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  1. Hopefully, it's an arrest.
  2. If those guys had pitched to contact, their pitch count would not have gotten so high.
  3. Pitchers don't pitch to contact any more. Greg Maddux used to throw 85 pitches in a complete game. Pitchers these days (especially Reds starters) seem to get to that number in the 4th or 5th inning.
  4. I'm kind of with Scott on this one. Pitchers are babied too much. I'm not saying you should have them throw 200 pitches. But, let them go beyond 5 or 6 innings every once in a while.
  5. I'm guessing he's joking around that he had a Mantle rookie card (which is worth a ton of money).
  6. Yep. And it has not worked the couple of times I've seen it.
  7. I truly think we're not too far away from having a rule where there has to be 2 infielders on either side of 2nd base. the shifting has gotten that ridiculous.
  8. I didn't have to look it up. I was providing official evidence to support my disagreement with his statement.
  9. Speaking of the Babe and statistics. This type of reporting on stats bothers me. Albert Pujols supposedly passed Ruth in career RBI's this week. But, that's only because RBI was not an official stat until 1920. All the RBI's Ruth accumulated from 1914-1919 are not part of this stat. In reality, Ruth still has a healthy lead on Pujols if you count those years.
  10. The Babe was strictly a lefty. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/ruthba01.shtml
  11. Pitching changes don't bother me, but I do think managers over-think things. For me, if I have a stud right-hander and a mediocre left-hander at my disposal in a key spot, I'm going to use the stud right-hander regardless of who is coming to the plate. I don't care if it's Babe Ruth stepping into the batter's box.
  12. I skimmed the words when reading your post and my brain did not process the last two words the first time. Those two words have a huge impact on the interpretation of the subsequent pictures.
  13. I absolutely despise the shift in baseball. Other than that, playing with numbers does not bother me that much.
  14. Someone needs to take Trendon to a Penguin Point.
  15. Coach Knight could curse with the best of them.
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