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  1. Ah...wtf, I should get checked for dementia and at best, reading comprehension LOL
  2. Well, if the guy is an IU insider who has been historically correct and he is saying Kaufman to PU....yeah...that would be bad from our perspective...
  3. Whats the track record for picks from the insider w/Btown Banners? Anyone know?
  4. Doh! Lets see what the difference is between AZ and UNC....Lets see if AZ has that NCAA grease money to make these charges go away without punishment.
  5. I noticed a blurb on the Indy Star website yesterday on a story based on Ron Felling telling some stories about his time at IU with Coach Knight...Unfortunately, it was behind a pay wall and I refuse to pay for that !@#@# of a newspaper...Anyone else catch this? Any info to share? Thanks!
  6. Its a shame this focus on virtue-signalling with "diversity" is more important than merit and results. (spare me the lectures)...I would like to see him steal Fife away from Mich State.
  7. Keith Smart shooting the ball instead of Alford in 87....play was drawn up to get to Alford to nail that shot....Hands down
  8. Chatter escalating on this one today....any news?
  9. Don't let them get you down 3Ballin....You could have been a contender! lol
  10. Rabjohns story behind paywall concerning Mason Miller....Any scoop on this one? Crystal Ball site not mentioning IU at this point
  11. So now some revert back to claiming anyone without blinders on shouldn’t be a fan. Pathetic.
  12. I love blaming the ref for the loss. How about lack of ability to do something foundational like I don’t know, hit free throws??’ Gimme a break with blaming the refs. I can point out 10 stupid mistakes that would have easily negated a couple of bad calls. Should have never been in that position. NCAA? Are you kidding me? What’s the point? Get knocked out first game again? Come on.
  13. Bracket showing Us hanging in there at 11 seeD as of today....lose against minny, I can’t see coming back
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