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  1. 5fouls

    MLB discussion

    There have only been 5 complete games in the entire National League this year. No team has more than 1. The Cubs have 10 shutouts but none are complete games. Treating starting pitchers like babies has gone too far.
  2. 5fouls

    NBA Draft

    Mavs drafting Brunson may be an indication that they expect Yogi to move on.
  3. If Hunter is Top 20, it will be interesting to see how many minutes he gets. Does he take them from McRoberts? Smith?
  4. 5fouls

    IU Tweets

    Silly in the sense that you don't think it will even take two years for Freddie to crack the starting rotation? Maybe mid-season this year?
  5. 5fouls

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Hot dogs are bad for you. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23856907/phillie-phanatic-injures-fan-flying-hot-dog-citizens-bank-park
  6. 5fouls

    Where are they Now -- Bracey Wright

    Bracey missed the shot that led to this moment.
  7. 5fouls

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I have learned that practicing poor hygiene will usuallly deter them from wanting to touch me.
  8. 5fouls

    Weight loss motivational thread

    My target weight is 185.
  9. 5fouls

    2018-19 Playing Time

    Redshirt or shirts absolutely need to happen. And, it should not be used on someone that will likely never be a rotation guy, regardless of the number of years they are here. I think the use of a redshirt last season for Race Thompson was a good one. Forrester, & Anderson are the most likely candidates. As far as minutes, I would flip Durham and Phinisee. Bringing a freshman along slowly would be easier to sell than reducing a returning player's minutes.
  10. Smith will be top 3, but it might not be 3rd. I'll be surprised if anyone averages over 16. I'll predict each of the top 3 average between 12-15. And, before someone says that's too low for Romeo, look no further than some of the guys predicted to go in the lottery this year. For every Trae Young, who carries the scoring burden for their team, there are several like Kevin Knox, Wendell Carter, Jaren Jackson, etc. that contribute more modest scoring on more well-balanced teams. I think that's what we have this year.
  11. 5fouls

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Not if I'm eating carrot sticks while I do it.
  12. 5fouls

    Weight loss motivational thread

    I had been avoiding the scale recently, knowing it would not be good. My curiosity got the best of me this morning, so I decided to see what to expect before the official weigh-in on Sunday. Not good at all. My highest weight ever. If I wasn't motivated before, I definitely am now.
  13. 5fouls

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    This thread has gone to pot.
  14. 5fouls

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Last time I got one of those , I told the guy "No, you're not from the IRS. You are a crook. Nothing but a crook. And, if you call here again, I'll report it to my neighbor, who is a federal agent." I've not been called since.
  15. 5fouls

    Weight loss motivational thread

    I weigh 592 pounds right now. I expect to have a very good first week.