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  1. Is anyone else having trouble with the page number and next page buttons not working? I'm on a Samsung laptop using Firefox and Chrome. If I go out to the thread view, those page buttons do work.
  2. Kodos

    Gest out ...ACL

    Ugh. Boy has our depth at RB changed in just a couple of weeks.
  3. Kodos

    Ohio State troubles

  4. Kodos

    Ohio State troubles

    And at least one of the beatings came when his wife was pregnant. Does it get any lower than that?
  5. Kodos

    Carrying the Rock of Ages

    I think you're talking about Tyler Natee. I was hoping he'd be a Mile Alstott kind of player for us too.
  6. Kodos

    S&C - Speedy Delivery

    We long-suffering IU football fans deserve a break!
  7. The Big Ten has been covering itself in shame over the past decade. Meyer should be fired. Dantonio and Izzo should be fired.
  8. Kodos

    General NBA Thread

    As a Pacers fan, I liked seeing this: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-good-the-bad-and-the-wtf-of-nba-free-agency/
  9. Kodos

    Comcast Dropping BTN?

    PS Vue + Comcast internet was still significantly cheaper than DirecTV + Comcast internet for us.
  10. Kodos

    Comcast Dropping BTN?

    I live in Connecticut, and have PS Vue. It works well. And a nice feature is there is no contract. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  11. Kodos

    Team speed

  12. Looks good. That's going to be a big scoreboard up top, right?
  13. Kodos

    2018 Season

    Very excited for the new season. Let's see what Coach Allen can do in year 2. Love both our FB and B-ball coaches.
  14. Kodos

    Ranking the QB's

    Yeah, it was sometime around then.