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  1. When the guy who has questioned the scorekeeping the last few weeks is now in first place, it makes you go hmmmmmmm...
  2. Do you live in the Louisville media market? Maybe the news spoke against that in Houston, but not here.
  3. Who are your other options? Normally, unless it means you would have to leave the position vacated, I would not play Montgomery.
  4. I thought you were talking about today's game.
  5. Hope you get good results
  6. Correct. But, the same people/media that are calling for small Thanksgiving gatherings should have been outraged about the large street gatherings all spring and summer. Yet, they never said a word about it. That's my point.
  7. I hope to go to the Northwestern board tonight and post the same thing.
  8. In defense of @mrflynn03while I disagree with his position of celebrating as usual on Thanksgiving, he is 100% spot on about one thing. And, that is that the media didn't say boo when massive congregations of people were gathering in the streets every night for 3-4 months straight. It's simply not right to pick and choose what gatherings you criticize. It's hypocritical and leads to much of the resentment some people have.
  9. Leaning towards Chubb, but just wanted confirmation that it wasn't a totally stupid one. I've made some dumb ones this year.
  10. Oh, I'm not saying we're not deserving. It's likely a combination of both. We're a good team, no doubt about it. Next week will tell us how good.
  11. If things go as planned today, our opponents will have combined for 4 wins. 2 of those will be by Rutgers, and one of the others was from a head to head matchup. That's bad.
  12. It's really hard to tell how good we are because the team's we are playing are so bad.
  13. Yeah, we scored and are up 24-0, , but I still want to complain. Is our running game a read option? Because if it is, Penix needs to keep the ball on some of those. It looks like he has plenty of space to pick up yards running it himself.
  14. Vegas odds on Lomardi playing the next series?
  15. If it had been Tom Brady, the defender would have been fined and suspended for the rest of the season.
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