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  1. https://www.wdrb.com/sports/bozich-fife-will-help-woodson-put-the-indiana-back-in-indiana-basketball/article_cb857614-9c8b-11eb-8ca0-0718e2d90873.html
  2. Montana State's fans are so frustrated with years of missing the tournament, they've stopped tweeting about their team all together.
  3. You're not a Hoosier Fan if you don't budget the 45 minutes to watch that press conference, You're just not.
  4. Sounds as if Dane may be planning on being a little combative with the media. Not taking it to the Knight level, but he did seem to take some not so veiled shots at the press.
  5. Totally off topic, but I have to laugh when I see you using the word 'fixing' like this. My wife, who is not from Southern Indiana, has ridiculed me for years whenever I use the word in this fashion. She's like 'What are you 'fixing? Did something break?" I don't know if any other parts of the country use 'fixing' in this way, but knowing you grew up down in this neck of the woods, I know where you got it from.
  6. Does Washington Catholic still play in the same gym they did in 1993? If so, you have to consider including it, if for no other reason than 'The Bathroom Shot'. Where else but in Indiana. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/11/indiana-high-school-basketball-bathroom-trick-play-lives-infamy/2580918001/
  7. For those smarter regarding this sort of thing than me, I have a question for you. Assuming this pause with J&J slows down vaccination process, and the virus continues to mutate, how much damage can be done? Is it possible the virus could mutate to the point that the efficacy rate of the current vaccines start to decline significantly, or stop working all together?
  8. Could he still hit 300? A couple dozen donuts could help him get there.
  9. I'm 32 days past my J&J vaccination. And, would do it again. That said, even if they reverse course and start allowing it again, this will cause many people to wait for one of the others, and Slow down the process of getting enough people vaccinated. Heck, it may cause enough people to not get one at all, and result in us never getting to herd immunity.
  10. Or, is it Covidville?
  11. Yeah. I kind of thought the same thing. If those 6.8 million don't get vaccinated, a lot more than 6 of them would have contracted Covid. And, those that did catch Covid would infect other people, and the cycle continues. I mean, every drug commercial we see on TV warns of side effects that can cause illness or death. The big picture on this one seems to indicate it would be more prudent to continue getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible.
  12. CDC & FDA recommend a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This could set things back in regards to reaching herd immunity. Both by a reduction in doses available and creating a reluctance to get vaccinated. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/health/johnson-vaccine-pause-cdc-fda/index.html
  13. I'm kind of hurt he has not reached out to me for advice yet.
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