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  1. Okay. Look at it this way. Assume it's your son, grandson, or nephew and your neighbor across the street puts up a sign 'encouraging' him to make a life defining choice. And, your son, grandson, or nephew knows that if he does not make the choice on the sign, he's going to disappoint and maybe even upset 50% or more of the people in the neighborhood. It's not fair to the young man.
  2. That would explain why @bluegrassIUneeds help with it.
  3. The establishment in question is not only in Sellersburg, but it is literally across the street from the school complex. His hometown should support Trey regardless of his decision. As hoosierfan34 said, imagine leaving school every afternoon and driving by that if the choice is not IU. That's tough.
  4. Saw this video tonight and thought 'Damn, Phil Collins looks just like Archie in this video during the close-up shots of his face.
  5. I would help. But, just tell me one thing. What's twitter?
  6. I'm okay with businesses in other towns doing that, like Hoopsters. But, local businesses should not put that type of pressure on him. I, for one, will support and follow him wherever he goes (I can say that since UK is not on his list).
  7. Congrats HTD. Sorry you did not get to see the games.
  8. I have not seen any. Nor do I think anyone in town would do that to him. Our Taco Bell did its job with Romeo.
  9. At what point does not having a schedule become an issue?
  10. As much of the country surges, Louisiana is not. Interesting because they got hit hard in the initial April surge and were hit especially hard in the July/August surge. Yet, now, in the October surge, their number of cases and deaths is remaining steady. Now, does it mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. But worth keeping an eye on. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/louisiana/
  11. Why wouldn't he go to IU because of Duncomb? That makes no sense unless they don't like each other. With Furst, you can at least see him playing some 4. Duncomb appears to be a true 5.
  12. The phrasing you used is concerning. Corrected it for you.
  13. Correct. He yellowed at the top of his lungs something like "Orange you going to play for the Black and Gold? I red on a Purdue message board that everything was green and good to go. By committing to IU, you blue it."
  14. I think limiting turnovers will be the biggest challenge to overcome. The article mentions trying to guard a couple of the bigger, stronger guards in the B1G, but I think that job will fall primarily on Rob, with Armaan taking responsibility when Rob is not in the game.
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