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  1. Lamar Jackson has hooked up twice with Tyrann Mathieu already
  2. Well, at the beginning of the week I put Courtland Sutton into my lineup. Last night I talked myself into going Tee Higgins instead. I should take a cue from my wife and not listen to anything I say.
  3. I was fortunate enough to go 3-0 last week. After Thursday's results, I think I will be happy to go 1-2 this week.
  4. The real tragedy here is that, if Brad is truly done, he may not post here any longer.
  5. I don't know, but I doubt either of those teams had 13 scholarship players. Or, if they did, they had injuries or redshirts in the mix.
  6. You have to get an enormous amount of buy-in from a college team to build a program that way. Kids want to play, and that approach may work if you only give out 10 schollies, 11 if one is named Priller. But, if you hand out 13 scholarships to kids that can both play and want to play, then if your rotation is only 8, you will have 5 unhappy players. And, if that happens, at least 1 or 2 of them will be distractions.
  7. Truly disappointing day. I was going to show up at your tailgate, introduce myself as GoColts, and eat all your food.
  8. Just got settled on the couch after attending the game, driving home, and going to the grocery. I've not read the game thread or this thread yet, so if I repeat something that has been beat to death, I apologize... Really not many positives other than I thought the defense played really well for the first quarter and a half. Couldn't really tell from where I sat whether the targeting call was legit or not. But, it was a huge momentum changing moment and left a big hole in our defense the rest of the game.. I though Penix threw the deep ball fairly well. His receivers did not make some plays they should have. That said, he was just plain bad over the middle and on out patterns. He held the ball too long and tried to force things that just weren't there. Literally, the only time it looked like he tried to throw it away was on 4th down in the waning minutes of the game. That's obviously not the most opportune time to decide to throw it away. On the 4th down failure in the red zone in the first half, I literally told my son that it was a bad move even before it failed. You are dominating things at that point. Put 3 on the board, go up 10-0, and be happy. I also literally told my son I thought Penix would try to force something just before his interception in the end zone. Once again, throw the ball away, kick the field goal, and be happy about it. No excuse for a kickoff return TD. Kick the damn ball through the end zone every time. If you don't have someone that can do that, find someone that can. Absolutely atrocious play call on Ellis' fumble. Yes, he has to secure the ball, but outside both tackles was wide open for a score, yet we try to plunge straight up the middle. That had no chance to do anything even if he held onto the ball. As much of a disappointment Penix has been, Fryfogle has been just a big of one. He's not getting open and drops it when he does.
  9. That one would have been fun to watch as well.
  10. Gracious. That would have been a fun one to watch.
  11. I'll be there, wearing an IU t-shirt, if you want to say hi.
  12. What conference is Austin going to Peay in now?
  13. Wonder if Waller will get more targets than the 19 he got last week.
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