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  1. If Dan wanted to attend Bob Knight's return to Assembly Hall, ESPN would have let him have the day off. He's an egotistical tool. I would rather be a clown.
  2. Dan was probably that kid who pissed his pants every time the clown showed up at the neighborhood birthday parties.
  3. Are you proposing 6 or fewer Big Ten teams in the Dance? 4 bids to the Ivy League instead?
  4. The name of the law firm that represented my 6th wife in the divorce.
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/us/antwaan-randle-el-brother-wisconsin-killings-charges-nfl Of course, Antwaan's name is used in the headline.
  6. Chesterton and Munster are actually both ranked ahead of Culver in the AP Poll. But, neither of their schedules compares to the one Culver has played, and Culver seems to be playing so well right now, I would be surprised if either beat Culver in the tournament. Culver has the added benefit of a whole lot of deep tournament experience. I probably should not have discounted Lafayette Jeff though.
  7. The IHSAA laid a Leal/Galloway matchup on a platter for us earlier in the year at the Southport Tipoff Forum, and Galloway went and got hurt on us. I for, one was really wanting to see that matchup. I was there, so I actually got the game, just not the player matchup. I've seen South play 3 times this year (against New Albany, Culver, and Silver Creek) and just don't think the odds are very good against either of the Lawrence schools, and Brownsburg would be tough as well. Culver has a legit shot to get there. They did not look good at all when I saw them play South, but that was without Galloway. Their win over Attucks this past week was impressive. Their main competition will probably be from the Sectional 8 winner, which would likely be either Hamilton Southeastern or Carmel. I saw both of those teams play in Southport as well. Carmel dominated Reitz that day, but Reitz just isn't any good. Hamilton Southeastern did not play particularly well that day, but still cruised past Gary West.
  8. I'm fighting the urge to go ahead and start the post game thread.
  9. I honestly don't know whether to treat this as a serious post, or as a 'it's such an obvious RickRoll, it can't really be a RickRoll, Ha Ha, yes it is a RickRoll' post.
  10. New Albany is always 'good', Thy have the 2nd best overall record in the state over the last 26 years. The have not had a losing season in over 20 years, http://scoreboard.homestead.com/boys/combinedrecords.htm#loaded Jim Shannon is a Hall of Fame level coach. They do lose a couple of key seniors, but return two current sophomores who are capable of putting up 20+ on any given night. Honestly, it would be very surprising to me if Blackford were to win against New Albany anywhere, let alone on New Albany's home court, That said, it could also be a real boost to Luke if he were to somehow lead them to victory,
  11. Gym seats about 4,000. I'll put New Albany at the top of any list of fan bases in the state. If the game was later in the season and he was closing in on Romeo for career points....oh my word. But, rest assured, they will know all about Luke anyway and will take it as a challenge to hold him in check.
  12. John Beilein has always been my favorite opposing coach. That said, I still think Archie deserves enough respect to see how this year actually ends and to see how he does with the 2021 recruiting class before we start hiring replacements.
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the new format. 3 quarters of semi-serious fun followed by an edge of your seat 4th quarter. Absolutely loved the no clock in the 4th. As much as a clock can add to the game at times, having no clock added so much tension to the game. And, most of the players were locked in serious. Would have liked to seen Team Giannis win because I can not stand Harden, but can take some comfort in knowing he sucked most of the night.
  14. That will be a difficult ticket to get. New Albany regularly sells out. A great fan base, and with the added attraction of Luke, I would not wait to get your ticket at the door.
  15. That's a shame. I never understood why he made the move to begin with. I never saw him as an NBA guy. If he does, some college program is going to be a lot better next year.
  16. well, i'll admit her exact words were, "Not the best, but compared to that BDB guy, you're quite impressive." So, I guess you have to take it in context,
  17. @IU/Butler/Notre DameDo you know how many career points Luke has now?
  18. Well, the young lady that sung Oh Canada did a good job. Chaka Khan with the Star Spangled Banner......not so good.
  19. I asked the question a couple of weeks ago, and no one really seemed to know. I wonder how many players on our team have championships in their prior basketball life. In other words, do they know how to win. I'm really hopeful that a kid like Trey Galloway, who has been on a Championship team, can come in next year and show guys what it takes t win. He's not necessarily the most skilled player, but he's one tough kid. I think he's got a little bit of Dane Fife in him, and that will be good for th team.
  20. My wife wanted to do something else as well. Unfortunately, it involved my neighbor down the street whose own wife was out of town.
  21. Tell me about it. Start the thing at 11:00 A.M.
  22. The worst thing we can do is lay an egg in the BTT. Imagine losing an opening round game to Nebraska. Or. losing for a 3rd time to Purdue. Or, getting curb-stomped by Minnesota. Honestly, I think the most important game of the year is at Illinois, We're not going to win at Purdue, Minnesota coming off a loss is going to be hard. I'm nervous about the BTT. Winning at Illinois not only gives us a road win over another bubble team, but gives us a buffer should we drop one at home.
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