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  1. News today that Gunn is a lock....anyone else hearing this?
  2. I thought Crean was the master of the maddening substitution...maybe its a plague among college coaches forced to placate players who are basically men with the mind of pampered children?
  3. Anyone scanned the DePaul boards to get a sense of what feelings are on landing this one?
  4. This is assuming there are no transfers on this team....which is why going 0-3 for 2021 will hurt....to what degree is debatable and that is why we have message boards...to make those arguments...This board routinely turns on anyone not towing the company line and its strange....Crean fans loved him like there was no tomorrow...and we see the same weird affection for Archie...arguably between the two, Crean has proven more effective to this point.....I am no huge fan of throwing all in with a coach UNTIL he has proven himself. RMK had rabid fans BECAUSE he gave us those moments...Archies worth
  5. I was not a big Crean fan but seriously, if we are good with 7th in the Big Ten, being ranked in the top 20 and maybe making the NCAA tournament, we should have stuck with him....Prove me wrong.
  6. Ummmm...Yeah. 7th place in the Big Ten is disappointing. We should be hovering in the top 3 period. I could give a shit about our national ranking. Are we saying we have joined the Creightons and Indiana State's as being satisfied with goals of reaching ranked status in the top 20??? Give me a break....no wonder Purdue is peeling off recruits if this is the mindset...Yay! We are ranked !!! Yay! We are 7th place in the Big Ten! Take that Purdue!!! Ugh
  7. Ugh...here we go....this forum quickly becomes a group-think only model in a hurry....dissenters must be silenced!!! IU fans who dare to question must be exiled! Give it a rest....2021 class minus Logan has been a failure if you look solely on recruits that were needed/wanted...if anything, that opinion is at MINIMUM debatable....questioning loyalty is pathetic
  8. Question...So, TJD leaves after this season to try the NBA...We have Logan only incoming recruit...Are we going emergency juco transfer shopping for next year class? I can also assume there could be a transfer or two per stats across college basketball landscape...INCLUDING this program...Is it too early to hope we have some hidden gems among the walk-ons?
  9. One thing about these WV kids....If they are good enough to get to D-1, they love their hometown university....everything I have read, interviews, comments on this kid...he is going to WV...waste of time to even discuss..
  10. Peegs story on Miller recruitment yesterday behind the pay wall...Anyone with access care to give us an update? 2021 is falling apart quick...Logan down to the only recruit at this point....unless I am missing some prospects other than walk-ons
  11. Dejavu...Replace "Archie Miller" with "Tom Crean" for this comment....heard it all before....
  12. Is kiss my butt out of bounds here? Let me know because both certainly apply but may be outside of bounds....
  13. I think what you say is true but the majority of the fan base consensus arguments seem to lead toward Archie needing to make a big push in the tournament or be under the gun shortly...not just fans but most Indiana sports journalists seem to have the same feeling...good or bad
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