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  1. New Tom Davis Article

    I probably wouldn't hire someone who spends too much time posting on internet forums. Suggests a lack of productivity and self control.
  2. OT: Prayers needed

    I'm hoping for the best for your son and your family.
  3. Brandon Dawkins

    Awesome. The more competition for starting spots, the better!
  4. MSU is in trouble

    Stuff like this makes me want to stop watching sports. At what point does the cost of the entertainment simply get too high?
  5. I get real tired of Raftery and his constant talk of "getting those puppies organized."
  6. Romeo Langford

    R.I.P., Craighoops. He seemed like a good guy with a positive attitude in life.
  7. Congratulations to Coach Crean. I hope he has a good run at UGA and regularly beats Cowardly Cal.
  8. Anthony Thompson

    I was a freshman in the fall of '89. Watching AT play was a real joy.
  9. Romeo Langford Poll

    I voted for... my team.
  10. Vic’s a superstar

    Love Vic. Such a great kid.
  11. Was this site down

    I feel a little bad for him. Posts a bunch of articles on the old site, but nobody ever replies to the threads. It's a ghost town.
  12. At What Point......

    Heck, if I can wait 30 years for IU football to beat OSU and Michigan in football, I can wait a few years for Archie to get things rolling with the basketball team. I like where I think we are heading in basketball. I think we got the right guy, and now we just need to sit back and enjoy watching our team steadily improve each year.
  13. My one run-in with Calbert involved him spiking a volleyball on my foot at Kilroy's Sports Bar.
  14. Cheaney and Oladipo are my two favorite players. The Duke game was the worst officiating I have ever seen.