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  1. Troy Lewis and Delray Brooks tied in '84.
  2. Some guy named Larry Bird finished 4th in the voting that year.
  3. If I was GM and decided I could only keep 1 of Turner/Sabonis, I'm keeping Sabonis. He's vastly undervalued around the league and, because of that, you would never get equal value even if you wanted to trade him. But, I can't imagine why you would want to in the first place.
  4. Oden looked 31 when he was 6.
  5. Can't believe how many of you Pacer guys are okay with trading Sabonis. I don't do that for anyything. He would be virtually untouchable if I was GM. Not sure if you realize how good he is.
  6. You going to hate on the Celtics even though they drafted Carsen?
  7. UK Basketball and it is not even close. Next tier would be New England Patriots and St. Louis Cardinals.
  8. That would be an NCAA extra benefits violation worthy of a 3 year post-season ban. Unless it was Duke or North Carolina. Then the NCAA would praise them for taking an interest in a kids Dental health. Could even turn into one of the fake classes at UNC. 'Dental Health 101' Brush your teeth every day and get an automatic 'A; Flossing can give you extra credit if you miss a day. .
  9. Cannot tell you how happy I am to hear that Brunk is taking time out of his summer to watch potential future teammates. That;s impressive, especially when you consider he has not even played a game for IU himself yet.
  10. Knowing Archie can't possibly offer every kid in the 2021 class, it will be easy to root for the kids that don't end up IU.
  11. Seems like every day there is a new name. The coaching staff is working hard.
  12. Cleveland is starting to play a lot better. Twins can't let up. Also, it looks like the feel good story of the Rays is starting to end. I will be surprised if Tampa even makes the playoffs. Would never have dreamed that 3 weeks ago.
  13. I am the same way about the '40 championship.
  14. Bob Knight praised the Archie Miller hire. Dan is a jealous child, plain and simple.
  15. He is the next 'must have' recruit for IU.
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