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  1. I'm not getting the Colts broadcast. Is J. Taylor hurt? I can see from the box, he's not doing much, but seeing from the box Wilkins start the second half in get the most of the reps concerns me.,
  2. Love board games. Some of our favorites Ticket to Ride Clue Sorry Life Apples to Apples (Technically not a board game) Scattegories Edit: I personally love Scrabble, but no one in my family likes to play it with me.
  3. Ahead of everyone in the Big Ten except OSU and Wisconsin.
  4. Higgins is in my lineup and I am 0-7 if that helps in your decision.
  5. But only two picks behind Scott.
  6. When the guy in first is the guy keeping score.........hmmmm.
  7. I think Trey will prove on the court that he is good enough. The attempted character assassination is what is really getting me fired up.
  8. It' silly that we act the way we do. That's why I don't really follow recruiting. I was very involved in the Kaufman thread because of the personal connection. Most of the other recruiting threads, I've historically avoided. I'll never fall into that trap of getting involved again. Trey didn't go to UK for money, Kansas for a car, or UNC for fake classes. Yes, he went to our rival. Agree fully with your point that IU fans should forget about it and hope that IU sends a message by beating Purdue 10 straight times over the next 5 years. But, don't call these kids out and call them 'weak
  9. That's BS. If it had leaked that he was going to IU and chose IU, you would be puffing your chest out like a peacock about it. It seems to me you are the one that has an issue. Silly to get this upset about what a 17 year old kid does or does not do. This is the type of stuff kids see that makes them not want to come to Indiana.
  10. Because it's 2020, that will win play of the year even though it did not count.
  11. Michigan is going to be pissed. We may have been better off if they had won yesterday. Unless Harbaugh is losing the team, we will likely get their best shot.
  12. The Chiefs couldn't have done it any better.
  13. I hate the runs. Had them earlier this week.
  14. The Chiefs gave up 20 points, but still won the Super Bowl.
  15. Drunk? Senile? Not good at multi-tasking?
  16. I should report him to the mods.
  17. SO, we can't say IU is just Biden it's time until they Trump the Scarlet Knights on the scoreboard?
  18. No positivity until we are ahead by two scores.
  19. Guess we need to score on a big play. Bogging down badly in the Red Zone.
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