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  1. Breaking news! No, not about the election. Even more important. Michigan is susceptible to jumping offsides.
  2. 5,007 new cases in Indiana reported today. https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/
  3. Needs to pick it up. I'm wanting 300.
  4. Never made that connection. Very surprising.
  5. A mouse. However, we're planning on having him put down.
  6. Need contingency plan in case M. Thomas is a late scratch tomorrow night. I have him slotted in the Flex spot to increase my options. Options currently on my bench: jonathan Taylor Joshua Kelley Teams available for a late scratch reaplcement New Orleans New England New York Jets Tampa Bay (not a good option as I already have Fournette in at RB) Thoughts?
  7. Hence the word 'if'. No, the OP did not specifically say it. But, if there is at least dialogue that he could start, then he's outperforming someone. Otherwise, as a freshman, the subject of possibly starting would not even be discussed.
  8. If I could turn back time.......I would take steps to ensure this song was never recorded.
  9. I don't think we can totally dismiss the concept of him starting. The returning backcourt players may have more experience, but they are all flawed. If Galloway is consistently out-performing those guys in practice, it is something Archie would have to consider.
  10. My first and third picks. I have yet to be able to put my projected starting lineup on the field, because Golladay missed Week 1, when Thomas actually played. Now that Thomas is about ready to return, Golladay is hurt again.
  11. Also, if Galloway is THAT good and forces Archie to start him, I see Rob as more likely to come off the bench instead of Al.
  12. I don't see Archie starting two freshmen. If reports about Galloway are true, I would see him more as the first guy off the bench, but still getting 20+ minutes a game.
  13. My team is totally different if I can get Chubb and M. Thomas back.
  14. The news about Colonial Crester has put me in a reflective mood. I lost my dad way too soon many years ago (he was 45). This was his favorite gospel song and we played it at his funeral (not the Alan Jackson version though).
  15. When I was a kid and a younger adult, I loved Thanksgiving. Both my mom and dad were from large families. My mom's family always got together on the Holidays. I would play hours of cards and watch football with more cousins, uncles, and aunts than you could count. The food/meal has never been the 'best' thing about Thanksgiving for me. It was always the coming together of family. Now that a lot of the older generation has passed and many of the younger generation has spread out, it's just not the same anymore. Would much prefer to just be home with the wife and kids, which is what w
  16. Very concerned that extended family gatherings for Thanksgiving will cause a major spike. My extended family is having one, but my wife, kids, and I will not be attending.
  17. Did not realize you were a coach. What sport?
  18. Since the Wisconsin / Purdue game has been cancelled, the maybe the spread (-8.5) can be used to compare Covid cases (UW) against ugly cheerleaders (PU).
  19. Was standing in line to vote today and some guy behind me was telling his friend "at the end of the week, we won't have to wear masks any longer." A lot of the things around the virus are political. But, the virus itself is real and we should change our behavior until a vaccine is available.
  20. Covid related hospitalizations at an all-time high in Indiana.
  21. Week #3 Michigan(-3.5) @ Indiana Nebraska @ Northwestern(-4.5) Michigan St. @ Iowa(-6.5) Maryland @ Penn St.(-25.5) Purdue @ Wisconsin(-8.5) Minnesota(-9.5) @ Illinois Rutgers @ Ohio St.(-37.5)
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