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  1. Its Louisvilles tepeat offender staus and the timing of this violation that put it over the top. Arizona does not deserve the death penalty because the circumdtances are not the same. Its continuing to cheat after getting caught thst makes Louisvilles situation so bad.
  2. Most 'experts' and talking heads do not think Louisville will receive the Death Penalty. The excuse I hear most is that it is just too punitive. Here's where I have a huge problem with that. Other than the Death Penalty, what would appear to be the major deterrents to cheating, One of the biggest, if not the biggest, would be vacate Championships. Well, in this case, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS after Louisville had a championship vacated, and WHILE THEY WERE APPEALING that ruling, they turned around and were offering 6 figure cash inducements to multiple recruits. I personally don't se
  3. The bad thing about this is, now that there is blood in the water, my thirst for more is not allowing me to be patient. It's perfectly logical that, if Nike EYBL was just raided a couple of days ago, it's going to take quite a while to sift through all of the data and come up with charges. Me? I want to see that headline with John Calipari's name on it, and I want to see it now.
  4. Anyone else sick and tired of Jay Bilas and his pompous commentary?
  5. 3 seed sounds good to me unless Incarnate Word is a 2.
  6. Yep. Using the phrase 'atm' in a post along with the bumper sticker scandal will surely get us the death penalty. Meanwhile, the NCAA will force UNC to cut in half the number of fake classes they have.
  7. I think 95% of UL fans are fed up and glad to see Pitino go.
  8. Hef was only married 3 times. What a slacker.
  9. I work in Louisville among a lot of UK fans and have been listening to all the radio call-in shows. 80% of UK fans still think UK is definitely clean and Cal does not have to cheat. Their claim is that they know another team is cheating when UK does not get a 5 star that they target. How they can be that ignorant, especially when the rest of the country knows that Anthony Davis was paid, is beyond me.
  10. Romeo wasn't considering Louisville long before now. This latest scandal just gave the Langford's an excuse to announce it without any backlash.
  11. 4 years from now, everyone will be complaining because we have too many cupcakes like Louisville and Arizona on the schedule.
  12. If the FBI does send agents to arrest Pitino, I see Slick Rick doing one of the following to negotiate a more lenient punishment. If the agents are male, Rick will offer to call Katina Powell to keep them company while they are in town. Of the agents are female, Rick will offer to take them to Porcini's for dinner.
  13. I'm assuming Fred Glass will have a discussion with Archie about this stuff. Every AD in the country should be talking to their coach about it. That said, do you think Fred should have a frank conversation with Archie about Sean's involvement? Can you even have that discussion without it coming across as guilt by association. At the same time, Fred has to be concerned about it. He's not doing his job if he's not taking full measures to make sure we're not impacted in any way. This truly is a mess.
  14. One very telling thing is that Assistant David Padgett has been assigned to run the daily operations until an interim is hired. Kenny was the senior assistant and, I believe, Associate Head Coach. Connect the dots and the UL admin obviously knows something to give those responsibilities to Padgett instead of Johnson.
  15. I vote Texas in that scenario. Smart may already be feeling pressure based on how UT is chewing up and spitting out foootball coaches.
  16. So, what fan base of a major program can take the greatest comfort in making the statement "I'm sure glad Coach 'X' is our head coach"? Probably MSU with Izzo? Anyone else you can think of that would feel should definitely come out unscathed in this mess?
  17. That't the thing. Once the first few schools are caught, all of the other schools will be destroying any and all evidence. Probably choppers being rented all over the place to fly out over ocean on missions to dump computers. The only saving grace is that this is the FBI, which already knows about all the ways people try to destroy evidence.
  18. Well deserved and probably should have happened earlier.
  19. The belief down here in Louisville is that Kenny was the unnamed coach that Jordan Fair referenced in the hotel room in Las Vegas. If that's true, I can't imaging him not being fired.
  20. Are we absolutely sure Adidas hasn't provided compensation to Priller? Edit: Dangit!. I type too slow.
  21. If Incarnate Word gets to 15/1, that could be an indication of a problem.
  22. Vegas has Arizona 8/1 and Louisville 20/1 for the title this year. Will be interesting to check back on these numbers in 3-4 weeks. http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-basketball/odds/futures/
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