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  1. Kodos

    Team speed

  2. Looks good. That's going to be a big scoreboard up top, right?
  3. Kodos

    2018 Season

    Very excited for the new season. Let's see what Coach Allen can do in year 2. Love both our FB and B-ball coaches.
  4. Kodos

    Ranking the QB's

    Yeah, it was sometime around then.
  5. Kodos

    Bill Mallory Has Passed

    Very sad news that he's in trouble with his health. Mallory did so much for IU football.
  6. Kodos

    Sean East..

    Maybe he was just a different kind of one-and-done player...
  7. Kodos

    MSU is in trouble

    They need more than one voice to speak up for what is right. A whole bunch of heads need to roll.
  8. Kodos

    Romeo Langford

    It just doesn't feel right when this thread isn't at the top. ☺️
  9. Kodos

    Romeo Langford

    Woooooooot! This one is for CraigHoops!
  10. Kodos

    Romeo Langford

  11. I love our football stadium. It's come a long way since my days as a student.
  12. Kodos

    Romeo Langford

  13. Kodos

    NFL Draft Preview

    Let's hope for the Falcons. They're already my favorite with Tevin Coleman on the roster.
  14. Kodos

    New Tom Davis Article

    I probably wouldn't hire someone who spends too much time posting on internet forums. Suggests a lack of productivity and self control.
  15. Kodos

    OT: Prayers needed

    I'm hoping for the best for your son and your family.