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  1. Has to be the best playoff weekend in NFL history. All 4 games were unbelievable.
  2. So, did KC use it all up this week and come out flat against Cincy next week?
  3. I even told my son that before they kicked it deep.
  4. Correct. It was his underwear.
  5. Scott. Enjoy the moment and don't always try to find the negative. It's also 2 great QBs doing great QB kind of things.
  6. Did KC sign the Bengals O-Line for this game?
  7. Now the game can't be tied for the end of the game FG.
  8. Sunday night temperature of 1 degree. That said, the AFC will be the afternoon game. So, it won't be that bad.
  9. Well, I know why we lost. I watched today's game completely naked, lathered my entire body in lavender scent lotion, and watched the game on my laptop while sitting on my front lawn.
  10. Next Sunday's weather forecast tells me I should root for KC.
  11. I gotta feeling the coaching staff will let the team know today's performance was unacceptable.
  12. We lost twice to Purdue in 1928. Officiating must have been bad back then as well.
  13. This is going to be one hell of a game.
  14. Is he practicing? I saw footage on 'The Journey; last week on BTN that showed him practicing. I assumed it was fairly recent footage, but maybe it was from earlier in the year.
  15. Yes. But, I have to question why you wouldn't flip over a check on the Hoosiers when the football game was 27-3.
  16. As a coach, I'm sure you have an understanding and appreciation for Player Efficiency Rating (PER). For those that may not be familiar, it measures a player's impact while they are on the floor, regardless of how much they play. Higher number, the better. Now, this does not include today's game yet, but I've highlighted our PGs.
  17. 6 assists 6 rebounds 3 steals 2 turnovers What part of that stat line screams 'hero ball'? X obviously kicked your dog or something, because you are not objective about him at all.
  18. I didn't think the NFL could get any crazier than yesterday's finishes, but the Rams/Bucs game did just that. Rams blow a 27-3 lead and have no time outs with 40 seconds left. Unbelievably, the Bucs decide not to cover Cooper Kupp on a deep ball.
  19. Fair enough. So, as a coach, what did you see today that makes you think Xavier Johnson is not one of our 5 best players.
  20. Well, we all know why Kelvin Sampson is not here any longer. And, his tenure is the reason why we have been struggling to get back to where we want to be.
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