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  1. One other thing for the new joiners this year. When you get the invite, your team name should match your HSN screen name. That way, we know who you are.
  2. Well, I decided to try a new diet today. It's called the Covid diet. You just don't feel like eating. Myself, along with several other extended family members, got burned by a holiday get together this past weekend. It was 99% outside, so everyone be careful. Outside contact is not a guarantee to be safe.
  3. That's some good advice. I would not have thought about it that way.
  4. We are now set with a full group of 24 teams. The mods will be reaching out to you via PM to get the information they need to send you an official invite. The team breakout of the two leagues is as follows. TDHoosier & Mr. Flynn move up to replace two Champion Legue qualifiers that are not playing this year. For those that did not play last year, the Champions League group of teams is determined by order of finish from the prior year. As defending Champion, Parakeet Jones will get a one-year qualifying exemption (he'll be in next year's Champions League regardless of his finish this season. Other Champions League spots for next year will be determined by order of finish this season. Champions League playoff teams this year will qualify for the league next year. Non-Playoff teams could fall into the other league depending on finish and other factors. Champions League @Indykev(commissioner) @Parakeet Jones(Defending League Champion) @btownqb @Seeking6 @KoB2011 @rico @dgambill @NotIThatLives @Sagamore @5fouls @tdhoosier @mrflynn03 HSN Fantasy Football League @KDB(Commissioner) @BeerBQ @Billingsley99 @PAHoosier @JaybobHoosier @iuswingman @trc @ATX_sig @iuthruandthru @ephul @Indykev @5fouls
  5. Okay, looking for some fantasy advice from some of you more experienced guys. The commissioner of my home league overhauled everything this year. Went from a 'normal' 2 QB PPR redraft league to a 2 QB PPR league with keepers (up to 6 next year), 3 WR, and 6 starting IDP positions (2 DL, 2 LB, and 2 DB). Roster size is 26 with 16 starters each week. I've never played IDP or keepers before. So, a few questions for my HSN brethren With 26 rounds, at what point should I start considering drafting IDP? I'm thinking the first IDP player in rounds 9 or 10? Also, is a K still the last pick, or would that be reserved for a DB? Finally, do you use bench spots for extra IDP players, or just stream when one of your starters is on bye? What's more valuable? A 3rd DB or a 7th running back? Since this is a keeper, and not a dynasty, I'm thinking it does not change my draft strategy this year much at all. I still need to get the best players in the correct spots and not reach based on potential. Would you guys agree with that approach?
  6. You need to start using middle names like moms do when they get mad. When I heard "5 Benjamin Fouls, you stop that right now!", I knew it was time to stop.
  7. St. Peters was one. They already know they can compete against Purdue in hoops.
  8. There was some discussion a while back on my neighborhood's social media page about 'that drunken inbred fool'. I initially agreed with everything they were saying until I discovered they were talking about me.
  9. I suspect a big part of Notre Dame's reluctance is that they are fully aware they are more 'mystique' than substance at this point. Joining a conference and only becoming the 4th or 5th best program in that conference would not be good for the image.
  10. I weighed 135 when I graduated from college in 1987, was about 180 in 2003, crossed the Mendoza line (200) in about '05-'06. Was about 220 at my highest. Weighed 215 as recent as late April this year. Made a conscious effort after Easter to significantly reduce carbs. Not officially working out, but spending a lot if time redoing landscaping and working in the yard the last couple if months. Happy to say, for the first time in about 16 years I've got to see the '1' as the first number on the scale 3 times in the last 10 days, including this morning at 199.6. My goal is 180-185, but at 56 years old, soon to be 57, it will be a challenge to get there without formal workouts. But, at least my experience is that carb reduction really does work.
  11. I tried to go see the Reds this weekend, but they would not let me in the morgue.
  12. If this is truly the list, then I would expect confirmation on Oregon and Stanford soon. No need to hold up adding them if you are awaiting a ND decision. I have a feeling UNC's decision will be tied to ND's. If ND does, indeed, agree to join the Big Ten, that is a blow for the future of the ACC and UNC may be the first to jump from the sinking ship. If, however, ND does the unexpected and says 'what the hell' and joins the ACC as a football member, then the ACC still has a seat at the adult table and there is less incentive for UNC to leave.
  13. You asked, so you thought about it. One spot left. Interested?
  14. The Reds player development is atrocious. If Greene had been drafted by a competent organization, he would be an all-star this year.
  15. Our country has passed a threshold where we will likely never be able to live without expectation that this will continue to happen over and over again. At the very least, it will require a complete societal change encompassing an entire generation before those individuals who are capable of such actions to no longer be a threat. Unfortunately, every time it happens, it sows the seeds that will lead to future tragedies.
  16. Viewership is impacted a lot by who you play. On any given weekend, the school that is playing Ohio State will draw more viewers than the one playing Northwestern.
  17. With the addition of @ephul, we have filled 24 spots on a conditional basis. That number was achieved with @iuswingmanoffering to play in both leagues, if necessary ( @Indykevand I will continue to play in both, as we did last year, for administration purposes). I'll continue to promote an open spot until 7/15, if unfilled, at which time we'll close it up. The final roster of the two leagues will be based on last year's standings. All playoff teams from last year will be in the Champions League, with promotions of the highest finishing non playoff teams to fill slots of playoff teams who are not participating this year. All new participants will be placed in the 2nd league with last year's non playoff teams. I will announce those league rosters after the last spot is filled, or on 7/16, whichever is earlier. League commissioners will reach out shortly thereafter with sign-up info. I plan on winning both leagues this year, so you guys can fight it out for 2nd.
  18. Every football game USC and UCLA play in the Eastern Time zone will be a 3:30 or later start time. Every one. It's not that hard to make happen.
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