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  1. Seeing as this is the Trey Kaufman thread, I thought I would post a picture on Tom Ostrom visiting Silver Creek to watch Trey play.
  2. I see the wife doesn't trust you with the baby.
  3. Very frustrated/disgusted with MLB. The opportunity was there to do something positive and they are pissing it away.
  4. One of the great 'spoof' tunes of all time was created by a radio station in Louisville and involved Eddie. It was titled 'Season with my Son' and set to the Terry Jacks tune 'Seasons in the Sun'. The Sutton version touched on Eddie's time at UK where he coached his son Sean. For years I've tried to find the lyrics online, but have not been able to do so. Probably because some of the lyrics would not be considered politically correct these days. But, what I do remember is laughing my butt off every time the song was played on the radio.
  5. Kid Rock - All Summer Long 'Trying different things and smoking funny things'. Not to mention pole dancing
  6. Well, Rats! https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/23/us/cdc-rodent-control-rat-restaurants-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
  7. I see some potential flaws in this study. First off, there are 4 cell phones in my house. Me, the wife, and the two teenagers. Are we getting penalized for not social distancing because we are all in the same location. Meanwhile, an extended family of 15 living together somewhere in the world with only one cell phone in the group probably appears to be social distancing. Big potential flaw in this study in my opinion. Also, I walk the neighborhood for about an hour each night. Take my cell of course. Just because I'm walking by a neighbor's house does not mean I'm stopping in for a visit.
  8. Al is going to start, Not sure why people believe differently.
  9. HAs Hunter shown the ability to stop a high scoring wing defensively. Yes or no.
  10. At this point, I see Hunter as having the potential to be a three point specialist off the bench, but with defensive limitations. He simply has not shown the ability to stop a high scoring wing. TJD and Brunk can't guard the wing. Lander and Phinisee are too small to guard guys that are 6'4 to 6'7. Al can guard smaller wings, but not bigger ones. That opens the door for Franklin and Geronimo too pick up a good portion of Smith's wing minutes, while Race will obviously benefit by taking Smith's 4-spot minutes.
  11. I don't see Hunter being effective as a starter. So, assuming we don't start all 3 bigs, it will be very interesting to see what happens at the 3. Do we go super small with Lander, Phinisee, and Al, or could Geronimo actually be ready to start,
  12. I'm a huge Race fan and am very intrigued with Geronimo. I still have concerns whether Hunter will ever be the player he had the potential to be before his condition.
  13. This is a significant blow defensively. Huge gap between what Justin brought defensively and what Jerome has shown.
  14. Nolan Ryan can't do this to Robin Ventura.
  15. The rankings are Premium content. I was able to go to Players, filter on Indiana and pick a year, but it appears that gives me committed players only.
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