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  1. Happy for you that you got to see your team win a game like that. Sad for you that you are a Cardinals fan.
  2. I did the porn star thing even though I knew having it being on my resume would hurt future employment opportunities.
  3. Wonder if Nebraska and Rutgers will be a protected rivalry.
  4. You guys should give each other a big hug. In addition to being a way to make amends, it's a good way to see how soft someone is.
  5. Ahhhhhh, the old 'shiny new' philosophy. The truth is that existing players have been known to develop. Keegan Murray and Johnny Davis developed. Victor Oladipo developed. Frank Kaminsky went from redshirting to being NPOY before he was done. Tom Coverdale, with his limited amount of raw athleticism, went from barely playing as a freshman to being the starting PG on a team that reached the National Championship. Renault is good. But, that does not automatically make him better than Geronimo.
  6. Where did I say they both would be crashing the glass on 100% of shots? But, it opens the door for many more offensive rebounding opportunities. If Bates shoots a 3 from the left corner and Race is on the left wing, of course Race does not crash the offensive board. But, if the guy on the weak side is Geronimo instead of Kopp......BINGO an offensive rebounding opportunity that is not there otherwise. You guys are pulling out worst case scenario for every argument. The reality is both Woodson and Hunter have publicly indicated the are working with JG with the idea of him playing some 3.
  7. I would agree defense is the bigger concern because offensively I can see it working well. Race can and does play some on the perimeter in the offense, and can help break a press or even bring it up himself in a pinch. And. I think they both are capable enough to shoot 35% from 3. Having them both on the floor could result in a huge number of offensive boards and second chance points.
  8. Until I see the team play a few gamed, the only two I definitely put in that category are TJD and XJ. Race is not a good FT shooter and is prone to defensive lapses.
  9. Do you think having TJD, RT, and JG on the floor at the same time hurts IU more on the offensive end or defensive end?
  10. That local D1 talent will likely head to USI in the future. I worry about the city being able to support two D1 teams. And if it does end up being a problem, UE is the likely loser.
  11. It seems to me as if Vic is not as humble as he used to be. Fame may have changed him.
  12. 3 years ago this would have been easy. But, I've soured a bit on Vic, who was a clear number one until recently. - Yogi - Watford I'm replacing Vic for Watford. I want players who contributed to team success and hung around a while. Sorry Romeo.
  13. All of the advanced metrics (PER, W/S per 40. Box +/-, etc.) clearly indicate that Geronimo is our 4th most effective player among returnees. And, it's not really close. I can't see a scenario where Galloway or Kopp consistently play more minutes than Geronimo. I personally believe that he's still at IU because Woodson convinced him he can get him to the NBA. Otherwise, he would have transferred. He didn't come back to IU to sit on the bench for 70% of the game. He's going to get 20+ minutes a game, with the occasional 20-30 minute game thrown in there if Race or Trayce is in foul trouble.
  14. Gotta feeling that Woodson will handle Prima Donna's a little different than Painter did with Ivey.
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