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  1. I would like to file a protest. I typed Nebraska and it auto-corrected to Iowa.
  2. I hate the Steelers, but man, they are getting screwed over with other team's Covid issues.
  3. Could be the best team we play all season. If Covid cancels the season immediately after this game.
  4. Buffalo was my first defense this year. They killed me. Got lucky when someone dropped the Colts.
  5. Antonio Gibson is moving up my draft board for next season. Got him AFTER the draft this season.
  6. The first song is one you don't want to play in front of Grandma and talk about how much you love it. If you haven't heard it or or didn't listen to the words if you did, now is your chance. Lady Gaga has a very unique Christmas gift idea. Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree (Official Video) - YouTube
  7. Does everyone know what today is? That's right, it's the day after Thanksgiving. And, that means, it's time for Fouls' countdown to Christmas music. One Christmas song a day until December 25th. But it won't necessarily be the Christmas classics. We have little known and some off teh wall songs to share as well. Hold your excitement.
  8. You talking about the basketball team or the co-eds?
  9. Is Covid 19 here forever. Virus Expert Says COVID Will 'Not Go Away' and Could Be Around for 'Rest of Our Lives' (msn.com) I dislike stories like this because all they do is spawn fear without providing any real substance. Does ;never get back to normal' mean will never get rid of facemasks? Does it mean that we will never again be able to fill a sports arena? Or, does it simply mean we will have to get a booster shot every year like we do with the flu? How hard is it to actually provide some specific if you're going to toss such an unsettling thesis out there.
  10. Had not noticed it, but now that you mention it, they are.
  11. You can't help but root for Alex Smith.
  12. Mink that died of Corona are rising from the grave. How Dead Mink Are Rising From the Grave, Explained by Science (msn.com)
  13. Will Fuller is having quite the day. Unfortunately, I have Brandin Cooks instead.
  14. 28 boys games were played last night. 16 were postponed.
  15. @ricoSeems your Wildcats lost a heartbreaker last night.
  16. @Brass Cannon, I recommend educating your self about the '80-'81 Hoosiers. 7-5 record entering Big Ten play, but ended up obliterating the field in the NCAA tournament. Teams grow and get better as the season progresses. No one is saying that last night's game was perfect. But, there were a lot of encouraging signs. A lot. If you can't find those, you're not trying. And, with that approach, you probably would have written off the '80-'81 team when they lost to Pan American (now known as Rio Grand Valley). 1980-81 Indiana Hoosiers Schedule and Results | College Basketball at Sp
  17. I disagree that it is a worthless stat. Can it be influenced by who you are on the floor with? Certainly. But, it also reflects things that otherwise don't show up in the box score. For example, Galloway's half court defense was below average. If his defense would have been above average, or even just average, his box plus/minus would have been positive.
  18. Al had 6 rebounds and led the team with 4 assists.
  19. People just don't get Al, and apparently never will. Archie does though, and that's all that matters.
  20. My son heard he tweaked his ankle. Nothing serious and they did not need him tonight. I know you saw Jacobi have a couple of poor games at the HOF classic last year, but the kid can flat out play. Before his college career is over, there will be Big Ten schools kicking themselves for not giving him a closer look.
  21. Those Northern Indiana folk think Southern Indiana is a different state.
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