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  1. I'll try my hardest not to have the 'normal' panic. But, would you be okay with a totally irrational, spazzed-out panic?
  2. I'm going to leave Hill on the bench this week. Picked him up specifically for TE help, where I have been awful last year. Not ready to justify starting Hill at QB over R. Wilson or A. Rodgers.
  3. Taysom Hill no longer a TE, at least in my ESPN league.
  4. I know Silver Creek and Carmel scrimmaged last week, but I have been unable to find any information on how that turned out.
  5. The barter system as it used to be.
  6. Let's hope we get 3 years from him, like we did Vic.
  7. Where things will get really ugly is if a team has to shut it down during the NCAA tournament. We could see a team get a bye into the Final Four if their Elite Eight opponent has positive cases. And, would the NCAA consider delaying the Championship or Semi-Final matchups if one of the Final Four teams has cases?
  8. Week #6 Nebraska @ Iowa(-13.5) Maryland @ Indiana(-14.5) Penn St. @ Michigan(3.5) Ohio St.(-28.5) @ Illinois Minnesota @ Wisconsin(-21.5) Northwestern(-11.5) @ Michigan St. Rutgers @ Purdue(-10.5) I hate having to pick the Boilers.
  9. 4 high school boys games got played last night. 3 others are showing officially postponed on John Harrell. But, I'm sure there were others that were already moved prior to yesterday, Going to be a long winter,
  10. Not what I wanted to hear. I know the story said the game would go on. But, how? It's hard to believe the head coach could have successfully social distanced from the rest of the team and coaching staff.
  11. Made a mistake and corrected it. Barr-Reeve was last year. Jasper is in that first six games though.
  12. They have a tough start to the season. Bosse, Jasper and Heritage Hills in the first 6 games.
  13. The others receiving votes appear to be in alphabetical order. So, it could be even better than that. Or,worse.
  14. And, you know what. If it wasn't for the virus, that would have been their best attended Classic in many, many years. Those small schools would have had fans come out in droves. Last year, Lawrence Central had maybe 20 fans. I feel sorry for both the HOF and the schools. This was supposed to be a big moment for them.
  15. Ahhhh. But if first responders and elderly get the vaccine, the numbers go way down. Plus, a lot of the restrictions in place right now will not be as necessary if the most vulnerable have been taken care of.
  16. If someone already created a thread for this high school season, I apologize. I searched and could not find one. Here is the first all-class poll. Dominated by the 4A schools, as expected, On 1A, one 2A, and two 3A schools. The other 16 are 4A. Weekly Top 20 Boys IBCA Poll | Indiana Basketball Coaches Association (ibcacoaches.com) A lot of games already getting cancelled because of Covid. And, finally, the only link you really need to follow Indiana High School Hoops. boys (homestead.com)
  17. Once it became evident a vaccine was going to be available late this year or early next year, they should have looked into a February-April schedule, with the tournament in early May.
  18. It depends on if we played well while we were winning. Being undefeated does not mean a thing if you look crappy doing it.
  19. One thing that has troubled me in regards to what we are supposed to believe is the whole concept of the current surge being due to the weather cooling and people spending more time indoors. If the cooler/colder weather is that big of a factor in this thing, why did Arizona peak in June and Florida peak in July?
  20. So, do the Illini pay the price for IU coming close against OSU last week?
  21. Taysom Hill did me right. Unfortunately, my opponent had Tyreke Hill and he did me wrong.
  22. Congrats! From reading the story, an honor well deserved.
  23. I feel asleep and missed it. So, in my mind, it didn't happen.
  24. You never welcomed me when I started posting.
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