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  1. Survived. Brady did not do enough. 6-1 on the year. WooHoo
  2. Sp sorry to hear this. The best advice I can give is to not put any pressure on her. See a professional even if she is not ready. Over time, if this is no more than her just needing some time to sort things out, she will appreciate you not adding extra pressure. If she knows you are seeing a professional, when she is ready, she may decide to join you.
  3. It is biased journalism at its most pathetic. With the schedule we have left, there is no rational person that would expect us to lose all 5 games. Jerry, just do the job you are hired to do, and keep your childish biases off a national sports page.
  4. Please be permanent and eventually include TV as well.
  5. Interesting that the infractions are not detailed. Recruiting automatically comes to mind, but the best player is also the coaches son.
  6. I'm okay if the Pats score 157 points tonight as long as it is all defense or running game. Need Brady to suck so bad that his balls deflate.
  7. I don't know. They are all older than 70 now. Might need to rely on a lot of bases on balls to get around the bases.
  8. Montgomery has been worthless for me. Was looking to drop him anyway.
  9. Need my opponent to get a mediocre performance from Tom Brady tonight and I could actually pull out a miracle win on a bad week.
  10. Reds should have never fired Dusty. Would still not have been a WS contender, but would have been a heck of a lot better than they have been.
  11. STILL can't find a place for 5-2 IU in his bowl matchups. And, it's not like he's predicting an excess of 6 win qualifiers, because he has given two Big Ten spots to Central Michigan and Liberty. In other words, he is predicting that IU will not win another game. https://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/bowls/predictions
  12. Me to my son yesterday when we were trying to determine flex. "You're in a hole because of Mahomes injury. You need touchdowns. Your main choices for flex are Darren Waller against the Packers or Golden Tate against the Cardinals. While Waller may catch more passes, Tate has a better chance to get into the end zone. You should go with Tate". My son to me after today's games. "Dad, you're an idiot."
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