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  1. Oladipo is number one for me (currently rooting for Miami because of him). My second choice was very close between Cody and Yogi, but will give Yogi the nod.
  2. Matt Roth was the guy I was thinking of.
  3. ... who when they put one up from beyond the arc, you were confident it would go in?
  4. And it is SOOOOOO painful watching teams like Purdue get a win against top 5 opponents. We never get those wins. I may die having never seen us beat OSU. (Became a fan in 1989, my freshman year.)
  5. The big kick in the pants for IU fans is that for the best season in decades, no fans were abe to attend. Because that’s just how sh!t works for IU football. Always screwed over.
  6. We’ve got to salvage some pride at this point.
  7. This isn't the relief from a football season gone awry that I was looking for...
  8. It's been a rough season. I'm hoping we can hang tough and gut out a win.
  9. Defense isn’t slowing OSU down much so far.
  10. Well, we get to see McCulley. Not an ideal way to get him on the field.
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