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  1. Thanks, Snowling! Good information about a guy I honestly didn't know about.
  2. Yowsa! Nice get! IU recruiting is light years beyond where it was in the Bill Lynch era. It wasn't that long ago that we were perpetually in the "diamond in the rough" mode with recruiting.
  3. There's no such thing as a curse.
  4. I'm ready for football season to start TODAY.
  5. I sure got tired of a team who shoots threes poorly jacking up 3 after 3 in the first half.
  6. Here's how I see it playing out tonight. Keoin is standing in front of the podium, with an Indiana hat and a Kentucky hat sitting before him. "After a lot of thought, I have chosen..." He reaches toward the hats. A hush comes over the room... He picks it up the UK hat, and drops it in the trash. Immediately, he rips off his tear-away dress pants to reveal the Candy Stripes he has on underneath them. The crowd roars its approval. "It's IU, baby! Go Hoosiers!" he yells above the din.
  7. My Mom died a few years ago from Alzheimer's. Such a terrible disease. My sympathy to Coach and his family.
  8. You may notice the low scores, but I tend to focus on the W's against higher-seeded teams.
  9. Hope springs eternal! Having suffered through IU football since my days in Bloomington (1989-1994), I always find myself getting excited about the next season even though I have been punished repeatedly for it. I guess I'll never learn. Excited for the 2019 season. Go Hoosiers!
  10. I want a Big Ten championship in football before I go.
  11. I would love for us to have someone who is solid from behind the arc. Right now, I cringe when anyone but Juwan shoots a 3.
  12. R.I.P., Tyler. You touched a lot of people in your short time one earth.
  13. Seems like a tough time to be starting up new football leagues with the player pool shrinking in general.
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