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  1. Yep. Silver Creek probably wasn't going to win against East Central anyway, but monsoon level rains that delayed the game for two hours and muddied up the field took away their most significant advantage, which is speed. East Central is a great program and has some big strong young men., A muddy field totally played to their advantage. I still don't think Silver Creek would have won, but on a dry field they would have been more competitive.
  2. The clock for us being upset about we are ranked pre-season has run out. We need to prove it on the court this year or accept that these guys have us pegged better than we do since they are not looking at the team through crimson colored glasses.
  3. I think a good comp for Galloway may be Dane Fife. And, before someone brings up the fact that Fife was a McDonald's All American, I'm talking more about what they could bring to the team over the course of their college career. As you mentioned, grit, toughness, playing with an edge, etc. Not a big scorer, but a competitor and a winner,
  4. Is it a PPR? Gio should be good for 5-6 catches.
  5. Michael Thomas officially out for Sunday. This is my bench for this weekend. If anyone else gets injured, I wonder if they will let me play Rodgers out of position. Available A. Rodgers Out M. Thomas J. Brown N. Chubb Bye Colts D J. Taylor A. Thielen Bye
  6. The key to getting to Bloomington from Sellersburg is to stay off I-65 and the perpetual construction that has been around Seymour and Columbus for what seems like the last 150 years. It's much more pleasant going up Highway 60 to Mitchell and then hopping on 37.
  7. I live in Sellersburg and when I go to games, I get there in less than 2 hours.
  8. My gut tells me that extended family played just as big a role as his mom. The grandparents are very active in Trey and his brother's life.
  9. Two for the price of one. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/rare-two-headed-snake-found-florida-n1244325
  10. Pennsylvania Nursing Home sued over Covid deaths. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nursing-home-sued-after-73-covid-deaths/ar-BB1ajsfL?ocid=uxbndlbing
  11. Add hamstring issues to Michael Thomas's injury status. Looks like Sunday is now up in the air yet again. I'm sure he'll be great for the last 4 weeks of the season for the fantasy playoffs. Unfortunately, I won't be in the playoffs the way things are going Mike. I need your points now.
  12. Can you PM me some specifics as to why you would not consider the vaccine. There are a lot of reasons why I think I should/would get one when available, but I am curious as to legitimate reasons why I maybe shouldn't.
  13. Joe. Thanks for the update. Will certainly continue keeping him in our thoughts. Definitely a strange combination of results. Makes one think that at least one of them must be wrong.
  14. Why stop with the umpires. Let's have robotic players as well. Pitchers could always throw an 'unhittable' pitch on the outside corner. But, wait, the the hitter could be programmed to always look for that pitch and set up the bat speed and launch angle to always hit that pitch out of the park. And, think of the entertainment value if the pitcher throws a beanball and the hitter charges the mound. Wouldn't a robot fight to the death be better than the sissy fights we see today? And, we don't have to stop with the umpires and players. The managers could be robots too. How
  15. Illinois @ Wisconsin(-23.5) Nebraska @ Ohio St.(-21.5) Rutgers @ Michigan St.(-11.5) Penn St.(-7) @ Indiana Iowa(-2.5) @ Purdue Michigan @ Minnesota(-2.5) Maryland @ Northwestern(-11)
  16. 5fouls


    Choosing from my list of answers above, I'll go with Monica Lewinsky for the 2nd one.
  17. Or, he chose the date not knowing it was Archie's birthday, but it's too late to change it now.
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    Tony Dorsett is one.
  19. 5fouls


    Guesses for future questions. - 12 - Saturday - Two and a Half Men - Bert Campaneris - American Graffiti - Monica Lewinsky - Kokomo - The Who - 1871 - Deuteronomy
  20. China reported 11 new cases and no deaths yesterday.
  21. The Indiana High School football tournament is starting this weekend. 4 teams this week have had to cancel their games (and, subsequently, their seasons) because of positive COVID cases.
  22. Is that porn? Seems expensive otherwise.
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