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  1. 5fouls

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Is. Zion that importantt to Dukr?
  2. I'm from Indiana. Is it weird I'm on an IU boatd? I'm drinking.
  3. 5fouls

    The Bench...

    Then why is he playing ay all? That's on Archie.
  4. 5fouls

    Crean on the Mic

    It should be allowed. Sometimes the coach is the only one that can stop nonsense.
  5. Make a shot inside the arc worth 3 and outside the arc worth 2. Dunks are worth 4. Sbooting fouls result in free throws and the ball. Shots made beyond half court automatically win the game. Running the 3 man weave is a technical. I'm drinking.
  6. 5fouls

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I did not see it. Hope it's minor. College hoops needs giys like Zion.
  7. 5fouls

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Tom Crean is incapable of taking a good photo.
  8. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    Really good to see OG, TB, and JJ at the game.
  9. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    It has been much better the last 10 games. The NBA scouts are noticing that. He is going to start moving back up the draft boards.
  10. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    I really, really miss Bob Knight's offensive game-planning.
  11. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    He is double teamed on every single drive. Once Romeo goes to the pros, it will be evident that our offensive game'-planning did not feature his skills.
  12. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    Molly McGrath is one of the more attractive sideline reporters in the business.
  13. 5fouls

    "Drastic changes"

    Archie spinning a little bit of used car salesman with his words. Drastic changes...ha ha.
  14. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    Romeo was a beast on defense and on the boards tonight. I think he defers too much on offense because he's been specifically told not to be a Carsen Edwards clone.
  15. 5fouls

    Purdue post game

    That was not a foul. Haarms had the reach and made a clean tip. We would have all gone crazy if an IU guy did the same thing and got called for a foul. Bottom line is Purdue made the plays they needed to at the end and we dribbled it out of bounds.