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  1. Things were going well until I asked her at dinner one night where she was when the WatShot went through the hoop. She didn't know what I was talking about. What else could I do? I gave her the check, asked her to give the waiter 25%, and left. If a lady doesn't know what she was doing when the WatShot happened, she isn't all that special.
  2. Bassett created the most unfortunate headlines after leaving IU out of all of them.
  3. I wait 72 hours and call back. Give the idea time to simmer.
  4. I hate to beat a dead horse, but it could just take one phone call. You never know until you ask. North Carolina, Duke, and UK (if Cal were to leave) aren't going to be afraid to make that call when they need to.
  5. I always felt Ellis and Bassett were the ringleaders and Thomas, Crawford, Holman, etc. were just along for the ride.
  6. How many Chris Mullin's, Patrick Ewing's, Matt Doherty's and Kevin Ollie's have to be hired and fired before we realize that hiring a former player as head coach of that school may not be a good idea.
  7. We had that with DeAndre Thomas on the Sampson team.
  8. Indiana went to 6 classes in 2013. Since then, no school outside of the Indy Metro has won the 6 A state title. Before that, in the days of 5 classes, the last non-Indianapolis area team to win a championship in what was the largest class at that time was Penn in 2000. The moral of the story is that, if you are a large school in Indiana, but not in Marion or one of the adjoining counties, you are not winning a State Title in football.
  9. Those that threw out Brad Brownell's name may want to check out Clemson's offensive performance in the first half against Virginia this evening. It's all how you pronounce the 'O'.
  10. A mass on the kidney is not a good thing. My daughter had one as a small child. If cancerous, masses on the kidney are prone to spread.
  11. It will be very mixed. Some will always love him from his IU days. Others will feel a great amount of betrayal. Betrayal can often bring about stronger emotions than love
  12. Newly Acquired Victor Oladipo Already Wants Off The Houston Rockets (thesource.com)
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