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  1. On the subject of immunity, here is Dr. Fauci's take. https://www.newsweek.com/fauci-really-confident-people-recover-coronavirus-become-immune-infection-1494612
  2. For those that believe China is lying. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sen-cotton-chinese-government-still-lying-about-coronavirus-as-evidence-indicates-rising-death-tolls
  3. Not a very rosy outlook from Dr. Fauci. And, if you're just reading the headline, that is not close to the worst case scenario coming from the models. That's what he actually believes. https://nypost.com/2020/03/29/fauci-says-us-could-see-up-to-200000-coronavirus-deaths-millions-infected/
  4. So, in the last week, I've watched the following on Netflix: Season 1 of 'Secret City' (6 episodes) - Political drama with a fictional story about political relations between Australia, China, and the U.S. Main story surrounds the Chinese incarceration of an Australian college student who makes a very public anti-government statement about China while in China. The story itself is a little convoluted and difficult to follow sometimes. But, in the end,I felt it was worth the investment to watch. Some strong acting performances, especially from Anna Torv, who stars as a political investigative reporter for Australia's equivalent of The Washington Post. A lot of related side-stories and a significant twist at the end. There is a Season 2 as well, and I likely will watch it at some point before things get back to normal in the world. 'The Stranger' (8 episodes) - Based on a Harlan Coben book by the same name. I had read the book, so I knew the general plot line and where things were going. But, I still thoroughly enjoyed the show. Essentially the show revolves on a stranger that goes around town, sharing secrets that people would rather keep hidden. Several secondary plot lines revolve around the main story of a woman that goes missing after her secret is revealed to her husband. Some of the subplots are more interesting than others, but overall I found it to be worth the invested time. If you have not previously read the book, there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns to keep things interesting.
  5. We've all heard about how South Korea has managed this about as well as any country. If you look at their numbers, while they have no longer have the days of a huge number of new cases, they aren't exactly eliminating new cases either. On March 12th, they reported 114 new cases. Two and a half weeks later, on March 28th, they reported 146. Daily deaths have consistently been between 5-10. So, if we try and extrapolate that 'success' to the U.S., we have to consider that the U.S. has about 6 times the population. That means, after the peak in the U.S., the country can expect about 750 new cases and 50-60 deaths daily. That appears to be the new reality until either the weather knocks this thing down, or there is a vaccine.
  6. I live just a few miles from the Southeast campus in New Albany, so I'm curious as to why you feel the regional campuses are at risk? If anything, I think the damage to the economy will have people looking for cheaper alternatives for a college education. Saving on room and board costs would seem to be an attractive alternative.
  7. Absolutely, Now, Russia, there is a country you can believe. Only 4 deaths in Vladland.
  8. Indiana has 31 deaths. Texas has 30, but with almost twice the number of cases. Indiana's death rate is high. On the flip side, the death rates in Tennessee and North Carolina are very low. Their numbers are worth watching if they stay that way. Could be something environmental at play.
  9. All I know is that I am completely unqualified to say what should or should not happen.
  10. I'm sure this is of little comfort, but hopefully it takes some of the worry away. According to map linked below, the 61 cases and 2 deaths appear to be more of a regional total than just Decatur county. Decatur, Ripley, and Franklin counties together are where the 61 cases come from. But, to your point, definitely a regional hotspot. The numbers compared to the population density of the area are high. https://www.wthr.com/article/see-where-confirmed-indiana-coronavirus-cases-are-interactive-map
  11. You should have got off your lazy butt and went with her. You guys could have scored two rolls.
  12. I'm not an NBA scout or General Manager, but I would think he would need to show an improved perimeter game before he becomes a sure fire first round pick. But, it only takes one team. .
  13. Welcome. It's by far the best place to talk IU hoops, or life in general. The mods on this site are first rate, even that one from Kentucky, whatever his name is.
  14. Italy first reported more than 100 deaths on a single day on March 8th. Today, 19 days later, they reported 919, which is their highest total yet. So, they still may not have peaked. The United States first reported more than 100 deaths on a single day on March 22nd, 19 days from the 22nd is Friday, April 10th. So, if the U.S. trends like Italy, we will still not have peaked before Easter weekend. Even South Korea, whose number of cases is going down, is still seeing daily deaths at or near their peak. I don't consider China's numbers to be reliable, so it's hard to use them in a comparison.
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