, theater, etc. will be suspended for the time being. Go to school for a limited schedule, go home and e learn, don’t eat here, don’t compete here . . .
  6. The IU AD literally pays IU for each athletic scholarship used by a student athlete, which includes tuition, room and board. Trimming the amount of non revenue scholarships wouldn’t impact “regular” student costs, just as trimming the current 13 men’s basketball and 85 football grants wouldn’t impact those costs, either.
  7. As was I when I said “I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.”
  8. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Some athletic departments are going to get ravaged financially.
  9. ND can fit in with the ACC and play enough teams to fill out their schedule. It won’t be an issue for them.
  10. Even less likely that high school is played this fall than college football.
  11. ADR . . . Alternative Dispute Resolution is the fancy name that they assigned to mediation and arbitration, all in an effort to avoid litigation. I think you’ll see other conferences, bog and small, quickly follow suit so that everyone can plan for a schedule of games and maintain flexibility to respond to changing circumstances.
  12. It’s also about preparation. Teams go three and four deep and your need quarterbacks for each of those units. You also have in-season scout / show teams, and you need one of your quarterbacks who has the skill and versatility to run simulations of the opponents offense every week all season.
  13. A spring schedule would very likely be with a greatly reduced roster, just like spring practice. Many 4th and 5th year kids would opt out, as would anyone with NFL aspirations. And attendance would be extremely poor, as would television coverage. It’s never been a realistic option for those and other reasons.
  14. The qb of the future there is Mertz, who was very highly recruited and nearly won the job as a true fresh last year. He’ll go around Conan at some point. I think they’ll play a few different backs, but Watson, Groschek and Guarendo will be the main guys.
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