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  1. Welcome Mom! We look forward to bringing Anthony onboard the IU family!! 😉
  2. The kid does not want to come to IU....why are we continuing to beat this up? Move on...pickup a kid or two that would otherwise end up at Butler, ND, PU...build a TEAM instead of reaching for stars that are not meant to be....god speed to the kid but we have kids in state that WANT to be at IU...BUILD a team with them.
  3. Neither did Steve Alford, Coverdale, Fife, Hornsby...I could go on and on
  4. I love the comments of negativity on this kid....excuse me but I don't see the risk compared to those on our current bench....we need these kind of kids....looks at WISC, NW, Rutgers, and on and on where these kind of kids kill us every time....the kid can play, period. Why not give him a shot? No-brainer IMO...Its not like he is going to take a ship from Brooks or TJD....The kid can flat our play. He gets it done. I want him to see him at IU
  5. Alford out...to be announced today....rumors of Pitino or Hoiberg. Question - Love him or hate him...what is next for Alford realistically?
  6. I don't have enough inside info either way....just going to ride it out like the rest of us....just passing along info
  7. I do too but pretty much everything we talk about here is a rumor until its not....
  8. Current rumor - TJD going to UCLA per talk from his teammates....someone on Facebook that is supposedly a relative of one of his team members...just throwing it out there
  9. I don't know...The Ostrom text in the sidebar conference looks pretty bad....it has nothing to do with Dakich, Alford, CTC, Knight...it shines directly on the current staff....not saying anyone is guilty but lets stop defltecting...IU is now directly implicated in some way shape or form....hoping its all a lie is not going to make it go away
  10. I am looking for 2-4 tickets for IU/NW on Dec1st....cheaper the better! I am not picky on location
  11. I'm not sure how the comments you quoted discount his identifying as a follower of Christ??
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