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  1. When you guys start comparing their butts, I'm signing off.
  2. I love Wicks sandwiches and usually get one of those instead of Pizza.
  3. Did he call Dan a blowhard? If not, he fell short of perfection
  4. He is a lottery pick in the Chicken Little mock.
  5. How many pitchers are in the Hall because of playing in a pitcher's park or during the dead ball era? How many Red Sox hitters benefitted from the Green Monster? How many Yankees players are in the Hall because they were Yankees and not Washington Senators? Etc, etc, etc.
  6. 10th all time among right fielders. Better than 16 other right fielders that are in Hall (number does not count players that made HOF based more on managerial success). Better than Gwynn, Winfield, Guerrerro, Shoeless Joe, and Ichiro, among others. And, if you look beyond offense, Walker was a very good defensive outfielder as well. And, assuming he was not roiding in that era like many others were, his stats look even better. More doubles, home runs, and ribbies than Roberto Clemente.
  7. Purdue......falling faster than an iguana in Florida.
  8. Walker's career WAR is actually higher than Jeter's.
  9. Sometimes things just don't align properly. How cool would it have been to see Isaac Haas and Kofi Cockburn go against each other in the Purdue / Illinois matchup (with Dan Jock-itch on the call)..
  10. Gotcha. I missed that. Details are not my strong point. .
  11. Actually, they have Wesley grouped with Kaufman and Duncomb as High Interest. Furst is grouped two levels below that in what I would consider an 'Other' category.
  12. Interesting that 247 does not think much of IU's chances with and/or interest in Furst. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Season/2021-Basketball/Targets/
  13. I was flipping channels, heard Dakich on the call and decided I would watch other games tonight.
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