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  1. After all of the information that has came out in the past year, I've concluded that the only D1 coach that does NOT cheat is John Calipari.
  2. 5fouls

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    In that case.... Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale A tale of a fateful trip Okay. I'm done
  3. 5fouls

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    Touche'. Just learned that Mary Ann had a GoFundMe page setup for her earlier this year, which is kind of sad
  4. 5fouls

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    Let's be honest. Considering Ginger is now 84 years old and Mary Ann is 79, it basically comes down to which one has the bigger bankroll and which is more likely to leave it to me.
  5. 5fouls

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    Purdue Sucks and UK Cheats There's a couple of topics we all can agree on.
  6. 5fouls

    Things to ponder.

    According to Wikipedia, Christian and Samantha Ponder had their wedding meal at Arby's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Ponder
  7. 5fouls

    Things to ponder.

    Like 'Samantha'?
  8. 5fouls

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    I will never understand why a player that earns a scholarship does not receive a scholarship. Yes, he came here as a walk-on, but, to me, that means what he has done is even more impressive. Thumbs up to Zach for a job well done.
  9. 5fouls

    Weight loss motivational thread

    I have been travelling for two weeks and I suspect I am fatter than hell. Will be home tonight and will weigh in tomorrow. I expect a lot of progress over the last few months will be gone.
  10. 5fouls

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    The NBA is so good that only one member of 'The Movement' made the league, and he does not start.
  11. 5fouls

    Best Job In The B1G

    I enjoyed it as well. Don't like the fact that we are only a half-point ahead of MSU. We need to do something to extend that to a more comfortable margin.
  12. 5fouls

    Best Job In The B1G

    Probably includes locker room, and press room as well