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  1. Catching up with another IU guy. Cody really needs to get out of Charlotte. Clifford is never going to play him quality minutes. Cody should be getting 30+ minutes a night.
  2. Vic and Sabonis combine for 38 points, 14 boards, and 13 assists, to help the Pacers defeat the Cavs in Cleveland. And, on the 2nd night of a back-to back to boot. Edit: And, no...KOB and I are not the same person. Nor is he one of my ex-wives
  3. The same people picking us 8th or 9th are the same people voting in the AP poll. What will be interesting is how long it will take before they realize how badly they whiffed on where they predicted the Hoosiers.
  4. The fact is that every school has it's own sales pitch and each school is going to highlight their strengths while trying to downplay what their rivals have to offer.It ultimately comes down to what is most attractive to the kid. If we lose Darius to Vandy, I think it's safe to assume that we lost him for legitimate reasons that were important to him. It's not like we lost him to UK because they offered him a 6 figure salary.
  5. IU will find its way into the rankings in short order.
  6. You are assuming Blue has not lost any fingers and toes in fireworks accidents at inter-family weddings.
  7. Not in every part of the world.
  8. I liked them. Gave our crowd its own personality.
  9. As much as I love the thought of a Game 7, I hate the fact that it would not feature a top-end starter. I miss the time when the ace of the staff would go in Games1,4, and 7.
  10. I honestly think we are getting zero credit for Archie. We would have the same preseason projections with Crean. And thats just not right.
  11. Very good piece. Both relevant and nostalgic.
  12. We will know if Vandy is in Romeo's final three after Garland makes his selection (which is supposed to happen in the next week).
  13. Though they are not the leader, Vandy should not be discounted. I will say this. The only way Romeo would seriously consider Vandy would be if Garland committed there first.
  14. Hoopster. Have the Spurs and Pacers switch coaches. Give me your opinion on what that does to the win total of each club. Is Pop worth 10 wins? Using last season as a barometer, add 10 to the Pacers 42 and get 52. Subtract 10 from the Spurs' 61 and get 51. I think we all can agree that Pop is one of the best coaches of all time (maybe THE best). Nate McMillan is not. Are the rosters really that much different, or does Pop just make it seem so? In regards to Vic/Sabonis versus George, you have two players that potentially are on the upswing versus a player t
  15. Not saying he wasn't a very good player for the Pacers. Just don't think he's good enough to support the public perception that the Pacers got robbed in the George trade. I also think that the NBA is the toughest sport to get credit for being a breakout star. Aaron Judge can do it in his first season in MLB. Carson Wentz can do it in his second season in the NFL. But, Vic could average 24 points while George averages only 17, and people will still claim the Pacers got taken to the cleaners. And, that doesn't even account what Sabonis brings to the table. It's ludicrous how difficult it
  16. Just read that, in the last 24 seconds of regulation and overtime, on shots to take the lead, Paul George was 1-16 as a Pacer.
  17. Major factor that should be taken into consideration is that Vic wants to be in Indiana (I don't know about Sabonis) PG did not. Regardless of 'talent', an increased level of effort and energy, a better attitude, etc. could very well help the Pacers win the trade.
  18. Any separation movement kills college basketball. CB needs a tournament structure like has now. Playing a Sweet 16 from the power conferences is not going to maintain interest for long.
  19. want to see a team that values the ball. Fewer than 12 turnovers.
  20. If i am the Oakland kid I find me an attorney willing to do pro bono work and I sue the butt off the NCAA. On the heels of UNC a large and public lawsuit could brring them down.
  21. It wont happen but I would love to see Kershaw versus Verlander in Gsme 7. That would be an epic pitching matchup.
  22. Experts now picking Ferris to finish 3rd in the Big Ten.
  23. I was imitating the reaction of the average Kansas fan. You guys are a little slow on the draw tonight. I expect subtetly to fly right by someone like Blue, but I must say i, m disappointed in the two of you.
  24. Starting. Intangibles mean a lot to team success. Steadying influence at start of game gets the team out of the gate well.
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