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  1. Kodos

    Mike DeBord

    Seems like a tough time to be starting up new football leagues with the player pool shrinking in general.
  2. Kodos

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    Dang. He's my age. Nothing is guaranteed. Rest in Peace, Eric. A sad day for Hoosier Nation.
  3. Kodos

    Mike DeBord

    I'm hoping for Matt Canada.
  4. Great news. Go Hoosiers! (I want to see something like this on the Football recruiting board.) 👍
  5. Kodos

    Bobby Petrino Fired

    There are fans who take things way, way too far.
  6. Kodos

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    Yep. Unfortunately, IU football is my favorite team in any sport at any level. Which, of course, has been a recipe for pain.
  7. Kodos

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    Most of those bowl teams don't play in the Big Ten East. We have little room for error until we can get over the top against OSU, Michigan, Penn State, and MSU.
  8. Kodos

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Well, it is based on a children's book.
  9. Kodos

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    Put me in the camp that says Allen deserves a fair chance. He needs a couple more seasons before we'll start to know what we've got, good or bad. Dump Debord and our special teams coach, and bring in some young, inventive, hungry coaches in their place.
  10. After the conclusion of every home game, 10 people filing out of the game are selected at random to win courtside seats to one Big Ten game at Assembly Hall
  11. Kodos

    Penix has torn ACL

    Was afraid of that. Hopefully J-Shun can give him lots of support and encouragement, having been around this block three times. Hopefully Penix will be able to heal up by next season.
  12. Kodos

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Please please please beat the Gophers!
  13. Kodos

    Penn State - IU game thread

    History suggests otherwise.
  14. Kodos

    Big Ten Football

    Yeah, I knew a really obnoxious Nebraska fan back in the nineties. I'm enjoying watching them suck!