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  1. Some topics merit their own thread. This qualifies.
  2. That could mean he won't make Purdue fans happy. You're interpreting IU, but regardless of teh choice, there will be 4 teams and fan bases that won't be happy.
  3. I have not. But, I was never much of a movie-goer anyway. Maybe once a year.
  4. According to the Indiana Department of Health website, Covid related hospitalizations as of today are at their highest total since May 5th.
  5. Story claims woman died on plane in July. Just now getting counted as a Covid death. Call me skeptical. The woman may have had Covid. But, she died of something else (heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, etc.), A person well enough to get on a plane does not die of Covid 30 ,minutes later. And, it goes without saying the validity of any death reported 3 months later than it happened has to be called into question. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/20/us/woman-dies-of-covid-on-plane-trnd/index.html
  6. Wait? Are you saying the last 15 years of my life have been wasted?
  7. And, Trey is so much better now than he was then.
  8. As a fan base, will we be happy with a 7th place finish? It's about where I expect us to finish, but part of me is not satisfied with that. It's hard to say '7th place' and 'successful year' in the same sentence.
  9. Pritchard just didn't want to have to remember a new name when talking to the head coach. He can still say 'Hey Nate, we should do this".
  10. IU - 103 PSU - 101 17 overtimes.
  11. You can put this on the 'con' side of the ledger for Purdue.
  12. Regardless of his choice, Trey is a quality young man, Whatever his choice, he's doing it for the right reasons for him. Making the assumption it is down to IU and Purdue, two things I look at that could be determining factors. Championship pedigree. Trey wants to win. Which team offers him the best chance to get one in college. This is where UVA and UNC had an advantage, but distance from home may have taken them out of the equation. So, when comparing IU to PU, history says advantage IU, but Trey wasn't alive for those championships. Has the IU staff been able to convince him
  13. Hoping Michael Thomas finally plays. But, since he's on my team, even if he does, he'll have 1 catch for 8 yards, fumble the ball while getting tackled, and have to sit out the rest of the game in concussion protocol.
  14. Dolphins going with Tua at QB. Kind of surprising as Fitzpatrick has them playing pretty well. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30154407/source-miami-dolphins-naming-tua-tagovailoa-starting-quarterback
  15. Right now in Sellersburg, we have a front moving through. A lot of rain, but just a slight wind from the North/Northeast. Sounds like Ohio State.
  16. In Trey's case, it would not surprise me. He wants this to be over before the high school season so he can focus on winning another state championship. He very well could be undecided, but is determined to get it settled before the season.
  17. This is a true statement whether it is in relation to Trey Kaufman or whether someone simply asks you to name all the schools in the Big Ten.
  18. Last I say on this because I don't want to cross over into something that breaks the board rules. You are providing one example. Sure, there are religious people that refuse to wear a mask. But, there are people of all beliefs, race, age, sex, etc. that refuse as well. Many teens and college age adults ignore the mask rules. My daughter got quarantined from school earlier this year because she sat next to a kid in class that was positive. This is high school. The kid would not wear her mask in the classroom because it's only required in common areas and not the classroom. I'
  19. I'm not sure religion has anything to do with it. The people I know that are against mask wearing have never set foot in a church in their entire life.
  20. I always wondered why 'no pants' was not part of the no shoes, no shirt message.
  21. I think this year, being a veteran team with continuity spilling over from last year will play a bigger part than it even normally does. A team like Rutgers could find it's way into the top 4, while a team like Ohio State that has a lot of new parts could very well struggle, regardless of how 'good' those parts are.
  22. It's not fair of me to put myself in the position of some of these athletes, so I'm not going to praise or condemn this. Universities have always been a place where social change is prevalent, so it is understandable that many student athletes would rally around a cause. That said, when you have a team of athletes and not all of them have the same beliefs, in my mind it may not be ideal to bring it into the program in this way. You can just as easily print the words on a chalkboard in the locker room and leave the symbolism out of it.
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