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  1. Ahhh. Streaking. Those were the good old days.
  2. I bet some of the younger generation have never heard this song. My purpose in life is to educate you on what you missed.
  3. Interesting study. Shows waning immunity among those with anti-bodies among general population, but not among health workers. The theory seems to be that continuous exposure to the virus may help keep anti-bodies in the system. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-britain-antibody-idUKKBN27C009
  4. I wish he would have said 100%. When I got married the first time, I was 95% confident it was the one and only time.
  5. I saw it live and was blown away. But, after watching the replay multiple times this morning, all I can say is that it's totally absurd. It was something like out of a video game. when someone uses their magical power button.
  6. That was beyond impressive. People will be talking about that play 20 years from now.
  7. Certainly there are kids that will be drawn to that. But, others have a mire reserved personality and that kind of thing won't be a factor in where they choose to play. We had that with basketball when Crean was here, but it did not help take us to the next level. I agree that Archie's personality may not be for everyone. But, you can't get every recruit anyway. Get the guys that are a good fit for the coach and the program, and good things usually happen.
  8. Antonio Gibson is going to be big the second half of the season.
  9. Loving this shootout in Arizona. Have R. Wilson, and if Carson can't come back, we'll see a lot of passing and even Russ on some designed runs.
  10. I read that board as well. I don't think that poster is affiliated with the SC program at all. To me, he comes across as a know-it-all that really does not know-it-all. I would not put any credence into what he says. Hoosierfan34 on this board is someone I would be more inclined to listen to.
  11. I honestly could see it go either way and either choice would be understandable. Of course I want IU, but will root for Trey regardless of his choice. That said, if not IU, Virginia would be a lot easier to stomach than Purdue.
  12. If Trey does not choose IU, it's your fault for not changing your avatar.
  13. Last time I benched Butker because the game was up in the air because of Covid, I lost because of that.
  14. I'm surprised at how many people think he should have known that was Archie's birthday. I'm not even sure half the players on the team would know that. And, if they did, why would they share that with Trey in casual conversation?
  15. Yeah. Disappointing that we're already headed down that road. Not a good look. Something we make fun of fans from other programs when they do it.
  16. The General turns 80 today. Where does time go?
  17. Trey is going to make the best decision for him. And, that's the way it should be.
  18. Scott. If you are implying that Trey and his family are using someone the way Garland did, I can promise you that is not the case.
  19. Does not change the fact that Kaufman was given a prestigious award over Lander.
  20. Kaufman was voted Gatorade player of the year over Lander.
  21. @Stlboiler23 Out of respect for you, I would not put too much credence into what Mike says. Trey may pick Purdue, or may not. But, Mike has about as much information on this as he does when it comes to where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.
  22. Great stuff Leathernecks. Will make it easy to follow the results. And, also, props on having the foresight to put me on top of the standings, since that will be where I end up.
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